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The Design and Realization of the Examination and Management System of Army Soldiery’s Based on Asp.Net

Author: YangChengMing
Tutor: LiuYuanNing
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: ASP.NET C # B / S mode PBIL algorithm
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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With computer technology, network technology and database technology continues to develop, the military examination management system will also force with the information technology development and continuously update, which is building the armed forces is an inevitable trend, but also to enhance the combat effectiveness of the inevitable need.Training of officers and men of the examination and evaluation management has always been the focus of army building, but a long time, the examination of the management of the force has been the traditional way by hand, very low efficiency, and prone to error, the results are not easy to maintain, query , Management, classification, it is difficult for the scientific data and statistical analysis, the number of army can not adapt, and information technology needs of the building. To improve the armed forces to deal with a variety of security threats, to complete the military mission to diversify the capacity-building task force as the fundamental starting point and final goal of all army units are constantly enhance information and network building. Computer application software systems for evaluation of the army, the forces for combat training and to improve the provision of practical decision-making program, the modernization of the armed forces into the management and informatization of the key. Web-based examination of the way out of time and space, in the form of more flexible and intelligent way through the test paper to improve the quality of papers, an increase of examination of scientific and objective, and can greatly shorten the test cycle, reduce duplication and improve work Efficiency. Therefore, this article from the actual needs of the construction unit of army to carry out the examination management system research, design and realization.The present system uses B / S three-tier architecture, there are two types of user and administrator login model to improve the system’s security. General managers and administrators are divided into super-administrator, super system administrator responsible for the maintenance, but also increase the deletion of general manager, general manager operations granting permission. To super-administrator can visit all of the following modules: 1. Exam management; 2. Performance management; 3. Management; 4. Subjects management; 5. Question bank management, general manager, but only some of these modules are Permission to operate. Management Module exam passed the examination can browse plans, the development of test plans, but also to the officers and soldiers set up a state examination. Through the performance management module can be individuals or units to carry out inquiries, examinations, the results of the evaluation criteria set for a number of practical subjects for the test results entry. Through management module for the army to carry out information management, super-administrator can also carry out personnel management authority, and increase participation in the deletion of the examination unit. Through the course of the module test subjects, methods and content of the exam, be made. Through the bank management module for the bank to browse, test statistics, questions such as entry operation. Ordinary users to log on, click test module is to see whether there are examinations of the subjects, click the beginning of the examination, the system automatically generates a paper, the examination time limit, and dynamic display of the remaining time to time, the system automatically carry out an assignment . Users can also query their own and other’s examination results.This article start with the system architecture and software technology start to discuss the ASP.NET the Web application development platform, introduced the C / S, B / S architecture, SQL server2000, and other related concepts and technologies, and then using a given B / S three-tier architecture, based on ASP.NET technology applications army examination management system solutions. The system has the advantage of being simple, powerful, good scalability, has a good portability and platform independence, to support Windows, Unix, Linux and other operating systems. And C / S model compared to, B / S mode of the biggest advantages is no need to install any special software, as long as the network connection, the administrator then assigned a user name and password, you can log on the operating system. System is a real-time processing system, with robustness, good response time, friendly user interface, easy operation and so on. Computer-aided examination system of automatic test paper quality and the efficiency of the pump depends entirely on the question of algorithm design. Design algorithms from the bank in a fast and good out of a group of optimal solution or take a group of very close to the optimal solution of the entity is involved in a global optimization and convergence rate of speed. This is the focus of the examination system is also difficult, particularly in the interactive environment for users to request a higher rate of test paper. According to the user to set the test paper, questions from the library automatically generate test papers to ensure the highest degree of examination papers to meet the needs of users with random, science and rationality, and the test paper faster, to choose An efficient, scientific method is the key to automatic test paper. The present system PBIL evolutionary algorithm used in Smart Paper. Experience has shown that calculation, PBIL algorithm in the Test Paper convergence issues in faster, better stability, especially in the more restrictive conditions, shows that the high-adaptive algorithm, the test paper to solve the problem better Algorithm is a simple algorithm and the traditional random genetic algorithms to improve significantly.First of all, the analysis of the papers army examination management system of background research, study and research significance of the main contents, and then the system some of the relevant technology, also introduced the operation of the system environment, server configuration, database operations, as well as the system In the realization of the functions of various modules methods. Finally, the paper system problems and the need to further improve the work carried out to explore and prospect.

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