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Comparaison Entre Les Mots Et Expressions D’animaux Francais Et Cjinois Sous L’angle De L’interculturel

Author: MeiZuo
Tutor: ZengXinMin
School: Xiangtan University
Course: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords: Animal Words Cultural connotation Cultural differences Comparative study
CLC: H32
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Very close relationship between animals and humans is the indispensable ingredient of human life. Animals are human important source of food and clothing, while many of the animals has been given a more or less cultural meanings, That their feelings, some natural phenomenon and its place and time of occurrence of certain animals linked that animals can show the personality of different people, or represent some signs. This phenomenon is reflected in the language, which has led Animal Words in addition to its most basic meaning, but yet with a rich cultural connotations. Therefore, a large number of words containing animal images, idioms, Sayings into French and Chinese. In daily communication or literary work, the flexibility in the use of animal words never rare, which makes the French and Chinese Description more lively, the words more refined image, richer colors and strong. However, due to the geographical environment, customs, religious and other factors of the different countries is not the same as understanding animal vocabulary. Symbolism and culture of the country's animal vocabulary correspond exactly little, most of them only partially correspond to some animals vocabulary in French and Chinese have a completely different and even opposite symbolism and cultural connotation, in cross-cultural translation process it will cause cultural barriers. The author has collected a large number of French-Chinese animal vocabulary, idioms and proverbs, using the method of comparative analysis, in-depth to explore differences in Chinese and French animal vocabulary, want to be able to to understand vocabulary host culture information, and be able to communicate correctly in intercultural communication. This paper is divided into four parts, the first chapter briefly describes the concept of language and culture and the relationship between language and culture are inseparable. Language is an important part of the culture, the impact of culture on the language is mainly manifested in the vocabulary. Chapter II comparative analysis of the meaning of the similarities and differences of Animal Words in French-Chinese languages ??from four aspects, 1) certain animal vocabulary in French-Chinese languages ??have the same cultural connotations; 2) the same animal vocabulary in French-Chinese languages ??have different cultural connotations; 3) the same animal words in French-Chinese languages ??both the same and there are different cultural connotations; 4) the same animal, there is no corresponding word in French-Chinese language and cultural connotation. The third chapter analyzes cause such differences and similarities reasons, first, the different ways of thinking, followed by history, and then the different religions, and finally the Sino-French values ??and customs different. The distress caused by the fourth chapter analyzes this difference, and how to solve this problem from translation. Daily communication, or two different languages ??translation, we often there will be barriers to understanding, or even wrong, one of the main reasons is the lack of understanding of the Sino-French culture, so only in the context of cross-cultural comparative analysis, ' understand its meaning, is required for proper translation.

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