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Yiqi Huoxue Soup to Treat Coronary Heart Disease Stable Angina Pectoris Blood Stasis Due to Qi Deficiency Clinical Research

Author: ZhangLiLi
Tutor: GaoZuoShan
School: Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Yiqihuoxue soup Stable angina pectoris Qi and Blood
CLC: R259
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Objective: To observe The Decoction Yiqihuoxue stable angina pectoris TCM Syndrome is impact the clinical efficacy QDBS lipids and coagulation , and to explore the mechanism of its efficacy . : Selected cases are from March 2008 to May 2009 , the First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine and Cardiovascular outpatients were treated in three subjects , selected with complete data , a total of 60 cases , divided into a treatment group ( Yiqihuoxue soup ) were 30 and 30 patients . Both groups to aspirin 0.1gQnpo treatment group to give Yiqihuoxue soup , a daily in two divided doses ; given Tongxinluo capsule control group , three each , three times a day . The angina attack sublingual nitroglycerin 0.5mg, were treated for 4 weeks . The clinical efficacy of the two groups were observed and their impact on blood lipids and coagulation . Results: 1 , before and after treatment of angina improve compared to the situation : The total efficiency of 96.67% , the total efficiency of the control group was 76.67% , with a significant difference ( P lt; 0.05 ) . 2 TCM syndromes comparison : The total efficiency of 90.00% , the control group, the total efficiency of 80.00% , with a significant difference ( P lt; 0.05 ) . 3 , before and after treatment ECG improvement compared to the situation : The total effective rate was 73.33 % , the total efficiency of the control group was 43.33% , with a significant difference ( P lt; 0.01 ) . Clotting compare before and after treatment : After treatment, coagulation check better than the pre-treatment inspection ; after the treatment group compared , the difference was not statistically significance ( P gt ; 0.05 ) . Lipid profiles before and after treatment comparison: two groups of lipids checked before and after treatment , the difference was not statistically significant ( P gt; 0.05 ) ; comparison after the treatment group , the difference was not statistically significant (P gt; 0.05), two serum lipid changes close . Conclusion: Yiqihuoxue , soup Yiqi Tongmai , the role of blood circulation , better treatment of stable angina pectoris ( Qi and Blood ) ; improve coronary heart disease in patients with stable angina pectoris the Yiqihuoxue soup blood coagulation.

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