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  1. The Research on the Influence of Subgrade Character Due to Moisture Migration,DongChao/East China Jiaotong University,0/10
  2. The Effect of Liquid State on the Behavior of Electrical Resistivtity and Internal Friction of Zr-based and Al-based Metallic Glasses,WangZhiZuo/Hefei University of Technology,0/61
  3. Research on Exploring the Glass Forming Ability of BMGs Based on Electron Transport Property, Internal Friction and Melt Property,CuiXiao/Hefei University of Technology,0/28
  4. Experiment Study on Friction and Compression Characteristics of Grain in the Large Horziontal Warehouse,LuLinLin/Nanjing University of Finance and Economics,1/33
  5. The Study on the Change of Sheer Strength Characteristic Parameter of Soil Slope before and After Freezing-Thawing Cycling and Impact on the Deformation of the Slope,JiangChunYan/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/8
  6. Saline Soil Physical and Mechanical Properties and Its Influence on Slope Stability Research,NuErBiYa·WuSiMan/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/62
  7. Numerical Simulation with FLAC3D on the Reasonable Value of Lime-soil Cushion Thickness, Cohesion and Friction Angle of Rigid Pile Composite Foundation in Collapsible Loess Areas,LiuWenBin/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/183
  8. Study on Effect of Principal Stress Axis Rotation of Soils on Shield Tunneling,ZhaoLongTao/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/75
  9. Performance Parameters of the Parts of Shandong Province Subgrade Soil Analysis,MingZhaoTong/Shandong Institute of Architecture,0/15
  10. Optimization of key parameters of the continuous casting mould oscillating device,LiuJianGang/Jiangxi University of Technology,0/32
  11. Effects of Heatment and Deformation on High-temperature Internal Friction of Al-Ce Alloys,ChuShaoMeng/Shenyang University of Technology,0/17
  12. Research on Internal Friction of Al-Zr Alloy,LiuJiangHong/Shenyang University of Technology,0/20
  13. Influence Factor Study of Remolded Cohesive Soil’s C φValues,LongYuMin/Central South University,0/188
  14. Experimental Research on Mechanical Characteristics of Dolomite in Different Water Conditions,WuYong/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/257
  15. Research on freeze thaw shear strength index of the silty clay resistance,WuZhiQin/Heilongjiang University,2/115
  16. Oxygen Transport Property and Low-Frequency Internal Friction Behavior of Oxygen Separation Membranes Materials,WuXiuSheng/University of Science and Technology of China,0/142
  17. Effect of Thermal Cycling on Electrical and Thermal Properties of Al/SiC_p Composites,ZhangHongXiang/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/173
  18. Study on Phase Separation in Electron-doped Manganites,LuWenJian/Hefei Institutes of Physical Science,0/359
  19. Study on Microstructures and Damping Properties of Three Kind of Aluminum Alloys,LuoBingHui/Central South University,3/399
  20. Analysis and Management Research on the Internal Friction in Large-scale State-owned Enterprise Management System,SunYuZuo/Tianjin University,2/1078
  21. The Research of TiNiPd High Temperature Shape Memory Films,QianShiQiang/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/222
  22. Studies on Elastic Modulus, Internal-friction and Processing of 6066Al/SiC_p Composites,BaiZhenHai/Central South University,4/587
  23. The Studies on Normal-state Anomalous Behavior and Chemical Pressure Effect in High TC Superconductors,YingXueNong/Nanjing University,0/104
  24. Study on the Oxygen-Ion Diffusion and Conduction Mechanism of La2Mo2O9-Based Novel Oxide-Ion Conductors,WangXianPing/Institute of Solid State Physics,0/395
  25. Research on Damping Property and Damping Micromechanism of High Damping Zn-27Al Alloy,ZhaoYuZhen/Southwest Jiaotong University,1/461
  26. Studying of the Transformation and the Relevant Effects in the Cu-based Shape Memory Alloys,LiZhou/Central South University,5/645
  27. Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes for Gas Separation and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,YangChunLi/University of Science and Technology of China,3/305
  28. Research of Microstructure Design and Control on High Strength High Toughness Cold Work Die Steel,LiShaoHong/Shanghai University,1/324
  29. Disease Investigation of the Loess Cave Dwelling and Study on Freezing and Thawing Action,LiuXiaoJun/Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,4/126
  30. Research on Uniformity Technique and Equipment Method of Hot-Mix-Asphalt before Paving,DaiWeiWei/Chongqing Jiaotong University,0/75
  31. Natural grass gravel carrying capacity,MeiYingJun/Chongqing Jiaotong University,4/85
  32. Research on Performance and Testing Methods of Automotive Final Drive,TianLei/Zhejiang University,4/497
  33. Experiment Study on Mechanics Behavior of Filled Soil in Dalian Airport Runway Strip,SongXiaoChen/Dalian University of Technology,5/114
  34. Plastic finite element analysis of the ultimate bearing capacity,LiLiZuo/Central South University,1/187
  35. Ti6A14V thermal oxidation process and the alloy internal friction,YinZhenXing/Central South University,2/138
  36. Internal Friction Behaviour and Mechanism of Phase Transformation in Cu-based Shape Memory Alloy,WangQiang/Hefei University of Technology,3/244
  37. Studies on the Internal Fricton in Bulks and the Synthesis and Transport Properties in Thin Films of Perovskite Manganese Oxides,YinWenHong/Hefei University of Technology,1/66
  38. Internal Friction Behaviors in ZrAlNiCu(Nb) BMG,ZhangBo/Hefei University of Technology,1/161
  39. Analysis on Stability of Landslide and Study on Administrating Plan of Landslide in Jin Yang City,YanZhiZhong/West China University,1/220
  40. Study on the Relaxation Process in Thermo-elastic Martensitic Phase Transformation,LiaoJun/Hefei University of Technology,0/114
  41. Study of Mechanisms of Room Temperature Metastable Tetragonal Phase Stabilisation in Zirconia,DuJuan/Shanghai Jiaotong University,2/133
  42. Research on the Calculation Method of Support Structure and Parameter for Deep Foundation Pit in Soft Ground,WuPingChun/Tongji University,3/553
  43. Low-frequency Internal Friction Behavior of Thermoelastic Martensitic Transformation,DaiPeng/Hefei University of Technology,1/174
  44. The Characteristic and Effect Factors of Single Crystal Nibased Superalloys During High Temperature Creep,YuXingFu/Shenyang University of Technology,2/462
  45. Study on Structure and Its Change Rules in Liquid Alloys,GuoLiJun/Hefei University of Technology,1/160
  46. Optimize and Design of Automatic Tracing System of Audio Non-Destructive Testing Signal,LiuShengLi/Changchun University of Science and Technology,1/133
  47. Research of Fiber’s Anelasticity in G Experiments,ChengZuoZuo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,1/40
  48. The Research on Soil Anti-shear Strength of Different Forest Plant Communities in the Simian Mountain, Chongqing,LiWenZuo/Beijing Forestry University,3/92
  49. A Study on Electrochemical and Mechanical Properties in Stress Corrosion Cracking Prediction Model for Austenitic Stainless Steels Used in Nuclear Power Plants,ChenBingChuan/Research Institute of Mechanical,2/451
  50. Low Frequency Internal Friction Research on Doped La2MO4+δ(M=Cu, Ni) System,ChenZhiJun/University of Science and Technology of China,0/25

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