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  1. Tol2Transposon-Mediated Zebrafish Mutagenesis and Nup107Mutant Study,ZhengXiaoFeng/Tsinghua University,0/9
  2. The Mechanism and Function of SP Proteins in Regulating Wnt Signaling,FuYu/Tsinghua University,0/21
  3. Quantitative Observation of the Three-dimensional Chromosomal Conformation in Mouse Oocytes Using Two-photon Imaging System,TianNing/Tsinghua University,0/5
  4. Research and Development of English Version for ICD Management System,MaSuDe/Tsinghua University,0/3
  5. Empirical Study on the Relationship between Hospital Service Quality and Patient Satisfaction,LiuZuo/Tsinghua University,0/15
  6. Spring Phenology Model of Grassland Based on Soilmoisture and Air Temperature and Vegetation Reactions to Drought,LiuHui/Tsinghua University,0/19
  7. Identification and Functional Analysis of miRNAs Involved in Cotton Fiber Initiation,WangZhengMing/Tsinghua University,0/25
  8. Screening and Functional Study of Novel Biomimetic Antibacterials,ZhaoBiao/Tsinghua University,0/13
  9. Research of Simultaneous Dual-Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply Based on Single Inverter,HeZuo/Tsinghua University,0/13
  10. Study on Large Area Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells,Zhang/Tsinghua University,0/10
  11. The Synthesis of Near-Infrared Sensitizers and Their Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells,LiuYiZuo/Tsinghua University,0/65
  12. Design, Preparation and Performance of Novel Anode for Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells,WangJing/Tsinghua University,0/20
  13. The Performance Optimization of Photoanode for Flexible Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with Plastic Substrates,ZhaoXiaoChong/Tsinghua University,0/22
  14. The Synthesis of Porous Graphitic Carbon and Its Applications in Hybrid Battery Capacitor,LeiZuo/Tsinghua University,0/11
  15. Farbrication of Buffer Layer of Polymer Solar Cells and Optimization of Polymer Solar Cells,WangShengHan/Tsinghua University,0/10
  16. Research of Thermal Management Systems Based on Phase Change Materials for Lithium-ion Battery,CaoJianHua/Tsinghua University,0/44
  17. A Numerical Study on Optimized Design of Harbor for Aceh Thermal Power Plant in Indonesia,ZhuGuoQiang/Tsinghua University,0/5
  18. Study on Optimization of LUV Pump's Casing Dimension Based on Numerical Simulation,FanYiZhang/Tsinghua University,0/5
  19. Application of Operation Guiding Expert System for Thermal Power Units,FangLi/Tsinghua University,0/9
  20. Engineering Application of the Air-staging De-NO_x Combustion in a Coal-fired Power Plant,ZhuZuoZuo/Tsinghua University,0/19
  21. Preparation, Microstructure and Electrical Properties of Materials for Inorganic Bulk Memristor,CaiKunPeng/Tsinghua University,0/27
  22. Research of Test and Experiment of Ohmic RF-MEMS Switch,LiuLei/Tsinghua University,0/13
  23. Study on Micro Ultrasonic Motors,ShuYi/Tsinghua University,0/42
  24. Two Excitation Methods to Assess the Vibrational Behaviour of the Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM),MaZuo/Tsinghua University,0/20
  25. Research on Risk Management of Oversea BOT Power Plant Projects,WuShangYuan/Tsinghua University,0/35
  26. Indonesia Electricity Capacity Integrated Resource Strategic Planning,QiAn/Tsinghua University,0/20
  27. Sweden Electricity Capacity Integrated Resource Strategic Planning Model,JieKe/Tsinghua University,0/10
  28. The Ground-source Heat Pump Engineering Cycle Management,GaoGui/Tsinghua University,0/9
  29. Studies of Frost Formation and Icing Simulation of Wind Turbine Blade,ChenYan/Tsinghua University,0/6
  30. Research on Continuous Plutonium Aerosol Monitor in High Radon Environment and Equipment Development,LiHuiBin/Tsinghua University,0/16
  31. Design of the SANS Spectrometer for CPHS and Prototypical Research on Detector System,HuangTuZuo/Tsinghua University,0/8
  32. The Study of High Position Resolution MRPC Detector,FanXingMing/Tsinghua University,0/6
  33. Research of Capture-gated Fast Neutron Detection Method,LiuYi/Tsinghua University,0/9
  34. Design and Experiment of ClIC Choke-mode Accelerating Structure,ChaZuo/Tsinghua University,0/4
  35. Research on Digital LLRF Control System for TTX Linac,LvHaiTing/Tsinghua University,0/7
  36. Design and Development of Real-Time Control Software of Reactor Protection System Integration Test Device,ZhangHaiLun/Tsinghua University,0/13
  37. Application of the Passive Safety System to Fusion-fission Hybrid Reactor and Safety Analysis,YuZhangCheng/Tsinghua University,0/25
  38. Effects of Mutual Awareness on Team Performancein Accident Diagnosis under Computerized Working Environment,YuanZuoHui/Tsinghua University,0/10
  39. Burnup Measurement Study and Prototype Development in HTR-PM,ZuoWeiHua/Tsinghua University,0/22
  40. Research on Flow and Heat Transfer Mechanics at the Interaction of Conduction,Convection and Radiation on Gas Turbine Hot Component,WangWenPing/Tsinghua University,0/22
  41. Research on the Mechanism of Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotor-stator Cavities in Gas Turbine,LinLi/Tsinghua University,0/36
  42. Model-based Gas Path Diagnostics for Heavy-duty Gas Turbine,PuXingXing/Tsinghua University,0/47
  43. Research on the Mechanism of Flow and Heat Transfer Interaction in Anisotropic Turbulent Film Cooling Flows,LiXueYing/Tsinghua University,0/18
  44. p-Multigrid Discontinuous Finite Element Method and Application for Gas Turbine's Cooling Flow,TanQinXue/Tsinghua University,0/36
  45. Conjugate Heat Transfer Mechanisms for Coal-Based-Fuel Gas Turbines,ZouZuo/Tsinghua University,0/9
  46. Hardware and Software Development of Electronic Control System for Gas Fuelled Internal Combustion Engine,ChenRenZhe/Tsinghua University,1/0
  47. The Research of Calibration System for Gas Engine Based on CCP,QiZhengLiang/Tsinghua University,0/18
  48. Idling Performance Study and Numerical Simulation of an HCNG Engine,LiShun/Tsinghua University,0/6
  49. Experiment and Numerical Simulation on Low Temperature Combustion of Gasoline Homogeneous Charge Induced Ignition by Diesel,YuChao/Tsinghua University,0/52
  50. Experimental Study of Particle Emission Characteristics from GDI Engines,FuHaiChao/Tsinghua University,0/23

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