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  1. Study on Microbiological Fermentaion of Bioorganic Fertilizer from Jatropha Curcas Kernel Meal,ZuoWenXia/Hainan Normal University,,0/17
  2. The Content、Distribution and Pollution Assessment of Cr in Latosol of Hainan Island,MengZhu/Hainan Normal University,,0/3
  3. Soil Heavy Metal Elements Content Characteristics and Pollution Evaluation in Changhua Lead-zinc Mine Tailings Wasteland of Hainan,LuShuangFeng/Hainan Normal University,,0/341
  4. Study on Soil Heavy Metal Elements Content and Enrichment Characteirstics of Dominant Plants in Changhua Lead-zinc Mine Wasteland of Hainan,LuBinBin/Hainan Normal University,,0/17
  5. Study of Mangrove Wetlands Function in Accumulating Heavy Metals in Hainan Islands,LiCui/Hainan Normal University,,0/217
  6. A Study on Enrichment of Heavy Metals in the Mangrove Wetland and Their Ecological Effects from Northern Hainan Island,WangPeng/Hainan Normal University,,0/214
  7. Studies of Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Activities of the Leaves of Melaleuca Leucadendron,FanChaoJun/Hainan Normal University,,0/73
  8. CuI Catalyzed Addition Reaction of P(O)h Compounds with1,2-dichioroethylene,MaJingYa/Hainan Normal University,,0/44
  9. Chiral BINOL-amino Acid Schiff Bases and Its Metallic Complexes as Catalysts for Asymmetric Kabachnik-Fields Reaction,WanDeHui/Hainan Normal University,,0/4
  10. Theoretical Study of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Benzothiadiazole Derivatives with D-π-A Structure,LuoShuChang/Hainan Normal University,,0/11
  11. Study on Synthesis of Pseudoionone with Solid Base Catalysts,XingKongQiang/Hainan Normal University,,0/13
  12. Theoretical Study on the Properties of Several Alkaloid, Quinonoids and Flavonoids Compounds,LiYan/Hainan Normal University,,0/8
  13. Synthesis and Properties of Coumarin Fluorescent Probes,FengTangZhen/Hainan Normal University,,0/26
  14. A Study on Enrichment of Rare Earth Elements in Intertidal Zone and Their Ecological Effects from Northern Hainan Island,HanZhuoRu/Hainan Normal University,,0/6
  15. Evaluation on Climate Resource for Tourism and its Influence in Hainan Island,LiPengFei/Hainan Normal University,,0/15
  16. CIS Based Evaluation on Ecological Suitability of Construction Land Use in Haikou City,SuShan/Hainan Normal University,,0/24
  17. Study on the Influence and Response of the Growth of Eucalyptus and Casuarina Plantations on Soil Fertility in Hainan Island,FanWenBin/Hainan Normal University,,0/5
  18. Distribution Characteristics of Soil Organic Carbon in Mangrove Wetlands in Hainan Island,LiZhen/Hainan Normal University,,0/17
  19. Study on Spatio-temporal Change of Eucalyptus Puplwoods Soil Water and Its Ecological Effect in West Hainan,ZhangBin/Hainan Normal University,,1/94
  20. Preliminary Study on Toxicity of Copper and Cadmium on Fejervaya Cancrivora Tadpoles,LiChunZuo/Hainan Normal University,,0/12
  21. Activity Rhythm and Home Range of Exotic Species Red-eared Turtle in Wanquan River, Hainan Island, China,MaKai/Hainan Normal University,,0/15
  22. The Existence and Synchronization of Impulses Neural Networks,ZuoYan/Hainan Normal University,,0/5
  23. Application Research Based on AR-TAR-GARCH Model,ZhangJingYu/Hainan Normal University,,1/66
  24. Some Researches on Hainan Tourism by Time Series Methods,ZhangXueYan/Hainan Normal University,,0/12
  25. Optimal Investment with Some Risky Assets,FanTao/Hainan Normal University,,0/9
  26. A Transformation of Lévy Processes and Its Properties,ZhangJing/Hainan Normal University,,0/38
  27. Oscillation of Several Kinds of Neutral Difference Equations with Delay,DouKeKe/Hainan Normal University,,0/18
  28. Oscillation for One Kind of Differential Equations with Positive and Negative Coefficients,TongLing/Hainan Normal University,,0/21
  29. The Existence of Periodic Solutions and Strange Attractor for Several Biological Dynamics Models,ZhangWenXiang/Hainan Normal University,,0/8
  30. The Triangle Hermite Interpolation Wavelet Algorithm for Solving Singular Integral Equations with Hilbert Kernel,ShiBinBin/Hainan Normal University,,0/27
  31. Research and Application of Intuitionistic Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm,YangHua/Hainan Normal University,,0/8
  32. A Electre under in an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Gnvironment and its Application in Planning of University Enrollment,GuiMei/Hainan Normal University,,0/7
  33. Multi-attribute Group Decision Making and Its Applications Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets,DingXiaoYang/Hainan Normal University,,0/23
  34. Research for the Classification Model and the Problem of the Learning of Its Fuzzy Complex Measure Based on Complex Choquet Fuzzy Integral,ZhaoZhiQing/Hainan Normal University,,0/23
  35. The K-gracefulness on the Subdivision Graph of a Class of Column Graph,TianFei/Hainan Normal University,,0/3
  36. Fuzzy C-Normal Subgroups and Fuzzy Weakly C-Normal Subgroups of Finite Groups,ZouChunPing/Hainan Normal University,,0/27
  37. Investigations and Analysis on Undergraduate’s Acknowledgement of Mathematical History,XuZuo/Hainan Normal University,,0/15
  38. Study on Development of the Construction of Hainan Civilized Eco-village at Present Situation,NieSen/Hainan Normal University,,1/417
  39. "The Phenomenon of Wangshuo" in the Area of the Contemporary Discourse Transformation,TianWenBing/Hainan Normal University,,1/189
  40. Asymptotic Properties of the Additive Functionals,MaLi/Hainan Normal University,,0/17
  41. Perturbation of Non-Symmetric Dirichlet Forms-the Corresponding Potential and the Infinitesimal Generator,HanXinFang/Hainan Normal University,,0/25
  42. Research and Realization of Fingerprint Identification Algorithm,WangShengGuo/Hainan Normal University,,1/247
  43. Situation and Countermeasure of Rural Compulsory Education,YaoLiXin/Hainan Normal University,,0/1020
  44. The Modern Teenager’s Sex Education in China,LvXinXin/Hainan Normal University,,1/876
  45. Research in Basic Education for Citizenship of England,WuLan/Hainan Normal University,,2/433
  46. University Student Good Faith Question and Modern Good Faith View Education Discussion,FuZiJiao/Hainan Normal University,,1/839
  47. Leads to the Path which the Mind Redeems,ZhangChaoXia/Hainan Normal University,,1/379
  48. Revolutionary Romanticism Artistic Factors of Sunli’s "the Series of the Lotus",KangYanQin/Hainan Normal University,,2/228
  49. Inspects of Zhang Chengzhi’s Literature Creation in the Islam Cultural Context,WangHaiFeng/Hainan Normal University,,3/285
  50. Legend·Tragic·Allegory,YanShuiSheng/Hainan Normal University,,0/283

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