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Comment on Chinese Watercolour Art Individuality Art Language and Teaching

Author: LiMeiLi
Tutor: LiuShouXiang;XuHaiGang;LiuZhiPing
School: Hubei Academy of Fine Arts
Course: Watercolor materials and techniques of research
Keywords: Drawing language Watercolor painting language Fusion language Creative Educational model Academic
CLC: J215
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The watercolor painting takes an independent picture to plant, has its unique style and the language characteristic, is other pictures plants substitutes with difficulty. The watercolor painting is makes the medium well distributed river character material by the water to do painting, and through the order table Italy symbol, manifests the main body the esthetic image, thus produces transparently, clear, moist, a smooth unique artistic effects picture to plant. This kind of table Italy’s symbol is the watercolor painting art language. Since the 1980s, the Chinese modern watercolor painting in aspects and so on modelling method, artistic style, esthetic orientation and style characteristic has made the comprehensive breakthrough, other various pictures plant the language is absorbed by the watercolor painting. The watercolor painting expressive force obtains the enormous expansion, the watercolor painting language obtains richly. Comprehensive survey nation each kind of water color art exhibition in recent years, We are not difficult to see, the watercolor painting surpasses the inherent water color to be dripping gradually, clear transparent, glittering and translucent carving characteristic, but favors the color to be sincere, picture rough different kind effect. The so-called multiplication’s tendency the watercolor painting has brought the challenge and the opportunity for China. How under this form to insist that appears with the development watercolor painting’s individuality language especially important. This article can unify the Western watercolor painting the main body language characteristic, the Chinese watercolor painting bright language characteristic, as well as aspects and so on watercolor painting material and technique system elaborate the Chinese water color art individuality language.And proposed, regardless of how between the drawing language to fuse, the watercolor painting this individuality language characteristic will not lose. But says from the watercolor painting teaching, sharpens student’s individuality esthetic ability, raises student’s individual style emphatically, the exploration watercolor painting teaching new pattern, enhances the watercolor painting the artistic moral character and the technique level, strengthens the fundamental research, is founds and consummates the Chinese watercolor painting system, improves the contemporary water color art quality the key.The paper divides four chapters to launch the elaboration: The first chapter carries on the brief analysis to the Chinese modern watercolor painting language’s present situation. The second chapter elaborates the Chinese water color art form and the individuality in detail. The third chapter displays the question which and the selective analysis China water color teaching briefly Chinese water color art faces should insist that the watercolor painting the language with raises student’s style to unify. The fourth chapter the inheritance tradition, will found the future, will forecast the Chinese water color art the prospect.

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