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Vocational College Students Employment Information Management System for Research and Implementation

Author: ChangHong
Tutor: HuangYongPing
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: SQL Database ASP System analysis
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Along with computer technology’s rapid development and the network time’s arrival, we already entered the informationization management time, some person call it the digitized times as well, in this digitization’s time, the vocational colleges and universities has received the enormous challenge from various aspects of management. Especially along with the development of vocational education scale expansion, the graduate population increasing fast, also has brought serious important questions during the process of development. That is the employment question of the graduats. How to solve student’s employment problem is relate to the vocational education success or failure, in view of the present situation, we thought that may draw support from a set of complete management system between the institute, the graduate, the enterprise to erect together the information communication platform. Through the design and the construction security’s computer network system, construct reasonable backstage database, realizes the information sharing and the management, the information issue and the management, thus convenience system superintendent, teacher and student as well as enterprise information issue, communication and information sharing.Through the information management system for graduate student to change traditional employment mode of administration, enhances arranges the student to get employed the work efficiency and improve the management level, make the college superintendent, the teacher, the student and the enterprise may sharing and the exchange information, provides the convenience for student’s employment at any time any place through the network.The current quality graduate’s employment rate and the employment quality already received the community to take seriously attention, not only this relates graduate’s individual development moreover also the immediate influence country economic development, the quality student’s employment truly is the quite serious question which the society, the school as well as each family face, this article studies the student to get employed the information management system to have the following significance:1.Use our existing employment information system, realizes the student employment information management network, improve the employment management efficiency step by step.2 . Consummates the employment management system, change the notice, telephone communication supply the employment information to use the campus website for realize data sharing. Realize automatic network management for employment management.3 . Through Web visitor inquiry to be able to obtain the website situation of visit information.convenience the graduate and the enterprise communicate, coordinated, satisfies the enterprise and student’s employment request.4. The website which issued to oneself carries on the visit information the statistical analysis, and realizes the access control, the online exchange and so on.5.Realizes the employment work informationization, the network management, enhanced the student to get employed greatly the supervisory work working efficiency, increas student’s employment rates.The student got employed the information management system to use the B/S three structural design, and has used ASP and the SQL technology realizes.1.the B/S structure is called the browser and the server structure. It is along with Internet technology starting, is to the C/S structure one kind of change or the improvement structure. Under this kind of structure, the user work contact surface is realizes through the WWW browser, extremely little partial business logic (Browser) realizes in front end, but main business logic (Server) realizes in the server end.2.ASP, namely the dynamic server page, it is one kind of movement in the server end script compilation model, it enables the exploiter to be possible to use the nearly all script language (VBScript, Jscript or Perl and so on) compiles the script, these scripts may carry out the application program logic, and can transfer the ActiveX module to carry out the special assignment, uses ASP, may very easily the HTML label and the text, the script order as well as ActiveX controls to mix is realizing together the dynamic homepage, founds the interactive Web stand, but does not need to carry on the complex programming.3.chose Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to take the backstage database tool, because its function was far more formidable than Access, and has provided many standard relational database management function support, its each kind of relational database management system adapted in each kind of hardware platform.This article originates, achieves the goal and the main research work from the topic is a breakthrough point, elaborated emphatically this system’s design and realizes two major parts. The design part the goal which realizes from the system begins, to propose that the system design overall concept, and gave detailed showing to system’s function and the database design aspect, the system has realized the part to introduce the employment information issued the module, the student information management module and aspects and so on enterprise information consultant module realized the process, finally carried on the test run to the system, and pointed out that needed to improve the content which and to consummate.This system gets employed information management system’s technical core the networking as the student, uses the computer network technology conveniently fully, quick, the safe characteristic, realizes employment advertise information issue, enterprise and functions and so on graduate information paper on-line retrieval, causes between the enterprise and the student constitutes the close comprehensive network information sharing environment, thus provides the network and the informationization bridge for between the student and enterprise’s relation, supplies the prompt employment information for the graduate.This system’s research, the promotion and the application, may consummate the student to get employed the work management, what is better is the enterprise supplies the personnel information, realizes the student to get employed the management modernization, simultaneously may reduce superintendent’s work load, reduces the student to get employed in the management process the subjective factor influence, is faster, is more objective, organizes the student to get employed highly effective the supervisory work, realizes the student to get employed the management process network and the scientific style, after the test proved that the student gets employed information management system’s design with to realize is successful, has certain social value and the promoted value.

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