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  1. Characteristics of Nitrogen Transformation Inside the Sludge Aggregates from the Shortcut Biological Nitrogen Removal Systems:a Microelectrodes Analysis,XuLiQuan/Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,0/12
  2. ZnO Nanoparticle Induced Chloride Ion Release from Garlic Root Tip,LiYan/Northeast Normal University,0/11
  3. Determination of biological activity material micro electrode chemically modified capillary electrophoresis method,WangJun/Shandong Normal University,0/5
  4. Preparation,Characterization and Electrochemical Performance of Polyaniline/pt Microelectrodes,YanZuoWen/Anhui University,0/3
  5. Research of Parylene-Based Flexible Microelectrode Arrays,WangYaJun/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/81
  6. Study on Micro Electrode Array Based Electroluminescent Oxygen Sensor,XieSiJia/Tsinghua University,0/33
  7. Protein and Cell Impedance Sensing Study Based on Microelectrode Chips,WangHua/Zhejiang University,0/63
  8. Design of a Gustative Tissue-Based Biosensor for Taste Analyzing,ZhangFenNi/Zhejiang University,0/105
  9. Researches on Micro Electrochemical Sensors and Automatic Analysis Instruments for Heavy Metal Detection in Aqueous Environment,CaiWei/Zhejiang University,0/261
  10. Research and Implementation of Interference Suppression Algorithm to Neuronal Spikes,LiuXinYu/Zhengzhou University,1/53
  11. Analysis of Neuronal Spikes and Noise Suppression Algorithm to Neuronal Spikes,LiXiaoYan/Zhengzhou University,0/4
  12. Study on a Novel PCR Chip Applied to Biomedical Detection,QinJian/Hunan University,0/95
  13. Impedance Detection of Droplets in Microfluidic Chip,YangWenDong/Dalian University of Technology,0/44
  14. The Fabrication of Microelectrode Array System and Its Preliminary Application in Neural Network Research In-vitro,HanYao/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/16
  15. In-vitro Eletrochemical-stablity Evaluation of a Flexible Microelectrode Array and Manufacture of Silicon-based C-MEMS Microelectrode,WangZuo/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/17
  16. A Flexible High-density Microelectrode Array for Retinal Prosthesis Based on MEMS Technology,FengGang/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/41
  17. Study on the Correlation between Changes of the pH of Tooth Surface and the Enamel Demineralization during Fixed Orthodontic Treatment,HouXiaPei/Fourth Military Medical University,0/1
  18. Study for Discharge Pattern of the Motor Cortex and Subthalamic Nucleus in Parkinson’s Disease Rats,GuangKui/Shandong Normal University,0/30
  19. The Study on Presentation Area of Major Movement Muscle of Rat’s Forelimb in Primary Motor Cortex,HuMei/Zhejiang University,0/18
  20. Investigation of Odor-evoked Responses in Rat’s Olfactory Bulb in Vivo and Research on Bioelectronic Nose,ZhouJun/Zhejiang University,0/46
  21. Research on Olfactory Receptor-based Biomimetic Molecular and Cell-based Biosensors,DuLiPing/Zhejiang University,0/169
  22. Smart Wireless Monitoring System for Heavy Metal in Aquatic Environment based on Opto-electronic Composited Micro Array,ZhangWen/Zhejiang University,0/18
  23. Prepartion and Application of the Ammonia, Nitrite Electrodes,TangYing/Chongqing University,0/1
  24. Study on Optimum of Operation and Nitrogen Removing Efficiency on Denitrification Filter,SongHuiMin/Shanghai Normal University,0/186
  25. Experimental Research on MESO-SCALE Metal Structure Based on the Electrochemical Micro-Machining Technology,LiuHongLi/Shandong University of Technology,0/75
  26. Chitosan/Colloid Au Modified Gold Film Microelectrode for Iodide Determination,ZhangYingYing/Zhejiang University,0/38
  27. Self-assembled Dendritic Nanowires of Au-Pt Alloy Through Electrodeposition from Solution under AC-fields,ChengYan/Hunan University,0/72
  28. Research on Electroplating of Aluminum in Ionic Liquid on Metal Substrate and Subsequent Preparation and Application of AAO Template,PeiYuRu/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/71
  29. Research and application of chemical modified micro electrode in capillary electrophoresis,DongRanRan/Shandong Normal University,0/51
  30. Amperometric/Capacitive Sensor for the Detection of Organophosphate Pesticides and Its Microminiaturization Exploration,GuanZhangQiong/Central China Normal University,0/8
  31. The Fabrication and Detection of Microelectrode for Dissolved Oxygen Sensor,LiuBin/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/184
  32. Application of platinum nanoparticles modified micro electrode in capillary electrophoresis,LiLingJun/Shandong Normal University,0/33
  33. Electrospun Nanofibers-Modified Indium Tin Oxide Electrode:Preparation and Electrochemical Sensing Toword NO2-,YangYingZuo/Changchun University of,0/47
  34. Structure Improvement and Characteristic Study of Dissolved Oxygen Microelectrode and Glucose Oxidase Microelectrode,LiuJing/Tsinghua University,0/40
  35. Research of Fish Behavior Control System,WeiXueQian/Yanshan University,0/75
  36. Research of Horizontal Micropipette Puller Based on Bluetooth,WangWei/Central South University for Nationalities,0/35
  37. Regulation of Ionic and Reactive Oxygen Species Homeostasis in Seedlings of Two Mangrove and the Relevance to Salinity,LiNiYa/Beijing Forestry University,3/507
  38. Research on Novel Cell Based Biosensor of MEMS and Its Application in Cellular Electrophysiology,XuYing/Zhejiang University,0/576
  39. Study of EGF-induced Regulation of Delayed Rectifier Potassium Currents,ZhangGuoHong/Hebei Medical University,0/210
  40. Research on Target Stereotactic Localization of Neuronal Structures Based on Neuronal Discharges,LiuXinWen/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,1/115
  41. Researches on Electrochemical Micromachining,WangMingHuan/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,10/744
  42. Neuroanatomical and Neurophysiological Study of the oval Nucleus of the Bed Nuclei of the Stria Terminalis in the Rat,HanZhongSheng/Fourth Military Medical University,0/46
  43. Electroanalytical Studies on the Electrode Process of O2/O2(?) and the Properties of O2~(?) in Aprotic Media,WeiYingLiang/Wuhan University,0/96
  44. Researches on Heavy Metal Electrochemical Sensors and Their Application in Seawater Analysis,ZouShaoFang/Zhejiang University,4/959
  45. Neurochip and Its Research for Sensory Mechanisms of Biological Olfaction,LiuQingJun/Zhejiang University,1/268
  46. Study on Fabrication of Integrated Microelectrodes on Polycarbonate Sheets Used for Amperometric Detection Coupled to Chip-based Capillary Electrophoresis,KongYong/Zhejiang University,1/275
  47. Preparation, Characterization and Electrochemical Properties of Catalytic Materials of High Activity Tungsten Carbide,MaChunAn/Shanghai University,6/819
  48. Electrochemical Oscillations During Anodic Dissolution of Metals,LiLiang/Shandong University,1/438
  49. Electrochemical Preparation and Particular IR Properties of Nanostructured Island Films,GongHui/Xiamen University,0/353
  50. The Study of Vestibular Function of Parkinson’s Disease,SunAn/Fourth Military Medical University,0/104

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