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The Application Study on Virtual Reality Technology in Distance Learning

Author: LiYang
Tutor: CheXiangJiu
School: Jilin University
Course: Applied Computer Technology
Keywords: virtual reality distance learning theory of learning 3D VRML Java
CLC: TP391.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Along with networking, multimedia technologies and data bank technology gradually maturing, modern education technology already quietly to network education transition. The education network was a modern education big characteristic, the network education namely distance learning has represented a modern education development direction.In computer science high speed development today, the virtual reality technology has had the pivotal status in the computer domain. The virtual reality technology, is the full use high performance computer hardware and the software resource and each kind of advanced sensor’s one kind of integrated technology, its major technique constitution for real-time three dimensional graph production technology, multi-sensing interactive technology as well as high resolution display technology and so on. Therefore, it in fact is the computer science and technical extending. The virtual reality technology can produce real-time, has the three dimensional information man-power virtual environment, The drilling may enter in which, produces clearly experiences personally the feeling, and carries on the real-time operation equally likely in the real world with this environment and exchanges mutually. The virtual reality technology was already rapid mature and the development, and obtains the widespread application in many domains.In recent years, the long-distance teaching system’s construction has become various disciplines educational reform and the research hot spot. Compares traditional based on the network distance learning the distance learning way, has interactive, multimedia and so on numerous merits. But compares the student with the traditional curriculum the experience which whether to obtain truly in the long-distance network study experiences personally, this question will expose obviously in some practical strong discipline. At present China’s network distance learning actually merely is the traditional distance learning“the online edition”, has not displayed by far the network distance learning’s superiority. The long-distance network educates the condition which the middle-school student studies independently to be limited, independent sense of participation insufficiency serious influence distance learning teaching effect. This design is precisely in view of this kind of situation, attempts to produce in the network distance learning through the virtual reality technology with learner’s interaction, lets the network distance learning the superiority display truly.The long-distance experiment teaching is in an entire distance learning important component, but in the long-distance experiment teaching and distance learning’s theoretical teaching’s way has the difference: In the distance learning, theory class’s many curricula are complete through the long-distance range multimedia teaching media; But tests the basic point is the student must begin to practice personally. Therefore is opposite in the distance learning theoretical teaching pattern says, it is the short distance. Thus, has had the condition which in the distance learning the experiment teaching and the long-distance educational model does not adapt. In order to solve experiment’s short distance and the teaching media long-distance range contradiction, the domestic and foreign some distance learning organization once had used each method. In the 1990s rose the hypothesized experiment only then gave the long-distance experiment teaching to bring the hope, it might cause the experiment teaching completely long-distance, thus fundamentally solved the condition which the present experiment teaching and the distance learning pattern did not adapt. The suppositional experiment is depended on broad sense go ahead as if being also that a kind of simulates an experiment, but it at experiment’s main body reality and the application universality, as well as is giving the laboratory technician on the spot real-time aspects and so on feeling and experiment effect, the traditional computer simulation experiment is unable to compare radically. The hypothesized experiment is generally carries on through the hypothesized laboratory. The so-called hypothesized laboratory, is refers to by virtual reality technology production one kind is suitable for to carry on the hypothesized experiment’s experiment system, including corresponding laboratory environment, related experiment instrumentation equipment, experimental subject as well as experiment information resource and so on. The hypothesized laboratory may be some realistic laboratory real realization, may also be the laboratory which hypothesized devises. In the hypothesized laboratory, the laboratory technician has the lifelike feeling, he as if is the short distance carries on the scene operation in the genuine Realistic laboratory.The 21st century is especially mature times of virtual reality technology, the virtual reality technology will develop further its breadth and the depth in educational fields’ application.This article first take the theory of learning as the instruction basis, has borrowed the software engineering development thought and the method, has studied the long-distance teaching system’s method of exploitation and the flow, including preparatory stage, analysis stage, design stage, phase of exploitation and implementation stage. Its main development content including online class, online test, online design, replies the question system and hypothesized laboratory. The online class module is the distance learning system’s main part, but other modules have provided many and varied teaching media for the long-distance teaching system. And develops voluntarily has the cartography function electronic tabula rasa to be possible to realize the online real-time cartography function, has provided the more direct-viewing discussion Q/A tool for the long-distance curriculum’s in teachers and students. Afterward the author a single row chapter elaborates the three dimensional hypothesized experiment’s design and the method of exploitation in the article, uses the VRML language to carry on the three dimensional physique manufactures, and unified the Java language and the VRML technology has developed the interactive diesel engine part hypothesized assembling and dismantling experiment voluntarily. For the engineering course various branches network curriculum, the machinery curriculum’s hypothesized experiment constructs particularly provides a new development way and the pattern. Finally the author has carried on the summary to the full text work, and unifies in the system development the experience and the tentative plan, proposed that will study from now on further direction which and will consummate diligently.

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