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The Design of Asynchronous Led Panel Controller Board Based on Embedded Computer System

Author: ZhuangWei
Tutor: WuNaiLing
School: Southeast University
Course: Circuits and Systems
Keywords: Embedded systems hardware platform design the μClinux network driver Gray - scale image display program CPLD digital logic design
CLC: TN873
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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In recent years, LED large-screen electronic display as a kind of high-tech products increasingly attracted attention. It can be displayed in real time or repeat text, graphics and images, with a rich display of ornamental display the content easy to modify, fast response, high brightness, stable display and long life and other advantages, is widely used in commercial advertising, sports events, transportation and many other areas, is a powerful tool for information dissemination. Currently, most of the asynchronous display uses 8-bit or 16-bit microcontroller quasi computational speed, memory capacity, storage space, and means of communication, there are significant limitations, it is difficult to achieve the difficult graphic dynamic trick-display and the gradation display in the information on the capacity and processing speed requires high display technology. To solve the above problem, we use state-of-the-art embedded computer technology, it has a single-chip computer incomparable advantages: the use of state-of-the-art RISC architecture, together with a certain capacity Cache, an order of magnitude higher than the ordinary single-chip instruction execution speed; support The large capacity of storage space, a wide range of type of memory interface, and high-bit-wide data bus and improve the ability to store data of the system, can be used SDRAM as a system memory to improve the running speed; with a variety of peripheral communication interface, conventional asynchronous serial interface, synchronous serial interface, industrial field bus interface, I2C bus interface, the provider of the network interface, remote, high-speed data transfer can be achieved to improve the flexibility of the system design; embedded operating system use can more effectively manage the allocation of system resources (cpu, processes, memory, peripherals, file systems, etc.), through its efficient scheduling algorithm, makes the design of the entire application can be multi-tasking, extremely earth to improve the speed and reliability of the operation of the entire system. In short, the use of embedded systems greatly solve the problem of the traditional single-chip microcontroller system speed, storage capacity, means of communication, and single-task program design inefficiencies such, improve the performance of the system design. This paper describes the design and implementation of 256 grayscale image display, and a remote high-speed image data transmission via Ethernet asynchronous LED display controller hardware system design. First by 256 gray scale display system storage capacity and data processing speed the analysis of the main system parameters, combined with the system requirements of embedded systems hardware platform, details embedded microprocessor, FLASH, system memory, network Selection and part of the hardware design of the controller, and to achieve the control of large-scale screen display digital logic chip CPLD; then, for the in μClinux embedded operating system using the TCP / IP protocol suite for network transmission needs, for different network interface chip network driver design method to give a presentation, and instances LAN91C111 network chips used in the design of the main function of the program source code;, 256 grayscale image display system designed synchronous sequential digital logic design programs, as well as generate scan control signal is given using verilog hardware description language source code analysis, and a more detailed analysis.

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