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Shanghai Cooperation Organization Development Strategy Studies

Author: GaoZhongFeng
Tutor: ZhangLiHua
School: Jilin University
Course: International political
Keywords: Shanghai Cooperation Organization Five countries of Shanghai Development strategy Economic cooperation
CLC: D814.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The head of a state has met with the main body of a book from "five countries of Shanghai" starting , has introduced that Shanghai Cooperation Organization sets up and develops course comparatively detailedly, making our clearer cognition arrive at Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s be founded is the need that the international , the domestic situation develop , has also been having stabilizing the basis developing because of so-called Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Have analysed the international , in the homeland background that Shanghai Cooperation Organization sets up detailedly in culture, be founded showing clearly Shanghai Cooperation Organization accords with China, Russia and Central Asia every country member state benefit need. At the same time, after the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established, becomes maintains the world peace and stability important international strength, had finished a new topicality International organization after the cold war, its is maintaining the local security, to promote the good neighborliness and friendliness, to promote the local economic development aspect to play the positive role, specially the Shanghai Cooperation Organization proposed the mutual confidence, the mutual benefit, the equality, the consultation, the respect diverse civilization, seeks the communal development "the Shanghai spirit", made for the impetus establishment fair reasonable new international political and economic order should have the contribution.The main body of a book Part II has introduced Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s cooperation area mainly , priority has introduced and analysed the safe field and the economic field cooperation. This two aspect is respectively square cooperation of Shanghai Cooperation Organization centre. Square cooperation course and the accomplishment getting have made the stability introducing and pointing out Shanghai Cooperation Organization peace being our region in safe cooperation aspect in culture to member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization having made active contribution out, the cooperation has establish the good climate in areas around our country basis for development of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and member state , the pattern working together for the world has provided new safety, has been of great importance. The successful cooperation in the field of the economic cooperation is beneficial to that a regional stability , can consolidate the member state room basis for cooperation , can strengthen Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s international influence , beneficial to whose much better development, not bad high limit lessening Western countries conjecturing to Shanghai Cooperation Organization and suspicion, significance is more far-reaching.The main body of a book Part III is that Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s hair looks into the distance , is also the main body of a book go into priority. Surround Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s purpose mainly in culture and come to analyse opportunity and challenge been confronted with by Shanghai Cooperation Organization the mission. As for the opportunity developing, opportunity Shanghai Cooperation Organization being drawn support from and conforming to economic globalization; economic integration and politics multi-polarity; Shanghai Cooperation Organization after development for many years, good-neighbourliness and friendliness degree and trust degree reinforce unceasingly between every member state, has establish the solid political basis for to being the health organizing’s turn to develop, simultaneous law , machine-made improving and perfecting, the cooperation area ceaselessness has expanded , development of the days to come has establish the basis working comparatively solidly for that organization; "9 & # 8226; The international community opposes the sharpening fearing a cooperation after 11 " events, has brought new opportunities to new opportunities. In the field of challenge, Shanghai Cooperation Organization needs to face the challenge building just and reasonable new international political and economic order , want to answer a non-traditional threat to security too , defend and reinforce peaceful , safe and stable area challenge , at the same time, have an effect to carry out a regional cooperation, the all-round balanced development promoting regional economies , society , culture , the living standard improving every member state people unceasingly, the challenge improving living conditions is also extraordinarily arduous. Judging from development of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s development prospect is fine. Because of every member state drives development of Shanghai Cooperation Organization owing to that different benefit needs to be going to be active, have carried out comparatively detailed analysis on here in culture. Another , the main body of a book think that safety works together will still be the important content that Shanghai Cooperation Organization develops , safe cooperation range is inadvisable to expand but. Development of Shanghai Cooperation Organization has the contradiction between possibility initiation and USA , is harmful for that organization to develop , to should avoid producing unnecessary contradiction to the full and counter against in process therefore developing. Besides, the economic cooperation is one of the main driving force that Shanghai Cooperation Organization develops , should become Shanghai Cooperation Organization future development’s is that priority chooses and , whose significance may exceed the safe cooperation.

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