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Chinese modern art heritage and meticulous portraits characteristics of the times

Author: FanChunRong
Tutor: ZhangPing
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Fine Arts
Keywords: fine brushwork in the Ming Dynasty portraits of modern fine brushwork painting portraits in the form of the language of painting materials and innovative techniques
CLC: J211.25
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The portrait is our country mature picture plants most early, may go upstream to the Shang Dynasty early time. The early portrait has“the presidential political adviser”very strongly, it displays a lot is take“the eulogium”,“records merit”,“the table line”as the primary coverage; Wei Jin falls, portrait gradually to esthetic appreciation quality transformation role; To the Tang Dynasty portrait already extremely developed, its manufacture acme of perfection; The portrait developed the Ming Dynasty already to achieve the very high level and to present many factions, what was most main was the south of Yangzi River drawing technique and the wave feudal official draws the faction. The south of Yangzi River drawing technique writes the god by the shape, calls the shape by the god, the relationship of form and spirit achieves unifies completely. The wave feudal official picture sent absorption Western world drawing technique and so on the portrait consciously light and shade contrast and volume feeling favorable factors, the trace integrated to own drawing system, was not the copy overall, but took its strong suit to make up my weak trend, simultaneously retained the traditional Chinese painting the strong point, enabled our country tradition portrait to have its Chinese characteristic portrait significance. Moreover, the wave feudal official picture sends the connotation lies in the folk portrait technique promotes to have in the writer breath drawing style, has absorbed the western-style painting light and shade practical technique,“like the mirror takes the shade, is much more wonderful”, in the drawing technique the heavy ink bone ink faints and manifestations and so on poem calligraphy and painting print union has poured into one kind for this time’s portrait“the article”the breath.The present era, the cultural multi-dimensional paragenesis becomes the new tidal current, this has provided the turning point for the exquisite brush portrait’s revival. The contemporary art idea and the cultural ideological trend’s influence, the contemporary exquisite brush portrait has entrusted with the contemporary exquisite brush portrait brand-new culture and the thought connotation, sometimes forms both a generation of characteristic and to have the self-personalized language new look. Bold exploration which on the formal language, the artistic skill, the drawing tool and the material do, has broken the traditional limitation, has enriched the present age visual arts form vocabulary, caused the drawing to increase the new indication way which the reflection spirit of the age and the contemporary life as well as the promotion international communication adapted. From the water color to the crag color’s material shift, sped up the Chinese drawing to indicate the way by the tradition to the contemporary performance change process. this article through to the traditional exquisite brush portrait and the contemporary exquisite brush portrait’s comparison, elaborated traditional and in the modern exquisite brush portrait formal language different characteristic as well as immediately the exquisite brush portrait formal language new breakthrough and to the drawing technique, the drawing material and so on new exploration. This article carries on the exhaustive analysis through three parts to elaborate:The first part, by explains the clear portrait the school and the characteristic, then in the modelling, the color orientation, the line utilizes, the background to process four aspects to analyze the comparison tradition and the modern exquisite brush portrait different manifestation, elaborated the Ming Dynasty exquisite brush portrait and the modern exquisite brush portrait origin and the inheritance relations.The second part, the concrete analysis in the current multicultural’s environment, the Western drawing ideological concept and under the performance way’s influence, the modern exquisite brush portrait has realized to the own formal language new breakthrough, causes the exquisite brush portrait to change the modern shape by the traditional classical shape. These breakthroughs including nimble composition pattern, rich theme choice, subjective and objective union modelling consciousness as well as image light color new idea.The third part, elaborated the Chinese modern exquisite brush portrait technique and the material utilization new development. The skin texture takes one brand-new expression means in the modern exquisite brush portrait utilization, the new drawing tool and depends on the material the bold attempt, the new pigment’s use and the crag color painting’s revival takes to the exquisite brush portrait by the new appearance.

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