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Research on Property of Super-high Manganese Steel and High Chromium Cast Iron and the Appliance Research of LFC Process on Large Heat-resistant Crucible and Water Pump Impeller

Author: KuangYi
Tutor: YuanZiZhou
School: Lanzhou University of Technology
Course: Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords: Ultra-high manganese steel Aging treatment Strain hardening Compressive deformation Work hardening High chromium cast iron Quenching process Mechanical properties Tempering temperature Pump impeller Crucible EPC Crafts
CLC: TG257
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2005
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The first ultra-high manganese steel ZGMn18Cr2Mo work hardening ability; organization of aging treatment on the ultra-high manganese steel and small deformation under axial compression strain hardening capacity of the compression deformation. The results showed that appropriate aging treatment can increase the strain hardening capacity of the ultra-high manganese steel, hardening rate is independent of the initial hardness. By aging treatment, ultra-high manganese steel, the true stress - true strain segmented according to Hollomon equation, the mechanical behavior of the dual n small deformation can be obtained higher strain hardening. In the case of a small compression deformation, a high density of dislocations, the formation of a small amount of stacking faults and deformation twins, and have a certain number of cross-twinning and nano-size ultra-fine carbide. Film transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction structure analysis found no deformation-induced martensite exists. Ultra-high manganese steel work hardening dislocation strengthening, strengthening twins, stacking fault strengthening and strengthen the combined result of ultra-fine carbide particles dispersed precipitates. The second chapter of the quenching process (including austenitizing temperature, holding time and cooling rate) the impact on the hardness and impact toughness of high chromium cast iron in KmTBCr26; microstructure and mechanical properties of the tempering temperature on KmTBCr26 high chromium cast iron the impact. The results show that the quenching process the sample hardness significantly affect the regularity, get the highest hardness austenitizing temperature of 980 ° C to 1020 ° C, the best holding time and sample the original organization; different quenching process impact toughness data sample no clear regularity. With the tempering temperature after quenching microstructure consists of a mixed structure of martensite and austenite to ferrite - carbide structure change; tempering temperature on the hardness and toughness significantly affect the regularity, the tempering temperature reaches 460 ° C, the consolidated and mechanical properties of such materials. The third chapter discusses the large heat-resistant cast steel the crucible ZG20SiMn steel water pump impeller lost foam casting production technology and control points. For large thin-walled castings, to use high-density foam, so that one can prevent deformation, on the other hand, can prevent the collapse box. Appropriate to reduce the permeability of the coating also helps to avoid the collapse defects. In addition, a semi-enclosed chamber, set auxiliary pumping pump is necessary. For pump impeller this complex thin-walled castings, lost foam casting can give full play to the advantage of many of its unique technology. Rational design of gating system, the correct

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