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Studies on the Water Eco-physiology of the Main Aforestation Trees in Maowusu Sandland

Author: DingXiaoGang
Tutor: LiJiYue
School: Beijing Forestry University
Course: Forest cultivation
Keywords: Mu Us Sandland gas Climate factors Gas exchange Foliage water potential Soil moisture content
CLC: S718.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2005
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Mu Us Sandland typical Saudi semi-arid regions in China, the region drought-resistant tree species selection and Silviculture Technique is an important research topic in the semi-arid areas of forestry development. This paper studies the Mu Us Sandland pine and Chinese pine plantation growth relations with Saudi climatic factors, and analysis of Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus sylvestris Plantation moisture dynamics and gas exchange characteristics and Salix Salix Salix matsudana and sea buckthorn mixed forest moisture dynamics and gas exchange characteristics, aimed at China's arid and semi-arid areas of vegetation construction and rehabilitation of drought-resistant water-saving species selection, improve the survival rate of afforestation and woodland water balance based on the forest to create provide a theoretical basis. Mu Us Sandland affect the Pinus sylvestris high growth main climate factors: precipitation in the previous year, ≥ 10 ℃ accumulated temperature and annual evaporation; major climatic factors affecting the Pinus tabulaeformis high growth precipitation in the previous year and then rainfall . Moisture factor (such as rainfall) plays an important role in the growth of two species of trees. Growth performance under drought conditions still suffer drought stress resilience, Pinus sylvestris was stronger in P. tabulaeformis. Growing season of Pinus sylvestris net photosynthetic rate maximum and average values ??are greater than the Chinese pine, Pinus sylvestris water use efficiency is always higher than P. tabulaeformis, the growing season Pinus sylvestris and Pinus tabulaeformis the daily average of water use efficiency were 3.62umolCO 2 . mmol 1 H 2 O and 3.33umolCO 2 mmol 1 H 2 < / sub> O. Pinus sylvestris net photosynthetic rate by photosynthetically active radiation PAR, stomatal conductance (Gs) and intercellular CO 2 concentration Ci impact, the main factor is to limit the of P. tabulaeformis net photosynthetic rate of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and stomatal conductance Gs. From the entire growing season (4 months), Salix Salix Salix matsudana and sea buckthorn June, July and August, the maximum net photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate and the average should be higher than in May, four species in descending order of net photosynthetic rate the seabuckthorn gt; Salix gt; Salix gt; S. matsudana, its value were 30.3μmol.m -2 s -1 < / sup>, 29μmol.m -2 . s -1 , 26.8μmol.m -2 . s -1 , 20.19μmol.m -2 . s -1 . Growing season transpiration rate descending order the seabuckthorn gt; Salix gt; Salix gt; S. matsudana, its value 15.4mmol.m -2 . S - 1 , 12.9mmol.m -2 . s -1 , 11mmol.m -2 . s -1 , 9.96mmol.m -2 . s -1 . Four species growing season water use efficiency curve overall downward trend in water use efficiency in descending order Salix gt; Salix gt; seabuckthorn gt; S. matsudana, respectively 2.83μmolCO 2 . mmol -1 H 2 O, 2.79μmolCO 2 . mmol -1 H 2 O, 2.70μmolCO 2 . mmol -1 H 2 O, 2.67μmolCO 2 . mmol -1 H 2 O. The most important factor is the impact of four tree species photosynthesis photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and stomatal conductance Gs.

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