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  1. Genome Sequencing of Mycoplasma Mycoides Str.PG3and Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae from Inner Mongolia and Cloning and Expression of Variable Surface Lipoprotein Genes,XuChunGuang/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/5
  2. Phyletic Evolution Analysis, Distribution Regularity in Chick and the Subunit Vaccine Development of Proteus Mirabilis,CuiGuoLin/Shandong Agricultural University,0/9
  3. Immunoprotection of ALV-J gp85Subunit Vaccine in Chicken flocks,ZuoWenWen/Shandong Agricultural University,0/17
  4. Expression of Porcine Circovirus Type2Cap Protein in Silkworms and Immune Efficacy of Its Subunit Vaccine in Mice and Piglets,LangHongWu/China Agricultural University,0/281
  5. Construction and Evaluation of a Multistage Subunit Vaccine and the Role of Interleukin-17in Tuberculosis,LiQing/Gansu Agricultural University,0/10
  6. Construction of Multi-type FMDV VP1Epitope Genes in Chimeric S-layer Protein Subunit Vaccine Vector and its Preliminary Identification,WangMin/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/4
  7. Construction and Evaluation of a Multistage Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Subunit Vaccine Candidate Mtb10.4-HspX,NiuHongXia/Lanzhou University,0/61
  8. Construction, Expression and Purification of Tuberculosis Subunit Vaccine EAMMB,LinXiaoFa/Lanzhou University,0/7
  9. The Initial Study on Vaccine of Measles-Tuberculosis and the Adjuvant Effect of CpG-ODN and PolyICLC in Tuberculosis Vaccine,LiuBaoYuan/Gansu Agricultural University,0/22
  10. Preparation and Immunoprotective Study of Trivalent Subunit Vaccine and Nucleic Vaccine of Cryptosporidium Parvum CP15-P23-CP15/60in BALB/c Mice,QinPeiLan/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/56
  11. Research on GRA1/MIC6Bivalent DNA Vaccine and Subunit Vaccine against Toxoplasma Gondii,SunLing/Jilin University,0/67
  12. Molecular Cloning, Expression and Immune Protective Effect of FbsA and α-enolase Gene from Streptococcus Agalactiae,YiZuo/Sun Yat-sen University,0/2
  13. Evaluation of Immune Efficacy for GCRV vp6DNA Vaccine and Subunit Vaccine,LiuLin/Suzhou University,0/113
  14. Expression of Some Veterinary Antigens in Silkworm and shRNAs Expression for Enhancing the Resistance of Bombvx Mori to NPV in Vitro and in Vivo,Bhaskar Roy(RuoYi)/Zhejiang University,0/22
  15. Evaluation of Co-Immunization with p23、p33Recombinant Protein Vaccines of Theileria Orientalis,HuangGuoMing/Yanbian University,0/3
  16. Cross-protection between Inactivated and Subunit Vaccines Against Porcine Circovirus Genotypes2a and2b,FuYuJie/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/158
  17. Research on Biological Characteristics and Immunogenicity of Toxoplasma Gondii Potential Vaccine Candidate IMP1,YuHaiJie/Zhejiang University,0/142
  18. Development and Efficacy Evaluation of Four Tuberculosis Subunit Vaccine,LiZhi/Lanzhou University,0/102
  19. Sequence Analysis of the VP2Gene Hypervariable Region of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus and the Complete Genomic of IBDV BC6/85with Preliminary Study of IBDV Subunit Vaccine,YuLei/China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control,0/123
  20. Co-expression of Ag85B, ESAT-6 mice of IFN -gamma recombinant BCG and Ag85B, ESAT-6 chimeric protein subunit vaccines preliminary study,XuYing/Fudan University,0/205
  21. Study on Gene Engineering Subunit Bacterin Against Oedema Disease of Swine and Etiology of F18~+E. coli,LiuGuoPing/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/212
  22. Study of PCV2 Genetic Engineering Vaccine,FanHuiYing/Huazhong Agricultural University,6/620
  23. Development of the Recombinant Subunit Vaccine Against Cattle and Sheep Footrot Using Fusobacterium Necrophorum Leukotoxin,GuoDongHua/Northeast Agricultural University,1/203
  24. The Expression of Dengue Virus Type 1 to 4 Envelope Domain Ⅲ and Its Application in Serological Diagnosis and Protective Immunity,ZhangZhiShan/Fujian Medical,0/159
  25. Study on Genetically Engineered Subunit Vaccines Against Swine Vesicular Disease and Classical Swine Fever,TianHong/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/310
  26. Study on Multicomponent Recombinant Subunit Vaccines Against Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae,ShaoMeiLi/Northeast Agricultural University,2/433
  27. Study on Immunoprotection Mechanism of Multi-subunit Vaccine of Helicobacter Pylori,WuChao/Third Military Medical University,0/148
  28. The Virulence Genes and Genetic Engineering Vaccines of Aeromonas Hydrophila,ZhuDaLing/Institute of Hydrobiology,4/532
  29. Cloning and Expression of H.pylori Neutrophil-activating Protein Gene and the Immunity Evaluation of Its Encoding Product,KangQiaoZhen/Zhengzhou University,0/181
  30. Study on Subunit Vaccine Recombined by CSFV Specific T Cell Epitope Antigen and Porcine Parvovirus-Like Particles,FanJingHui/Northeast Agricultural University,1/451
  31. Study on Developing Vaccines Against Saliva Binding Region of the Surface Protein Antigen from Streptococcus Mutans Aiming to Prevent Dental Caries,JiangGuangShui/Shandong University,0/95
  32. Preliminary Study on Subunit Vaccine and Nucleic Acid Vaccine of Echinococcus Multilocularis,WangChangYuan/Chongqing Medical University,2/126
  33. Recombinant Japanese encephalitis virus E protein as a candidate vaccines and diagnostic antigens experimental study,WuYuShui/Fourth Military Medical University,2/185
  34. A Research on Atenuation of Very Virulent Infectious Busal Disease Virus of China and its Subunit Vaccine,WangXiaoMei/Northeast Agricultural University,2/285
  35. Study on Different Adjuvants That Can Increase the Immunogenicity of the Universal Influenza Vaccine NM2e,JiangTao/Disease Control and Prevention Center,0/155
  36. Development and Efficacy Evaluation of a New TB Subunit Vaccine and Research on Evaluation of Type Ⅰ Anaphylaxis in Vaccines,ChenLei/Shandong University,0/232
  37. Identification and Experimental Verification of Protective Antigens Against Streptococcus Suis Serotype 2 Based on Genome Sequence Analysis,LiuLiNa/Third Military Medical University,3/193
  38. Fusion gene ag85B-mpt64_ (190-198)-mtb8.4 new recombinant BCG vaccine and anti-TB subunit vaccine research applications,ZuoYaQing/Fudan University,0/223
  39. Study on Vaccine of Recombinant Peptide and DNA Based on Avian Influenza Virus M2 and Mucosal Immunization,ZhangGuoGuang/Xiamen University,0/333
  40. Studies on Recombinant Subunit Vaccine of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV),WangShanHui/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/147
  41. Construction and Immune Experiment of Genetically Engineered Vaccine for Staphylococcus Aureus of Mastitis in Cow,YinRongLan/Jilin University,6/470
  42. The Immunity Research of Some Peptides Frome PE and PPE Family of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,FanBo/Beijing Tuberculosis and Thoracic Tumor Research Institute,0/114
  43. Study on the Molecular Epidemiology and Pathogenicity of Pasteurella Multocida from Swine,TangXiBiao/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/277
  44. Immunoproteomic Analysis and Study on Subunit Vaccine of Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae,LiaoYongHong/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/321
  45. Studies on Molecular Epidimiology of PCV2 Isolated from Eastern China and Candidate Molecules of Recombinant Subunit Vaccines Against PCVD,LiWenLiang/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/71
  46. Genomic Expression Profiling in Streptococcus Suis-Infected Porcine Spleen and the Development of a New-Style Subunit Vaccine,LiRan/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/70
  47. Development of Indirect-ELISA Method to Detect M2-specific Antibody of Avian Influenza Virus and Study on Protective Efficacy by SPF Chicken,WangWenJuan/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/109
  48. The Research of Recombinant Subunit Vaccine Against Porcine Contagious Pleuropneumonia,WangYong/Northeast Agricultural University,0/138
  49. Preliminary Study on Plague Sub-unit Vaccine and Mucosa Adjuvant,CuiPing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/87
  50. Cloning and Expression of ApxⅢA Gene of Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae and Determine Immunogenic Activity of Toxion Factor,HeYing/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,4/69

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