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The Study on Spring Corn Mechanization Conservation Tillage Technology System in Hubei

Author: WuZhaoXiong
Tutor: XuZuoChuan
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Conservation tillage Buried stalk mulching Machine system Technology system Spring corn
CLC: S513
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Over the years, the drought and water shortage has been a major obstacle in Hubei Province and even in southern China rainfed agriculture, low-yield high consumption. Especially in the northern Hubei Kong region, due to the presence of seasonal drought and regional drought, and sloping land surface inclination, resulting presented a serious loss of stormwater runoff after rainfall Gang mound serious erosion of topsoil, soil structure gradually damaged, deteriorating soil physical properties, coupled with unreasonable way of farming, year after year, the soil in sloping neither retain water and soil, not drought-tolerant, which greatly affect the sustainable development of rainfed agriculture in our province. Therefore, especially in Hubei Gang mound promote mechanization in conservation tillage technology is very necessary, very urgent. The subject spirit to accelerate the technological transformation of traditional farming systems in Hubei Province, proceed from the tillage system reform, through research and development, the group with the applicable mechanization technology and machinery straw buried deep coverage, balanced rain impoundment, effectively improve crop survival soil and moisture conditions, explore an efficient, high-quality new mechanized conservation tillage system guiding ideology, in order to achieve water conservation, soil conservation, fertilizer, reduce production costs, increase farmers' income, the purpose of improving the agro-ecological environment. Research ideas is to carry out small-scale spring corn protective cultivation test the basis, by comparing different farming technology system of spring maize growth condition, protective cultivation Paul Water Paul soil and increase production mechanism conducted analysis; preparation of spring corn protective tillage agronomic technology specification and draw up its program of mechanized production process; reference Hubei Province, arid and semi-arid areas of agricultural production and mechanization technology test the actual situation, the design of the machine system solutions; modest scale of operation and equipment with the program for research and demonstration of spring maize conservation tillage . The school small range of topics on spring corn planted after the pilot study samples, drawn tillage mulch and buried stalk coverage system in water and soil conservation, soil improvement, so that crop yield obvious advantages compared to conventional tillage. Combined with the the spring corn growth characteristics, this subject Gang mound, Hubei Province in conservation tillage, subsoiling coverage and buried stalk mulching characteristics of three kinds of mechanized system of conservation tillage and mechanized production process scheme, and buried stalk covering farming systems machine selection study, the use of linear programming method in the case of total revenue, the unit area 50hm ~ 2, buried stalk mulching cultivation is characterized by mechanized conservation tillage systems for spring maize production supporting machine system selection and with calculation, draw power required for various operations and the number of farm machinery: 2 sets -50; three tractor -654; 2 the BQM-6A tillage planter; units 3W -2000 sprayer; 1SQ-250 subsoiler; units buried stalk mulching machine; 4Q-2.0 straw chopper machine; determine the amount of work for 1065 combine harvester Number of units 3 units. Finally, the topic of Shayang the prison Ma Liangnong field case, its technical and economic analysis of the conservation tillage to conservation tillage system. Study showed that mechanized conservation tillage technology is an important development direction of modern rainfed agriculture in Hubei Province to promote the to subsoiling coverage, tillage mulch and buried stalk coverage is characterized by mechanized conservation tillage technology has obvious economic, ecological and social benefits, it is worth further development of large-scale production trials research.

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