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Integrated Coagulation-ultrafiltration Process for Purification of Source Water in Southern China

Author: CaoPengFei
Tutor: GuanYunTao
School: Tsinghua University
Course: Environmental Science and Engineering
Keywords: Feed Water Treatment Coagulation - ultrafiltration integrated process Southern source water Membrane fouling Endocrine disruptors
CLC: TU991.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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This study selected a representative reservoir water (Shenzhen Xili Reservoir) for the water quality of the southern region, seasonal changes obvious fluctuations in water quantity and quality, and river water (Dongguan second water plant the Dongjiang water intake), test the coagulation - the ultrafiltration integration process, to find the optimum conditions for a suitable southern river source water quality characteristics. Examines the process of turbidity, dissolved organic matter, nutrients, and endocrine disruptors removal effect, and analysis of the operational features of the integration process and the cleaning of the membrane module, designed for the development of a set of short process, economic, the efficient new drinking water treatment technology to provide some scientific support. The results show that: the integration process of the the southern reservoir water pollutants more effective than the conventional process. PAC coagulant for ultrafiltration membranes using external pressure organic hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane sequencing batch operating conditions, the integration process effluent turbidity less than 0.02 NTU on organics (COD , Mn , DOC, UV 254 ), the average removal rate of 38%. Organics molecular weight distribution of the test results show that the integration process of the relative molecular mass of organic matter removal efficiency greater than 48% from 1000 to 2000, the relative molecular mass of organic removal rate of 500 to 1000 by about 10%. Nutrients (NH 3 -N NO 3 - -N, TP) removal of 19% to 29%, DOM removal efficiency of fluorescent substances superior to the conventional process. The eluent analysis, EDTA cleaning, pickling to remove divalent cations (Ca 2 , Mg 2 ) is better, caustic organic pollution removal obvious. Therefore, the use of caustic - pickling or alkaline-EDTA washing the composite cleaning method can achieve a better cleaning effect. By orthogonal test analysis showed that the factors that affect the the South river water effect of the integration process purifier order: coagulant gt; stirring speed gt; dosage gt; settling time gt; pH value. The optimum conditions for the integration process: coagulant polymeric ferric sulfate; dosage with 4.2 mg / L (Fe 3 count); hydraulic agitation speed with 400 rpm; pH value of 7; The precipitation time was 30 min. Under optimum conditions, the the Integrated Process river water effluent turbidity less than 0.02 NTU. The process of organic matter (DOC and UV 254 ), the average removal rate of 64%. Organics molecular weight distribution of the test results show that the integration process on the relative molecular mass of organic removal rate of 70% from 1000 to 2000, while the relative molecular mass of 500 to 1000, only 11% of the organic matter removal. The removal of nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants (NH 3 -N, NO 3 - -N and TP) 45% 9 4%. On the the fluorescence class of DOM removal effect is obvious. Seen, better than dealing with the integration process on the south river water reservoir water. In addition, the integration process of 17α-estradiol, estrone, estriol, estrogen the alkynyl alcohol and nonylphenol removal rate were 64%, 73%, 55%, 29%, 27%.

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