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Effect on the Quality of Waxy Rice Flour for Tang-yuan

Author: DaiZuo
Tutor: DingWenPing
School: Wuhan Polytechnic University
Keywords: waxy rice powder Tang-yuan waxy rice dough processing method storage time
CLC: TS212
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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This thesis with different origin, indica and japonica two strains of waxy rice powder as raw materials, polished waxy rice powder, determined to different origin of the physical and chemical properties of waxy rice powder, determine the composition and waxy rice chemical properties of scope; Through the correlation analysis affecting the quality of Tang-yuans key indicator. Studied in different processing methods and different storage time on the influence of waxy rice powder. For waxy rice powder quality to provide theoretical basis for research. The results were as follows:The first,measured the indica and japonica two varieties of waxy rice, 10 kinds of grinding into waxy rice powder basic ingredients (moisture, ash, starch, protein, fat) and physical and chemical properties: whiteness, glue, expansion ability and consistence thermal and chemical properties (gelatinization viscosity, gelatinization starting temperatures, gelatinization peak temperature and heat enthalpy) get the following conclusion: after the general processing joint waxy rice powder protein content in 6.5% ~ 8.5% (w/w, dry base); Starch content in 88% ~ 92% (w/w, dry base); Ash content focused on 0.15% ~ meet (w/w, dry base); Crude fat content is lower than 1% (dry w/w). The whiteness is between on 80 ~ 90; Expansion ability have difference from 10 mL·g-1 to 36 mL·g-1; waxy rice is belong to soft rubber, rubber plastics 88mm ~ 118mm; from different origin, different kinds of waxy rices are greater difference from the gelatinization property, gelatinization viscosity from 2825CP to 1630 CP,gelatinization starting temperatures from 56℃to 72℃, gelatinization peak temperature from 65℃to 80℃.The second,waxy rice dough(Tang-yuan)mill from10 different kinds of indica waxy rice and japonica waxy rice, making Tang-yuan senses the ratings, paste soup rate determination and TPA analysis. The relevant analysis by SPSS software, get the following conclusions: in addition to No.3 Hubei japonica waxy rice, other 9 senses its ratings are high. 10 samples of paste soup rate difference is very big. After the paste of cooking Tang-yuan soup rate as analysis soup of one of the main standard product quality. The correlation analysis shows that the ash content waxy rice powder, gelatinization initial temperature, gelatinization peak temperature of Tang-yuan quality with a significantly negative correlation, and starch content, gelatinization viscosity of Tang-yuan quality with a highly significant positive correlation; Protein content and pasting viscosity and Tang-yuans after the light transmittance of cooking soup showed significant positive correlation. The hardness (g) and Chewiness of waxy rice dough, as TPA analysis indicators , can be very good reflect waxy rice powder quality. High quality waxy rice powder made from waxy rice best for hardness limits between 2000(g) and 2600 (g), Chewiness near 1,200 .The third,A year of storage, analysis of waxy rice powder from respectively from three milling modes (wet milling , dry grinding and half dry grinding).Concludes that the different processing methods of waxy rice powder change the starch content little,great change of protein content,wet grinding protein loss bigger,dry grinding cost little. Ash content of dry grinding waxy rice was higher,may not clear the concerned.Gelatinization viscosity of waxy rice powder,dry grinding influence caused waxy rice powder gelatinization viscosity drops , gelatinization starting temperatures and pasting peak temperature rise.Different processing methods of polished waxy rice powder made of waxy rice dough (Tang-yuans), waxy rice Tang-yuans did not change the paste soup rate , sensory score of dry grinding was the worst , wet grinding was optimal. Dry grinding cause the hardness of waxy rice dough rise,chewiness drop.Through the SEM of three kinds of processing methods on the waxy rice powder microstructure observation, obvious: wet grinding out waxy rice powder is superior to the half dry grinding and dry grinding.The last,three waxy rice storage in natural conditions, respectively storage 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months later on wet polished waxy rice.The waxy rice with the increase of storing duration, the starch content slow increases; Protein content increases firstly,and then reduce process, different kinds of waxy rice, the change time is different. Waxy rice gelatinization viscosity with storage the extension of time, the viscosity accretion. But quality waxy rice viscosity is not the bigger the better, need to be controlled in a certain range,so storage before June the Thai waxy rice, from march to September in Northeast japonica waxy rice , 1 years Xinyang indica waxy rice are belong to high quality waxy rice. Xinyang indica waxy because gelatinization starting temperatures and the gelatinization peak temperature is lower and its stability can be considered as actual production of mass production.During storing one year, three Tang-yuan made of waxy rice flour paste soup rate from June to September are maximum.when more than half of the storage, Tang-yuans obviously higher than its sensory score below storage half a year.Hardness of different species waxy rice dough the variation is different,and chewiness is in storage half year process chewiness slowly increase,and then change law is different.

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