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An Animal Research about Mental and Training Effect on Health in Different Time’s Observation

Author: ZhouPing
Tutor: HuangWenYing
School: Jiangxi Normal University
Course: Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords: Gradual load training Mental stress Immunoglobulin Interleukin Tumor necrosis factor Corticosterone
CLC: G804.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Objective:training and mental stress have certain affect on immunity system in that the way of training load and mental stress are different.This article discusses the effect of different load training and different mental stress on the dynamic changeable rule of rat immunity and its influential system.These are based on the effect of increasing load training and chronic mental stress on the changing level of immunoglobulin,cytokine,tumor necrosis factor,and corticosterone.Research methods:the experiment selects 88 SD rats as target test;they are divided randomly into 11 groups.Each with eight,namely:quiet Group 1(C1),quiet group 2(C2),training groups three weeks(E1),the mental stress two weeks immediately group(P1),mental stress four weeks immediately group(P2),mental stress four weeks after 24-hour group(P3),mental stress four weeks after 72-hour group(P4),training five weeks plus two weeks immediately mental stress group(EP1),the training seven weeks plus four weeks immediately mental stress group(EP2),training seven weeks plus four weeks mental stress after 24-hour group(EP3),training mental stress seven weeks plus four weeks after 72-hour group(EP4).Use the way of turbidimetry to exams IgG,IgA,IgM and way of RIA law to exams I1-2,I1-6,TNF-α,and corticosterone.The results:(1) The immunoglobulin level of mental and training group were lower than quiet group,and training plus mental group were more obvious.IgA level of Elgroup was marked lower than C1group.(P<0.01);IgA level of P3 group was marked lower than C2 group and P2group(P<0.05);IgA level of EP1 group, EP2group,EP3group and EP4 group were marked lower than C2group(P<0.05).IgM level of EP2 group was marked increase than P2group.IgM level of EP4 group was marked decline than P4group.(2) IL-1β:IL-2βlevel of mental group,training plus mental group are higher than quiet group.IL-6 TNF-αlevel of:mental group are lower than quiet group.IL-1βlevel of P2 group were marked lower than the Plgroup(P<0.05),while IL-1βlevel of EP2 group were marked higher than P2 group(P<0.01).IL-2 level of E1 group was marked lower than C1 group(P<0.01);IL-2 level of P2 group,P3 group,P4 group were marked higher than C2 group(P<0.05);EP2 group also was marked higher than that of C2 group(P<0.01).IL-2 level of EP3 group was higher than P3group(P<0.05);IL-6 level of P2 group P3 group was marked lower than C2 group.; IL-6 level of EP2 group was marked higher than P2 group(P<0.01);IL-6 level of EP3group was marked higher than P3 group(P<0.05).TNF-αlevel of E1 group was marked higher than that of C1 group 1(P<0.01) P1 and P4 group were marked lower than C2 group(P<0.05). (3) Corticosterone level of mental group,training plus mental group are higher than quiet group,but declined obveriously three days later,corticosterone levels of P2 group,P3group were marked higher than C2 group(P<0.05);corticosterone levels of P2 and P3 group were marked higher than that of P1 group(P<0.01);corticosterone levels of P4 group was marked lower than P2 group(P<0.05);corticosterone levels of EP4 group was marked lower than that of P4 group(P<0.05).Conclusion:(1) exercise and mental stress lead to the decline of immunoglobulin,when mental stress takes place in different time,immunoglobulin changes in a dynamic way.First rises then falls then rises.24 hours after the stress is the inflection point, immunoglobulin is at the lowest level,it may be because that the face of stress the body fully activated humor immune system,antibody levels increased,but after 24 hours of continuous,it takes on a excessive restoration.(2) Mental stress caused inflammatory cytokines IL-1β,IL-2 rise;high-intensity campaign makes this increase intensified mental stress causes the level of IL-6, TNF-αgoes down.Exercise’s impact on IL-6,TNF-αwas not obvious.May be due to mental stress,high-intensity campaign will lead to the formation of inflammation, even though the two mechanisms are different(3) Mental stress’s effect on corticosterone relate to the level of mental stress.Two weeks of mental stress decrease corticosterone,four weeks of mental stress that corticosterone increased marked.This may be due to two weeks of mental stress load smaller,while four weeks of mental stress load led to increased corticosterone immune suppression.(4) Mental stress four weeks,training seven weeks plus four weeks immediately performance a dynamic change.Stress increased instantly,and then continued to drop until 72 hours down to the level of quiet.This shows that stress within 72 hours of stress hormones have changed marked,this is consistent with theoretical models window.

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