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Study on the Antiviral Active Parts and Serum HPLC Fingerprint of Mahuang-fuzi-xixin Decotion

Author: WangXiaoPing
Tutor: RongRong
School: Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords: Mahuangfuzixixin soup Extraction Process High Performance Liquid Chromatography Fingerprinting Anti - viral activity Serum
CLC: R285
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Mahuangfuzixixin soup from \View of the compound, the experimental study of the paper consists of six parts: (1) Mahuangfuzixixin soup volatile components GC-MS analyzes were performed using the traditional steam distillation of volatile oil and headspace sampling volatile components collected directly on the Inner Mongolia the ephedra, Jilin Asarum the volatile components conduct GC / MS analysis. Two kinds of sample collection methods, provide a of different volatiles boiling point Ephedra, Asarum chemical information; use of these two kinds of ways to create a more comprehensive Ephedra, Asarum volatile components GC-MS characterization system. Soups Mahuangfuzixixin in accordance with the proportion of prescriptions, the essential oil was extracted by GC-MS analysis of volatile oil extracted results with ephedra, the Asarum herbs alone compare found Mahuangfuzixixin soup total ion current chemical signal comes mainly from Asarum , also found that some of the single herb medicine chemical signals were not detected in the compound volatile oil, its compatibility mechanism and pharmacodynamic foundation of providing some basis. (2) Mahuangfuzixixin soup preferred extraction process using high performance liquid chromatographic fingerprint technology to ephedrine, Mesaconitine, times Aconitine fingerprint peaks of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) of the total area, and dry extract was comprehensive evaluation indicators, L9 (3) 4 orthogonal experimental design to study the water consumption, extraction temperature, extraction time and extraction times extraction process. Optimum conditions plus 16 times the amount of water 90 ℃ extracted three every time 1h. (3) the macroporous resin the Mahuangfuzixixin soup isolated and purified four different polar macroporous resin to ephedrine as indicators, using High Performance Liquid Chromatography desorption by static adsorption, static, dynamic The solution assay preliminary preferably the best resin the purification Mahuangfuzixixin soup. Results D-101 resin can effectively enrichment the Mahuangfuzixixin soup ephedrine, suitable for the purification of the compound extract. (4) Mahuangfuzixixin soup macroporous resin column different elution parts fingerprints of in accordance with the optimized extraction process to extract Mahuangfuzixixin soup. Extract by D101 macroporous resin column separation to give 30%, 50%, 70%, 95% ethanol elution parts measured HPLC fingerprint of ephedrine and Aconitum alkaloids content found eluting parts group stars are mainly concentrated in the 30% ethanol elution site. (5) Mahuangfuzixixin soup extract fractions administered serum HPLC fingerprint of determination by the macroporous resin separation, the purification Mahuangfuzixixin soup four parts administered serum by HPLC fingerprint WE30 group found that the administration 30min after changes in serum components reaches a maximum value after 240min at a plasma concentration peak; WE50 group 30 min after administration of serum components change reaches a maximum value at 180min at a plasma concentration peak. (6) Mahuangfuzixixin soup antiviral activity were collected ephedra, the the Asarum single flavor herbs and compound volatile oil prepared the different water extract of macroporous resin column eluting parts vitro antiviral experiments. The experimental results show that the macroporous resin column of 50% and 70% ethanol elution was purified on RSV suppressing toxic index is 4, FluA suppressing toxic index of 2-4, has a lower cytotoxic activity suppression; extract a significant effect for HSV , 30%, 50%, 70%, 95% ethanol elution suppressing toxic index for HSV respectively 16,16,32,32. In this thesis through fingerprinting peak index components combine extraction process optimization Mahuangfuzixixin soup; initial screening by antiviral vitro antiviral activity of the Mahuangfuzixixin soup parts antiviral activity of Chinese medicine compound R \u0026 D provides an experimental basis. Meanwhile, the combination of HPLC fingerprint peaks reflect the variation of different extraction site into the blood components, fully reflects the global characteristics of the synergy of multi-component of Chinese medicine. This thesis, for the establishment of a can fully reflect the traditional Chinese medicine extraction and purification of multi-component of the overall role of the characteristics and in vivo absorption metabolism law research methods lay the foundation.

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