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  1. Preparation, Pyrolysis Mechanism and Structure Modification of Polyimide Based Carbon Membrane,LiLin/Dalian University of Technology,0/39
  2. The Preparation, Post-Functionalization and Properties of Metal-Organic Framework Films,ZuoZhongShang/Zhejiang University,0/12
  3. Preparation and Application on Membrane of Oil&Gas Separation from Drilling Fluid,JiaoFangJian/Xiamen University,0/9
  4. Preparation and Gas Separation Performance of Mixed Matrix Membranes of Polyimide and Porous Fillers,RenHuiQing/East China University of Science and Technology,0/36
  5. Formation Visualization of Interfacially Polymerized Film and Preparation of Composite Membrane for CO2Separation,YuanFang/Tianjin University,0/84
  6. Fundamental Study of Cu3(BTC)2to Improve PDMS/PEI Composite Membrane for Gas Separation,WangZuo/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/62
  7. Preparation and Gas Separation Properties of the Siloxane/PEO Hybrid Membranes,SunHongGuang/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/46
  8. Preparation and Performance of Solvent Resistant PTFPMS Composite Membrane,NieFei/Dalian University of Technology,0/38
  9. Preparation and Properties of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Polyurethane Hybrid Membranes,DingLongFei/Zhejiang Technology and Business University,0/1
  10. Kesearch on Oil-gas Ana Oil-water Separation Related Technology in Oil Production Plant,LiMingDao/Zhejiang University,0/61
  11. Surface Modification of Several MOFs and Their Adsorption of CO2/N2/H2O,ZhangZhiJuan/South China University of Technology,0/245
  12. Synthesis and Properties of Nanoporous Organic Polymers Based on1,3,5-triazine Framework,XiongShaoHui/Central South University,0/38
  13. Study of Preparation and Properties of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks Membranes,XieZhong/Dalian University of Technology,0/61
  14. Study on the Capture and Separation of CO2Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors,CuiLianXi/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/88
  15. The Simulation and Optimization of UASB Reactor Based on CFD,HuHanWei/Ocean University of China,0/3
  16. Simulation Investigation for CO2Capture from Flue Gas,DiYanBin/Dalian University of Technology,0/111
  17. Study on Hydrate-Based Carbon Dioxide Separation from Simulated Fuel Gas,WangXiaoJing/Dalian University of Technology,0/64
  18. Preparation, Structural Characterization and Hydrogen/Methane Premselectivity of New Metal Organic Framework/Porous Anodic Alumina Composite Membrane,YangQiPeng/Ocean University of China,0/0
  19. Highly Selective Zeolite Membranes as Pre-concentrators for Explosive Detection,ZhaoJie/Tianjin University,0/74
  20. Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolite Membranes and Porous Carbon Materials,ZhangJinLei/Jilin University,0/238
  21. Preparation of Nanoparticles Filled Polymer Mixed Matrix Membranes for Gas Separation,ZhangLi/,0/56
  22. Preparation of Polyurethaneurea Based Organic-inorganic Blend Membranes and Their Gas Separation Performances,ZouChao/Jiangnan University,1/95
  23. Preparation and Gas Separation Performance of Asymmetric Carbon Membrane,ChenYongMing/Dalian University of Technology,0/26
  24. Preparation and Performance of Low-temperature Pyrolysis PDMS Composite Membrane,YuJiaoZhu/Dalian University of Technology,0/51
  25. Preparation and Catalytic Applications of Ordered Porous Carbon Membrane,YuZhiXue/Shenyang University of Technology,0/67
  26. Preparation and Performance Investigation of Metal-Organic Framework Membranes,ZhangFeng/Jilin University,0/466
  27. Synthesis of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-78and ZIF-78Membrane,BaiJu/Dalian University of Technology,0/101
  28. Preparation and Gas Separation of Siiicatite-1Membranes,ZhangCong/Jilin University,0/141
  29. Synthesis of Silicon-Containing Polyacetylenes and the Gas Separation Ability of Their Membranes,WangJianJun/Qiqihar University,0/40
  30. Hydrogen Separation from Gas Mixture by Ionic Liquid Supported Liquid Membrane,ChenJingYi/Henan University of Science and Technology,0/61
  31. The Application of Advanced Process Control System in Gas Separation Plants,HuangChuAn/East China University of Science and Technology,0/114
  32. Preparation and Study on Gas Separation Performance of Novel Carbon Membrane,ZuoJianNa/Hebei Union University,0/4
  33. Effect of the Precursor Molecular Weight and ZSM-5Addition on the Microstructure and Gas Permeability of Carbon Membrane,XuJiaJia/Dalian University of Technology,0/17
  34. Stability and Performance of Ionic Liquid Membrane for CO2Separation,ZhaoZuo/Dalian University of Technology,0/80
  35. Study on Properties of Gas Separation of Composite Carbon Membrane Prepared by Interfacial Polymerization,ZhangPingPing/Dalian University of Technology,0/105
  36. PDMS/PEI Composite Membranes Filled with Cu3(BTC)2for Gas Separation,ZhouWei/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,0/181
  37. Simulation Study on the Adsorption and Diffusion Behavior of Small Molecules on the[1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne]and Cu2O Surface,ChenLiPeng/Southwestern University,0/38
  38. Synthesis of Helical Polyphenelacetylene Having Various L-amino Alcohol Residues and Study on Gas Permeation Properties of the Resulting Membranes,LunYingHui/Qiqihar University,0/2
  39. Synthesis of Functional Substituted Polyacetylenes and Their Gas Permeation and Fluoride Ion Sensing Properties,YuanXueCheng/Dalian University of Technology,0/27
  40. Preparation and Light Hydrocarbons Permeance of Zsm-5and P25Hybrid Carbon Membranes,SunMeiYue/Dalian University of Technology,0/55
  41. Synthesis and Properties of Zeolite Membrane and Metal Organic Framework Membrane,FanSongZuo/Jilin University,0/69
  42. C_ (60) effects of molecular embedding macroporous MOF structure on the CO_2 capture capacity,ZhuHongWei/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/100
  43. Preoxidation Mechanism of Poly (Phthalazione Ether Sulfone Ketone)s and Preparation Technology Optimization of Their Carbon Membranes,LiuShiLi/Dalian University of Technology,0/325
  44. Preparation and Properties of Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieve Films,XuRui/Jilin University,0/488
  45. Preparation, Microstructure and Gas Separation Performance of Molecular Sieving Carbon Membranes,ZhangBing/Dalian University of Technology,3/733
  46. Study on PPESK Hollow Fiber Membrane for Gas Separation,FuHaiTao/Dalian University of Technology,5/443
  47. Synthesis and Properties of Polymers Containing Bithiazole and Poly (Ionic Liquid)s,TangJianBin/Zhejiang University,1/594
  48. Study on Experiment and Theory of PDMS/PS Hollow Fiber Composite Membrane for Hydrogen Recovery from Catalytic Cracking Dry Gas,BaiYueHua/Tianjin University,0/334
  49. Preparation and Characterization of Cellulose Hollow Fiber Membranes Made by a Solvent Method,JieXingMing/Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,1/753
  50. Synthesis and Gas Separation Performance of Zeolite Membrane,ChengZhiLin/Xiamen University,2/684

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