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Design and Implementation of Security Defense System for Military Information Network

Author: WangZhenDong
Tutor: LiangYanChun
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Military networks Network Security Defense system
CLC: TP393.08
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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With the rapid development of computer and network technology, network information systems has become an important infrastructure of a country, an army. At the same time, the network of these without a trace and everywhere, theft and anti-theft, destruction and the fight against destruction ever-present during. Computer network security problems, directly related to the security and stability of a country's political, military, economic and other fields. Hackers rampant, on average, every 18 seconds the world there is a hacker incident. Therefore, to raise awareness of the importance of network security, and enhance awareness of prevention, strengthen preventive measures, it is important to ensure the steady development of the information industry and prerequisite. \With the rapid advent of the information age, the network security threats has been highlighted and increasingly severe. Respond to new security threats, and effectively improve network defense capabilities to ensure that the winning network warfare defense \On the current situation of China, especially in the military, security awareness is not strong, weak security, improper system configuration, network construction unscientific network security issues should arouse our attention. Firstly listed abroad, our country and our military in recent years have been some network attacks undermine event to illustrate the importance of network cyber defense, and losses through April 26, 1999 CIH virus outbreak, the U.S. military and our military disparity to illustrate the urgency of our military to strengthen network defenses. The second chapter briefly introduces the basic knowledge of the concept of the computer network, computer network development and network security, and introduces and analyzes the development of China's current network security. Computer network (computer network) is geographically dispersed multiple independent computer software and hardware interconnection to realize resource sharing and information exchange system. Communication subnet and resources subnet computer network is divided into two parts, interconnected by the network equipment and network protocols, network any computer program can use the network, data and hardware. And potential threats to network security research background, network security and network insecurity. With network openness, sharing and Internet expansion, especially the emergence of the Internet network, the importance of networking and its impact on society is also increasing. With the rise of new business in the network, such as e-commerce (Electronic Commerce), the electronic cash (Electronic Cash) digital currency (Digital Cash), the rise of online banking (Network Bank), as well as various private networks (such as construction of financial networks, etc.), the security issues become more and more important, network security has become a hot topic of computer and communications sector. Threats to computer network can be roughly divided into two types: one is a threat to the network information; threat to network equipment. The impact of computer networks by many factors, some factors may be intentional, it may be unintentional; may be man-made, not artificial; foreign hackers of the illegal use of the resources of the network system. Finally, of the development of China's network security constraints. The third chapter describes the course of development of the military computer network, that our military currently there is a low level of awareness of computer security, computer security management level is too low, the user's anti-virus technology level is too low. Equipment hidden in the face of the threat of military information network, network traffic hidden software hidden, hacker attacks and other hazards. Hidden equipment including electromagnetic leakage the remanence effect of the medium and preset traps. Network communication risks due to the unintentional negligence and intentional arrangements in the implementation process of the network protocol, and left a lot of security vulnerabilities. Software hidden inevitably there are many imperfections or the end of discovered vulnerabilities in the design. Hackers mainly use the computer information network system vulnerability intrusion, its primary means of theft of passwords and password illegal access to the system; using the functionality of the network system software, load the \hazards including the weak awareness of the security and management loopholes. Chapter IV of the military information network security defense system design. First, the defense system needs to ensure system security (security of client data server security, data network transport security) and the inner workings of the network system platform security. Second, system vulnerabilities, attack and attack purposes, attack tools that may be used and strike locations, attacks may lead to consequences, the users of the network system security risk analysis. According to the analysis and design of defense systems including physical protection, network protection and data protection. The design system, including physical protection, network protection and data protection. The main purpose of the network protection isolation, testing and certification. Data protection, including mobile data management, operating systems, security and transmission encryption. Chapter V, for example, a military sub-district and give full consideration to the factors of human, material and financial resources in the original network, load the firewall, video jammers and other hardware devices, install anti-virus software, and confidentiality of the transmission system and other software systems, to build a set detection, isolation, authentication, anti-virus and other functions into one security defense system and better protect military information network security. Physical protection including the load forces military KAJ-II microcomputer video jammers to develop a sound and strict management system, and to establish a data backup system. In the realization of network protection, load the Rising enterprise-class firewall RFW-100 isolation to install the JUMP intrusion detection system to achieve the detection function, loaded SRZ06 authentication system to achieve certification. Mobile data protection in the implementation of data protection, computer installation and its secret vector confidentiality management system, to ensure the safety of the operating system patching and installing Rising Antivirus, telegrams transmission system by installing Westone transmission encryption . Finally, the shortcomings of the system design and implementation process is analyzed. First, the program design process of risk analysis is not precise enough, two of a large number of hardware and software products core rests in the hands of others, army there are still a lot of problems in the network construction and management. The outlook on how to better do a good job of the military information network protection.

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