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  1. Research on the Failure Mode of the Concrete Gravity Dam under Blast Loading Based on FEM/SPH Coupling Method,WangShuai/Tianjin University,0/2
  2. Study of Response Characteristics of the Strut Bearing under the Underwater Explosion Shocks,ZhaoZhiRong/Wuhan University of Technology,0/15
  3. Study of Collaborative Optimization on Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Underwater Explosion Shock Waves,CaiWeiJun/Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,0/3
  4. Research on Structural Strength Calculation Method of Large-scale Transport Ship Subjected to Underwater Explosion,YueYongWei/Harbin Engineering University,0/59
  5. Research on Dynamic Calcualtion of Ship Structure Subjected to Underwater Explosion and Wave Loads,ZhangWenPeng/Dalian University of Technology,0/57
  6. Research on the Whipping Response of Cylindrical Shell Structures Subject to Underwater Explosion Loading,LiuYunLong/Harbin Engineering University,0/27
  7. Design and Numerical Study of a Blasting-penetrating Type Torpedo Warhead,HuangXingZhong/University of North,0/2
  8. Research on the key problems of interference bullet processes a sound,LiuYu/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/4
  9. Dynamic Responses Analysis and Experimental Study on the Water Medium Explosion Vessels,LiLinNa/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/44
  10. Numerical Study on Underwater Explosion Based on Ghost Fluid Methods,ShiRuChao/University of Science and Technology of China,0/59
  11. A Mass Fraction Method for Multi-component Riemann Problem under Variable-parameter Equation of State and Its Applications,WuZongZuo/Dalian University of Technology,0/32
  12. Research on Material Point Method for Underwater Explosion and Shock Problems,YangWenZuo/Harbin Engineering University,0/109
  13. Study on the Damages and Protection Decision-making of the Concrete Gravity Dam by the Action of Underwater Shock Wave,LuLu/Dalian University of Technology,0/53
  14. The Dynamic Response of a Ship Hull Structure Subjected to a Spherical Bubble,ZhangZuo/Dalian University of Technology,0/40
  15. A Numerical Simulation of Underwater Explosion Loads and Structure Response,ChenGang/Dalian University of Technology,0/104
  16. Study on Dynamics of Underwater Explosion Bubbles Near Structures,WangShiPing/Harbin Engineering University,0/195
  17. Study on Damage Mechanism in Ship Underwater Explosion and Structure Anti-Shock,ChenYongNian/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/109
  18. Research on Anti-shock Characteristics of Ship Bulbous Bow,ChengXiaoDa/Harbin Engineering University,0/42
  19. Research on Anti-shock Capacity of the Non Pressure Structure of Submarine Subjected to Underwater Explosion,PanJie/Harbin Engineering University,0/59
  20. Research on Dynamics of Cylinderical Charge Underwater Explosion Bubble and Damage of Jet Impact,HuangChao/Harbin Engineering University,0/116
  21. Transient Dynamic Analysis for Double Shell Structures Subjected to Underwater Explosion,SuZuoRan/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/57
  22. Model Method of Shock Environment in Ship Far-field Underwater Explosion,BaiZhaoHong/Harbin Engineering University,1/107
  23. Local Damage and Protection Mechanism of Warship Underwater Contact Explosion,YangWenShan/Harbin Engineering University,0/272
  24. The Study of Underwater Blasting Warhead Damage Assessment Based on Parallel Computing,WangShuLe/Dalian University of Technology,0/26
  25. Study on Formulation Optimization and Performances of Solid FAE,LiuWei/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/69
  26. Research on Underwater Sequential Explosions and Acoustic Characteristics,ShengZhenXin/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/3
  27. Experimental Research on Underwater Explosion in the Simulated Different Altitude,HuangZuo/Anhui University of Technology,0/43
  28. Detonation Shock Dynamic Behavior of Split-tube Charge Holder,GaoXiangTao/Beijing,0/72
  29. Numerical Simulation of Underwater Explosion and Its Effect on Structures Based on Commerical Softwares,JiaXianZhen/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,1/872
  30. 3D Dynamic Behavior of Underwater Explosion Bubble,ZhangAMan/Harbin Engineering University,8/918
  31. Studies on Shock Environment for Equipments on Surface Ship and Anti-Shock Characteristics of Structures,YinQun/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,5/846
  32. Theory and Its Applications of Ship Dynamic Responses to Non-contact Underwater Explosions,LiuJianHu/China Ship Scientific Research Center,146/1424
  33. Dynamic Response and Buckling of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Under-Water Explosion Loadings,YuXiaoFei/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,4/762
  34. Research on Underwater Explosion Characteristics and Applications of Fiber Detonating Fuse,JiaHu/University of Science and Technology of China,0/156
  35. Numerical Simulation Method and Its Application of Explosion Flow Field Involving Moving Interface,BaiXiaoZheng/National University of Defense Science and Technology,3/300
  36. Dynamic Response Analysis of Structure under Underwater Explosion,WangZhenYu/Harbin Engineering University,1/269
  37. Research on Structure Reliability of Ship Hull Subjected to Underwater Explosion,TanHaiTao/Harbin Engineering University,1/294
  38. Underwater dynamic parameter data acquisition and data compression technology,YuanZhongYun/University of North,3/172
  39. Underwater card gap test method for the determination of the experimental study of the explosive shock sensitivity and approximate calculation,WangHuiJun/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/73
  40. Research to Response of the Fixed Plate Subjected to Non-contact Underwater Explosions,TangZhaoTian/Harbin Engineering University,0/81
  41. Study on Energy output of Explosive Charge under Simulated Deep-water Explosion,ZhongShuai/Anhui University of Technology,6/102
  42. Numerical Study of Underwater Explosion Bubble Dynamics and Damage to an Adjacent Structure,HeLiang/Dalian University of Technology,0/276
  43. Analysis for Dynamic Characteristics and Shocking Response of a Diesel Engine Crankshaft System,MingZhangJie/Dalian University of Technology,2/448
  44. Numerical simulation of underwater explosions and the dynamic response of stiffened rectangular plates,LiuBo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/277
  45. Effect of Aluminum Powder Shape and Proportion on Detonation Properties of Aluminized RDX,Kyi Soe/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/32
  46. Design and implementation of underwater explosion pressure telemetry system hardware based on wireless data transmission,LiHongTao/People's Liberation Army National Defense University of Science and Technology,3/180
  47. Energetic Materials reverberation effects of underwater explosions,ShenXueHua/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/141
  48. Detonated type FAE properties of liquid-solid composite fuel,SuHua/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,2/154
  49. Ships with multiple layers of protection around wells Numerical study structural safety,HouMingLiang/Harbin Engineering University,0/78
  50. Research on Environment Comparability of Underwater Explosion,CaoYu/Harbin Engineering University,2/281

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