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  1. A case study of Japan's cultural diplomacy,MeiXiuTing/Foreign Service Institute,1/443
  2. Discussion on development and features of Sino Japanese relations in twenty-first Century,RenRen/Foreign Service Institute,0/62
  3. The Contest of Influence,YangLiu/Foreign Service Institute,0/0
  4. Research on the development of Beijing City diplomacy,ZhaoHanQing/Foreign Service Institute,0/91
  5. Comparative study of junior middle school in twenty-first Century to ASEAN countries public diplomacy,PengPai/Foreign Service Institute,0/110
  6. Sino African relations in non training aid,ZhangZhenXia/Foreign Service Institute,0/5
  7. Effect of China civil society on foreign policy,LiXiang/Foreign Service Institute,0/14
  8. From the South Korean media coverage at the China ROK relations - to "Central Daily" as an example,LiShaoMin/Foreign Service Institute,0/140
  9. The feasibility and necessity of the development of ideas, analysis Chinese E diplomacy,MaLinLin/Foreign Service Institute,0/11
  10. USA influence of local government on the Sino US relations,WangXiaoZhe/Foreign Service Institute,0/13
  11. Study of the Obama administration's policy on Tibet (2009-2013),HuYouZhi/Foreign Service Institute,0/14
  12. A Comparative Study of the Chinese and the United States Foreign Aid to ASEAN Countries,HaiYingLan/Foreign Service Institute,0/24
  13. After the cold war on ASEAN aid comparative study,ShaoChangFeng/Foreign Service Institute,0/24
  14. Russia energy cooperation on energy security Chinese effect,CaiYue/Foreign Service Institute,0/21
  15. Influence of network folk diplomacy to Chinese diplomacy,HeZuoJie/Foreign Service Institute,0/22
  16. The evolution of Chinese on developing countries embassy premises and foreign apartment leasing management policy,ChenSi/Foreign Service Institute,0/27
  17. The British New Chinese acknowledging the problem and USA consultations,ZhangLiao/Foreign Service Institute,0/28
  18. The new China diplomacy and "the principle of non-interference in internal affairs",YangZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/25
  19. The international system in vicious competition and the spring and Autumn period international norms degradation,LengHongJi/Foreign Service Institute,0/30
  20. Influence of new media on China on diplomatic event of Nanjing Massacre by Japanese politicians denied as an example,LongJun/Foreign Service Institute,0/278
  21. On the prospects and challenges of cooperation and Francophone organization China,MengZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/36
  22. Analysis of domestic political factors of foreign economic policy to China capital control policy as an example,LiangYong/Foreign Service Institute,0/61
  23. "China and India in 1954 between Tibet and India on China local trade and transit agreement" negotiations,SunYuQi/Foreign Service Institute,0/67
  24. A Study of China’s Aid to Laos (1960-1965),LuMingSheng/Foreign Service Institute,0/83
  25. Analysis of 1962 China on India's foreign policy,CaiTian/Foreign Service Institute,0/103
  26. After the cold war China on the United Nations Security Council abstained from voting behavior,SongXuMing/Foreign Service Institute,0/100
  27. The rise of East Asia cooperation under the background of Sino Japanese Studies,XuXunHong/Foreign Service Institute,0/117
  28. Study on the characteristics of small foreign strategic choice in Southeast Asian countries as an example,YaoZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/165
  29. Us Indian Relations on China challenges and Chinese strategic response,DuanYi/Foreign Service Institute,0/156
  30. Study on the diplomatic practice of Beijing City,HeYaoFang/Foreign Service Institute,1/102
  31. On the summit diplomacy and Sino US relations,ZhangShuYang/Foreign Service Institute,0/168
  32. Study on the diplomatic strategy of Chinese culture in the new century,HongZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/179
  33. Chinese factors of the US Japan alliance in the early twenty-first Century,WangXiaoZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/209
  34. In the new period of our country in turmoil (area) interests overseas political risk assessment and maintenance,DingBin/Foreign Service Institute,1/124
  35. Contemporary Chinese network diplomacy on - to the Ministry of foreign affairs micro-blog Sina "foreign PHS" as an example,XiongMiao/Foreign Service Institute,0/228
  36. From the East Asian Cooperation Framework evolvement of ASEAN in the strategic position in current China Peripheral Diplomacy,FangJun/Foreign Service Institute,0/234
  37. Chinese diplomatic adjustment and innovation under the background of climate diplomacy,ZhouBo/Foreign Service Institute,0/243
  38. Theory and implications Chinese mainstream media in the South China Sea dispute in the role of a signal analysis based on the perspective of transfer,LiaoLei/Foreign Service Institute,0/289
  39. The misperception perspectives of nearly ten years of Sino Japanese Relations,LiQingZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/422
  40. Collaborated Interests and the Peaceful Development of China,FangHuiZhen/Foreign Service Institute,1/365
  41. Current situation, difficulties and Countermeasures of China ROK relations scholars - Empirical Analysis Based on questionnaire,TangWenHao/Foreign Service Institute,0/632
  42. A comparative study of Chinese and American "partnership" diplomacy,ZhangZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/807
  43. Analysis of Chinese Su and France 1964 explosion of the first atomic bomb reaction,LiangQingFeng/Foreign Service Institute,0/0
  44. Analysis of the change and the reasons of the international drug control specification,WangJing/Foreign Service Institute,0/2
  45. The international environmental non - government organizations in global environmental governance in the protection of the Antarctic environment as an example,LiuXing/Foreign Service Institute,0/4
  46. Transformation of EU policy on the Iran nuclear issue,ZhuLiHan/Foreign Service Institute,0/0
  47. Climate change Governance in developing countries the responsibility,LiXu/Foreign Service Institute,0/0
  48. The development of trade liberalization mechanism characteristics and area of APEC,GuYunTao/Foreign Service Institute,0/0
  49. After the cold war, the Russian anti missile policy and to Chinese enlightenment,YangKaiDa/Foreign Service Institute,0/0
  50. Functional analysis of arms control diplomacy,SongDanHui/Foreign Service Institute,0/1

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