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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Combinatorial Optimization Platform

Author: XuZhiChao
Tutor: LiangYanChun
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Traveling Salesman Problem Shop scheduling problem Optimization algorithm
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Combinatorial optimization problem is an important branch of operations research. It is also one of the basic problems in scientific research and engineering computation. It mainly searches for the optimization consequence, division, order or selection of discrete event by mathematical methods. Most of these problems which cannot be solved in multinomial time belong to NP problems. With the increasing scale of the problems, space of problems features a combination of explosion and they can not be solved in normal methods. Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and Job Shop Schedule Problem (JSP) are the classical combinatorial optimization problems and are included in NP problems. At present, such problems can only solved by heuristic algorithm. The emergence of Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing and Ant Colony Algorithm supplies a new way for solving combinatorial optimization problems. Intelligent optimization technology of production process plays an important role which creases productivity and efficiency and saves resources. At the same time, the theory research of optimization methods plays an important role to improve performance of algorithms, expand the application field of algorithms and perfect the system of algorithms. Therefore, the theory and algorithm of intelligent optimization is an important subject which has both theoretical and application significance. Since the creation of Bionics in 1950s, people have constantly got inspiration from biological evolution and made many new methods to solve complex optimization problems.Many of these new methods have been successfully applied in solving practical issues, such as Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing and Evolutionary Programming. Because of lack of the required optimization platforms to solve these problems, it is emergence to develop such kind of platform. With this platform, users can get an effective answer for JSP and TSP. With the requirement, Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform is developed to help to solve this kind of combinatorial problems. The intelligent combinatorial optimized platform as a demonstration platform, on the one hand, providing a optimized platform for solving the TSP and JSP problems. For the problems given by the users, the final solution is represented in the form of graph, which could give the users more intuitive and friendly interface feeling. On the other hand, the users could choose different algorithms according to their problems to analysis and compare the solution, and choose the satisfactory one. At the same time, for each algorithm, users can define the parameters by themselves, so that they have greater choice and more conducive to arrive at more accurate solution.Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform is developed by Visual C++ 6.0. There are mainly two models of development of VC6 program, WIN API is a way and MFC is another way. MFC is a package class of Win32API, which need to understand the structure of the class of document view, window class, flow of information and so on. This is a software development platform based on Windows. It has many advantages such as stable circumstance and Full-featured, it also supplies a large scale class library for programmers. Meanwhile, platform which people develop by Visual C++ 6.0 has a lot of advantages for users such as simply and beauty, easy operation and so on. It also can supply convenience for maintenance and update in future.In this thesis, I describe the requirement analysis and designation of Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform in details and discuss some main classes and how to use them. Then by showing the realization and running result, I depict the debugging procedure of the answer of problems. All in all, I have complete following work:1. Understanding the problems that Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform need to resolve and the meaning and significance of this platform by introduction of the background knowledge and some process of related work. By introducing the popular intelligent optimization algorithm, we can also understand the methods to solve combinatorial problems and the algorithms solving TSP and JSP we use in this platform and the advantages and efficiency of the algorithms solving TSP and JSP.2. By analyzing requirement of Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform in software engineering angle, we can realize the feasibility and necessity of this platform, determine the environment of the platform. We can also understand the satisfactory level of user’s requirement and the target to be achieved after the realization of this platform.3. By the analysis above, I decide to develop Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform in the circumstance of Visual C++ 6.0. With the powerful class library in this circumstance, I can develop this platform with more functions and friendly interface. I can specify the technology of multi types through general design. In special design of this platform, I specify the general structure and using data flow, also the overall arrangement of front interface and transfer of the logical function in each class.4. At last, I specify the realization of Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform. I explain the realization of interface and the data processing from front platform to back platform. By an example of solving TSP problem, we can totally understand data management process and functions transfer between class and class. With the display of solving the combinatorial problem, we can understand the realized result and using effect.In conclusion, the design of Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform is rational and useful. I have finished the basic functions to solve combinatorial problem and the functions are according with demand of users. Intelligent Combinatorial Optimized Platform is of high stability, reliability and retractility. It can add modules by requirements in future and also brings convenience to users and gives them better and effective services.

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