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  1. Integrated Marketing Communication Program and Implementation of Lanzhou University Press,YuanShang/Lanzhou University,0/116
  2. Investigation on Cultivation Actuality of MTCSOL,GaoZuoYang/Lanzhou University,0/254
  3. Luminescence Studies of C Implanted and C+Si and C+Mg Coimplantd n-type GaN,ZhangLiMin/Lanzhou University,0/167
  4. Study on the Hemostatic Activity Part of Tibetan Medicinal Herb Lamiophlomis Rotata,LiMaoXing/Lanzhou University,5/500
  5. Studies on the Chemical Constituents and Their Bioactivities of Three Compositae and One Scrophulariaceae Species,ZhangZhanXin/Lanzhou University,1/292
  6. Studies on the Chemical Constituents and Their Bioactivities of Three Compositae and One Leguminosae Species,FeiDongQing/Lanzhou University,3/226
  7. Investigation on the Chemical Constituents and Bioactivities of Ligularia Cymbulifera, Saussurea Muliensis and Lycopsis Orientalis,LiuChunMei/Lanzhou University,0/251
  8. Study on the Novel System of Pharmic Analysis by FI-CE,LiuXiuMei/Lanzhou University,0/125
  9. Applications of Inorganic Mono-electron Oxidants in Organic Reaction,WuGuaiLi/Lanzhou University,0/100
  10. Study and Application of QSAR/QSPR and Capillary Electrophoresis,LvWenJuan/Lanzhou University,1/201
  11. Asymmetric Synthesis of 3-aryl-2,3-diamino Acids,ZhangHuanHuan/Lanzhou University,0/178
  12. Studies on the Stereoselective Nitration and Oxidative Aromatization with NO,WuWenZuo/Lanzhou University,0/62
  13. Studies on the Palladium Catalyzed Synthesis of Benzofurans and Indoles,JiangYong/Lanzhou University,0/302
  14. Studies on Rare Earth Supramolecular Complexes with Podand Ligands and Their Montmorillonite Composite Luminescent Materials,TangKuanZhen/Lanzhou University,0/398
  15. Study and Application of Coating Technique and Indirect Laser-induced Fluorescence Detection for Capillary Electrophoresis,LuoZhi/Lanzhou University,1/232
  16. Protection and Deprotection of Reactions of Sugars and Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds from Sugars, Design and Synthesis of Sialyltransferase Inhibitors,NiuYouHong/Lanzhou University,0/240
  17. Investigation of the Mechanism in Collisions of Partially Stripped Ions with Helium Atom,GaoZhiMin/Lanzhou University,0/26
  18. Investigation of Single-electron Transfer Processes in Collisions of Cq+ (q=1-4)、Oq+ (q=1-3) and He、Ne、Ar,LiuHuiPing/Lanzhou University,0/26
  19. Investigation of X-ray Emission in the Interaction of Slow Highly Charged Ions with Solid Surface,DuJuan/Lanzhou University,0/65
  20. Study and Application of Derivatization Reactions for Capillary Electrophoresis,ZhouLei/Lanzhou University,1/314
  21. The Holocene Climate and Environment Changes in the Mongolian Plateau,DiXinWei/Lanzhou University,3/472
  22. The Relationship between Strontium Isotope and Environment Variation in Paleo-lake Sediments during Late Period of Late Pleistocene in Western China,ChangFengQin/Lanzhou University,0/355
  23. Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Antidot Arrays Film,JiangChangJun/Lanzhou University,0/123
  24. Magnetic Properties of Materials Induced by Impurities and Vacancies from First Principles,SiMingSu/Lanzhou University,0/261
  25. Research on Arrays of Magnetic Nano-materials,ZuoZhongJie/Lanzhou University,3/384
  26. Synthesis and Performance Study of Spinel Mn-Zn Ferrite Thin Films for High Frequency Applications,SunJianRong/Lanzhou University,6/456
  27. Study on the Protein Imprinted Molecularly Core-Shell Microspheres,ZuoChangLing/Lanzhou University,2/840
  28. Responses of Neuronal Systems on Complex Network to Stimuli,ChangWenLi/Lanzhou University,1/255
  29. A Brief Theory of the Artistic Conception of Chinese Prose in the 20th Century,XinXiaoLing/Lanzhou University,6/785
  30. A Modern Writing of the "Field of Life and Death"-Reevaluation of Xiao Hong,LiXiangHui/Lanzhou University,4/1439
  31. Study on Interaction of Active Components in Chinese Traditional Medicines with Human Serum Albumin,LiYing/Lanzhou University,3/1016
  32. Study and Application of Chiral Separation by Capillary Electrophoresis,WangZhaoYan/Lanzhou University,0/659
  33. Study and Applications of High Sensitive Analysis Methods with Capillary Electrophoresis,WangWeiPing/Lanzhou University,1/485
  34. Asymmetric Synthesis of β-substituted-α, γ-diamino Acids and Pyrrolidine Derivatives Containing Multichiral Centers,HuangYan/Lanzhou University,0/183
  35. A Study on Guhya-yana in Dunhuang during the Tibetan Occupation,ZhaoXiaoXing/Lanzhou University,6/571
  36. The Research of Dunhuang Confucian Literature,HanFeng/Lanzhou University,3/468
  37. The Mongolian Documents from the Northern Area of Dunhuang’s Mogao Caves,AoTeGen/Lanzhou University,0/255
  38. Study and Application of Novel Method on Deteramination of Active Compound in Herbal Medicine by Flow Injection-Capillary Electrophoresis,LiuLiHong/Lanzhou University,1/118
  39. Studies on the Chemical Constituents from Three Compositae and One Labiatae Species and Their Bioactivities,GaoXue/Lanzhou University,2/292
  40. Clinical Study of Diabetic Stroke,ZhangXuDong/Lanzhou University,1/276
  41. Structural Modification of Phenolic Antioxidants and Their Mechanisms of Prooxidant Effects,ZhengLiFang/Lanzhou University,1/360
  42. Studies on the Asymmetric Total Syntheses of the Natural Product Tuxpanolide and Several Insect Pheromones,ZhangChaoXin/Lanzhou University,0/237
  43. Study and Application on New Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography Method,WangShuMin/Lanzhou University,0/394
  44. The Synthesis of 1, 2, 3-Triazoles and Carbonylation Coupling Reaction Catalyzed by Pd,YangDong/Lanzhou University,0/251
  45. Studies Toward Synthesis of Cephalotaxine and Construction of Stenine Skeleton,WangXinWei/Lanzhou University,0/193
  46. Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Terbium(Ⅲ) Complexes and Application of Their Fluorescence System in Solution,DangFangFang/Lanzhou University,0/351
  47. Study on the Critical Phenomena of Multicomponent Liquid Mixtures,XiangYongSheng/Lanzhou University,0/69
  48. Total Synthesis of Quinone and Hydroquinone and Study of 3-substate γ-methylbutenolides and 3-substate γ-hydroxymethylbutenolides,LiChunHong/Lanzhou University,0/220
  49. Zwitterions in Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions,FanMingJin/Lanzhou University,0/130
  50. Studies on Synthesis, Characterization and Luminescence Properties of Rare Earth Complexes with Multi-Amide Ligands,WangZuo/Lanzhou University,1/453

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