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  1. The Impact of Tmr Composed with Oat Hay or Leymus Chinensis on Rumen Digestion and Metabolism,PanMeiJuan/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/55
  2. Effects of Different Levels of Saline Soil in the Songnen Grassland on Leaf Traits and Biomass Trade-off of Leymus Chinensis and Larix Lespedeza,LiQin/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/53
  3. Effect of C and N Elements Contents Changing in Herbage on Oedaleus Asiaticus Feeding,ZhangYinZhi/Anhui Agricultural University,0/11
  4. Diversity of Endophytes Associated with Leymus Chinensis and Its Effects on Host Physio-ecological Characteristics in the Mid-Eastern Inner Mongolia Steppe,ZhuMinJie/Nankai University,0/37
  5. Phylogenetic Analysis of Leymus (Poaceae:Triticeae)Based on ISSR Markers and TrnQ-rps16Sequences,GuoGuoYe/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/31
  6. Ecology Research on Reproductive Module of Six Species of Dogstails in Yinchuan Plain,ZhangJuanHong/Ningxia University,0/1
  7. Phylogenetic Analysis of Hystrix and Leymus in Triticeae,LiuJing/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/44
  8. Bioresources and Biodiversity of Some Epichloid Endophytes Native to China,ZhangHongXia/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/1
  9. ITS Sequence Analysis of the Species in Leymus Hochst.and the Origin of Xm Genome,HuZhiQin/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/26
  10. Characterization of y Type HMW Glutenins in Two Species of Leymus,SunYanZuo/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/7
  11. Response of the Inter-specific Relationship between Stipa Baicalensis and Leymus Chinensis to Environmental Resources and Salinity Stress,JiangLan/Northeast Normal University,0/32
  12. Population Dynamics and Structure of Leymus Chinensis and Carex Duriuscula in Restoration Succession Series of Songnen Degraded Grassland,WangPeiFeng/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  13. Effects of Grazing on the Soil Physical and Chemical Properties and Genetic Diversity of Soil Actinomycetes of Leymus Chinensis Steppe,YouJian/Northeast Normal University,0/5
  14. The Response of Leymus Chinensispopulation Root System to Water and Nitrogen Gradient in Degraded Grassland,HongGuangYu/Inner Mongolia University,0/14
  15. The Photosynthetic Characteristics of Leymus Chinensis and Soil Respiration Response to Different Grazing Intensities,DengZuo/Gansu Agricultural University,0/92
  16. Study on Functional Plant Ecology in Songnen Grassland, Northeast China,SongYanTao/Northeast Normal University,0/182
  17. Transcriptional Analysis and Colning of the Differentially Expressed Protein Genes in Two Ecotypes of Leymus Chinensis,LuZuo/Harbin Normal University,0/0
  18. Effects of Elevated CO2and Precipitation Regime on Biomass Production and the Clonal Growth of Leymus Chinensis,HeHanQiong/Northeast Normal University,0/0
  19. Effects of Fertilization on the Growth of Leymus Chinensis,TaoLe/Jilin University,0/50
  20. Studies on Establishment of High Frequency Regeneration System and Preliminary Explorer Transformation of Coda Gene by Agrobacterium in Leymus Chinensis,ZouJiXiang/Yanbian University,0/25
  21. The Strategy of Spatial Expansion of Clonal Plants Leymus Chinensis and Hierochloe Glabra under Heterogeneous Habitat,ZhouXiaoLing/Northeast Normal University,0/33
  22. Studies on the Effects of Nitrogen Application and Irrigation on Seed Production of Leymus Chinensis, Soil Total Nitrogen, pH, and Electrical Conductivity,WangXiaoQiang/Northeast Normal University,0/41
  23. Effects of Warming and Nitrogen Deposition on the Underground Biomass of Leymus Chinensis Community,WangChao/Northeast Normal University,0/51
  24. Evaluation of Origin and Impurity Content on Nutritional Value of Leylus Chinensis,WangLiJuan/Northeast Agricultural University,0/50
  25. Impacts of Sheep Saliva on Growth of Leymus Chincnsis (Trin.) Tzvclev.,LiuJuShan/Northeast Normal University,0/50
  26. Research on Seed Development, Dormancy Characters and the Relations to Salt-alkaline Tolerance of Leymus Chinensis from Songnen Grassland,ZuoJiXiang/Northeast Normal University,0/150
  27. Phylogenetic Relationships between Leymus and Related Diploid Triticeae Species Based on RAPD and SSR Markers,ChaiGuanHui/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/22
  28. Inheritance and SSR Mapping for Wheat Stripe Rust Resistance Gene(S) Derived from Leymus Mollis,BaiYaoBo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/55
  29. The Study of Environmental Suitability and Gene of Metabolism of Oedaleus Decorus Asiaticus,ZhangWeiZhong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/2
  30. Population Dynamics of Both Leymus Chinensis and Carex Duriuscula in the Series of Restoration Succession in Northeast Degradation Grassland,ChenYongQiang/Northeast Normal University,0/29
  31. Effect of Global Climate Change on Morphological and Anatomical Structure of Leymus Chinensis and Phragmites Communis,YuWenRuo/Northeast Normal University,0/45
  32. Effects of Warming and Nitrogen Addition on Structure and Function of Leymus Chinensis Community in Songnen Grassland,GaoZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/147
  33. The Fruit-set Patterns and Seed Germination of Leymus racemosus,GuLiNaEr·ABuLaiTi/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/7
  34. Cloning and Analysis of Dreb2Genes from Leymus (Poaceae:Triticeae),GaoGang/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/28
  35. Cloning and Expression Analysis of Stress Tolerance Genes LcPIP and LcLHP in Leymus Chinensis,ShaoChangRong/Northeast Forestry University,0/66
  36. Transcriptome Sequencing and Analysis of Leymus Chinensis under Sakine-alkaline Treatment,SunYePeng/Jilin Agricultural University,0/514
  37. Effects of Different Soil Moisture Content on the Growth of Leymus Chinensis,ZhaoXue/Jilin University,0/94
  38. Mechanisms of Leymus Chinensis to Adaptive Habitats and Cloning of Gene Related to Betaine Synthesis on the Songnen Grassland,CuiXiYan/Northeast Normal University,0/181
  39. Effects of Different Grazing Intensities on Grassland Ecosystem Health of Leymus Chinensis Meadow Steppe,WangMingJun/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,9/560
  40. Quantitative Characters and Mutual Dynamics of Several Plant Populations during Restoration Succession in Degraded Meadow in Northeastern China,LiHaiYan/Northeast Normal University,1/352
  41. Study on Allelopathy of Artemisia Scoparia,ZhouTian/Northeast Normal University,6/663
  42. Related Genes and Proteins Expression Profile of Leymus Chinensis Shoots under Saline-Alkaline Stress,JieLiZuo/Northeast Forestry University,2/662
  43. Study on the Compressibility of Leymus Chinensis and Its Stress Relaxation Characteristics Analyzed by Virtual Prototyping Technology,WangHongBo/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,8/124
  44. Genetic Diversity of Leymus Secalinus Hochst. from North-western Area of China and Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of the Genome Origins of 8 Leymus Species,ZhouXinCheng/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/340
  45. Research on Roughage Utilization for Grazing System of Sheep in the Farming-pastoral Zone of the Songnen Plain,SunHaiXia/Northeast Normal University,0/119
  46. Evaluation of AFLP Marker and Molecular Biology Methods on Resource Plant,XuZuoXia/Institute of Botany,3/908
  47. Physio-ecological Responses of Leymus Chinensis to Overgrazing and Clipping,ZhaoWei/Institute of Botany,2/579
  48. Study on Soil Respiration at Grazing and Fenced Typical Leymus Chinensis Steppe, Inner Mongolia,JiaBingRui/Institute of Botany,1/463
  49. Characteristics of Net Ecosystem Exchange of Carbon Dioxide and Their Driving Factors over a Fenced Leymus Chinensis Steppe in Inner Mongolia,HaoYanBin/Institute of Botany,2/808
  50. Genome Analysis and Systematic Studies on Hystrix Species (Poaceae: Triticeae),ZhangHaiQin/Sichuan Agricultural University,2/163

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