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Study on the Potentiality Toland Rehabilitation and Utilization Structure Optimization of Subsidence Lands of Coal Extraction in Zhaizhen Town, Xintai City

Author: LiHongMei
Tutor: XuYueTong
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Physical Geography
Keywords: Coal Mine Subsidence Land Land reclamation Potential Land use structure optimization Zhai Town , Xintai City
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2002
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Xintai City is China's annual output of 10 million tons of coal a large state-owned enterprises - Xinwen Mining Group located, underground mining of coal led to a series of ecological and environmental problems to the local industrial and agricultural production and people's lives has brought great harm seriously affected the regional social and economic sustainable development. In this paper, land reclamation and restoration ecology science perspective, analyzes Xinwen Mining Group Zhaizhen mines are located - Zhai Town, Xintai Coal Mining Subsidence bit different from the plains of East China High Dive mine features. In Mapinfo as work platform, combined with Zhaizhen natural geographical conditions and socio-economic conditions, the establishment of Xintai City Zhaizhen potential reclamation of mining subsidence comprehensive evaluation system that will be divided into three potential mining subsidence land type area. And separately for each type of area reclamation potential exploitation direction optimized design, including trophic structure, spatial structure and land use structure optimization theory and practice Zhai Town, Xintai City on land reclamation of mining subsidence potential and reclamation process optimization of land use structure preliminary discussion, the main contents include the following aspects: 1. Summary (1) From the geological point of view of the reasons for the formation of mining subsidence land, and according to the coal mining surface deformation caused by the different levels divided them into four categories: mild deformation, deformation moderate, severe deformation, regional severe deformation. (2) at home and abroad of the \suitable for China is the third land reclamation should be defined, namely \(3) discusses land reclamation and ecological reconstruction of necessity, and stressed the abandoned mine land reclamation is to achieve this goal ecological reconstruction important means of land reclamation ultimate goal is to establish the natural resources of the region to adapt to conditions and socio-economic conditions of sustainable development ecosystem. (4) A narrative description of the recent reclamation of mining subsidence research progress and shortcomings, made sense of writing this article. 2, Zhai Town, Xintai Coal Mining Subsidence Land Reclamation Potential Zhai town is located 10 kilometers west of Xintai City, a temperate continental monsoon climate, warm climate, the average annual precipitation is about 740 mm, in northern China is comparatively advantageous natural conditions region. Zhai Town is a large state-owned enterprises Xinwen Mining Group Zhaizhen mines are located, coal mining led to many villages in the town occurred in varying degrees of ground subsidence, to the production and life of local residents brought great difficulties, so Coal Mine Subsidence Land reclamation imperative. In this paper, the current situation in the region Subsidence analysis, decision to choose the original landform, soil organic matter content, soil texture, diving depth, annual precipitation, irrigation, land subsidence water conditions, land use, land surface subsidence transformation difficulty natural and geographical factors and the degree of per capita income, grain yield per mu and location factors such as socio-economic factors, the composition of mining subsidence reclamation potential evaluation of the evaluation factors, according to experts assign scores to qualitative factors and quantitative factors to quantify, and seek Their quantitative criteria values ??so that they are comparable. Then based on the evaluation model Zhai Town Xintai Coal Mining Subsidence polygons for each evaluation of rehabilitation potential, divided into different types of potential areas in which the type of grade Ⅰ potential subsidence area map spot number 10, representing subsidence map spots of the total 23.81%, suitable for the high-yield farmland reclamation mode - intensive fish ponds - greenhouses - aquatic crops; Ⅱ grade potential of the area chart type number 27 spot, accounting for the total number of spots subsidence map 64.29%, suitable for complex Ken mode is productive farmland - Cage Culture - Aquatic crops - vegetable greenhouses - fruit; Ⅲ grade potential of the area chart type number five spot, accounting for subsidence map 11.9% of the total number of spots, suitable for reclamation mode fruit. 3, Zhai Town, Xintai Coal Mine Subsidence Land reclamation and utilization structure optimization research ability and suitability to bath evaluation results obtained land use structure is mainly considered to be the natural properties of reclaimed land factor, but not necessarily the most rational land use structure, and therefore suitability evaluation in the previous article, based on the use of linear programming model, the reclamation of land for mining subsidence structure has been optimized allocation study to determine the subsidence land reclamation for the best economic optimization objectives, establish the appropriate about Cambodian conditions, including resource constraints, funding constraints, earthwork about Cambodia, the Cambodian labor constraints about conditions, by solving linear programming model, and seek the direction of various reclamation and utilization exact value, and finally through the various complex Ken made program of social, economic and ecological benefits are compared to select the most suitable for the area subsidence land reclamation program. Innovation of this paper is mainly manifested in the following aspects: Select Zhai mining town such a country is different from the area on the Loess Plateau of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia coal mine open pit mining ring stone formation pressure accounted for, but also different from other typical high diving Lianghuai bit plain mining underground mining surface subsidence formed a greater depth, the original landscape of low mountains, hills mines underground mining subsidence caused by a large area of ??the surface was analyzed; Mapinfo for the working platform with established Zhaizhen to reuse coal mining subsidence Ken potential evaluation systems, and different types of potential areas of reclamation mode design; using linear programming model for various reclamation area to understand the exact mode of calculation, and after the rehabilitation program may be economic, social and ecological benefits were predicted to local subsidence land reclamation to provide a scientific basis.

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