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The Application of Terahertz Radiation in the Field of Identify of Chinese Traditional Medicines and Security Inspection

Author: ShaLin
Tutor: LiFuLi
School: Capital Normal University
Course: Optics
Keywords: THz time-domain spectroscopy THz imaging Chinese herbal medicine Absorption spectrum Security check
CLC: TQ461
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2005
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THz technology in the last decade with the progress of ultrafast laser technology to flourish. THz radiation generally refers to a wavelength in the range of 1mm-100μm (300GHz-3THz) far-infrared electromagnetic radiation, the band located between the microwave and infrared light. THz time-domain spectroscopy is a new spectral measurement technology developed since the 1980s. THz radiation as a probe source, the use of electro-optic sampling or photoconductive sampling methods to directly record the amplitude of the electric field of THz radiation time waveform obtained by the Fourier transform of the spectral distribution of the measured signal amplitude and phase, and thus the absorption and dispersion of the material in the THz range Information. Quality evaluation of Chinese herbal medicines and standard-setting study included three aspects: security, authenticity and quality of the merits evaluation. As we all know, traditional Chinese medicine has been able to play a treatment efficacy, it contains the material basis - the chemical composition of the body's role in the results. Extremely complex due to the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine (including organic and inorganic), it's the quality of the merits of evaluation methods and quality control standards have long been a problem, which is a major factor affect the modernization of Chinese medicine. Only objective and standardized quality evaluation criteria and experimental data show that the effectiveness, stability and controllability of Chinese medicine and quality of raw materials, in order to make a place in the international market of Chinese medicine. This many people of Chinese herbal medicines quality evaluation method carried out extensive and in-depth study and exploration. Which spectroscopy is based on the active ingredients in the herbal medicine or characteristic components were identified, avoid subjectivity and one-sidedness of the identification method can objectively reflect the intrinsic quality of the herbs attention has been paid. The infrared spectrum of the most rapid progress. THz radiation used in traditional Chinese medicine research both special advantages and special difficulties. This mainly includes: 1) Chinese medicine macromolecular vibration or rotation part of the spectrum in the THz region; 2) THz time-domain spectroscopy to measure the dispersion of traditional Chinese medicine, may be used as Chinese medicine identification supplementary indicators, infrared spectroscopy can not test the dispersion characteristics : 3) THz radiation pulse width in the picosecond to femtosecond Chinese medicines domain spectrum and Chinese medicine transient characteristics can be measured. THz time-domain spectroscopy study medicine, get the following results: THz time-domain spectroscopy measurement white ginseng, red ginseng and ginseng time-domain spectroscopy, the curve of the absorption coefficient and refractive index curve. By comparing its absorption spectrum, each having some of the same absorption peaks found three ginseng, but the absorption spectrum of the difference is more obvious. Measuring the level of special a special three Cordyceps THz time-domain spectroscopy, and their respective absorption coefficient curve and the refractive index profile. Found that the two Cordyceps absorption peak are not very obvious, but more similar to the absorption spectra of the two samples.

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