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  1. Research on Penetrate Mongolian Traditional Culture in High School "Cultural Life" Course,SiRiGuLeng/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/5
  2. Effective Implementation of the Junior Middle School Students Deological and Moral Teaching Mental Health Education Research,SaRuLa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/6
  3. The Research on Ordos Special Education Management System Building,ZhangYanYun/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/9
  4. "Cultural Life" Class to Enhance Students’ National Spirit,DingMin/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/10
  5. On Harmonious Education and Middle School Students’ Ideology Education.,ZhangMinPing/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/205
  6. Icon teaching philosophy class in high school in the use of research,ZhangZhiGang/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/104
  7. Foundation and Development of Socialist Construction Theory by MaoZeDong,ZuoGuiHua/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/350
  8. Research into the Use of Question Teaching Approach in the Economic Common Sense of Senior One,YunXingGuang/Inner Mongolia Normal,2/170
  9. The Application of Cooperative Learning in English Writing in Senior Middle School,HanZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/187
  10. The Primary Explore on Sentimental Education in High School Political Class,ZhangXiaoDong/Inner Mongolia Normal,3/252
  11. Penetration of Socialist Harmonious Society Theory in Senior Politics Teaching,FengDongHai/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/113
  12. A Probe about How to Develop Students’ Innovative Abilities in Philosopical Course for Senior High School,ZhangXiaoYu/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/117
  13. Researches on Improving the Real Result of Moral Education of Vacational High School,WangYingWu/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/163
  14. How to Foster the Students’ Learning Motive in Ideological Political Lesson,ZhouLiQin/Inner Mongolia Normal,4/186
  15. High school students ' interest in learning Politics Lesson Study,LangBuE/Inner Mongolia Normal,8/328
  16. Research on the Self-evaluate of Elementary School Teachers’ Morals in Jining Area,CuiHua/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/275
  17. The Path Along Which Mao Zedong’s Knowledge of Dogmatism and Revisionism Developed after the Founding of the New China,DongJunMing/Inner Mongolia Normal,2/160
  18. The Analysis and Research of Chinese Revolution Road Theory Formation From the Epistemological Angle,BaoYinShan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/136
  19. Evolution of Democratic Ideology from the Period of the Reform Movement of 1898 to the May 4th Movement,ZhangJinHai/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/177
  20. The Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Congress of CPC and Renunciation of the Theory of New-democratic Society,BaiWenLi/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/164
  21. On the Cause Why the Social Stage of the New Democracy Discontinued,LiuYiMin/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/184
  22. Ideological and moral education in middle school humanities education,XiaYuZhong/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/139
  23. Started to improve ideological and moral teaching students the ability to explore anti- frustration,DuRiSiHaLaQiQiGe/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/129
  24. Cultivating Students’ Strong Willpower and Good Personality in Character Classes in Middle Schools,GuoXiaoQing/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/201
  25. Preliminary Research of Emotion Teaching Problem of Moral Culture in Secondary Specialized School,ZhengYunHong/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/106
  26. Inquire into the Permeation of Moral Education in Junior English Teaching,YuanCaiHong/Inner Mongolia Normal,4/467
  27. Primary Probe into Study Strategy of Common Philosophy in High School,QianJiang/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/112
  28. Research on the Theory of New-democratic Society Orientation,BaoWuYun/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/143
  29. Mao Zedong’s Commentary to the White Paper Book and His Viewpoint on Modern Chinese History,HuRuiXia/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/217
  30. Double Character of LinBiao’s Line and Bankruptcy of Great Cultural Revolution,LanJiHua/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/360
  31. The Implementation of the Objectives & Requirements for Moral Education in Senior High English Teaching,RongRu/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/200
  32. A Tentative Study on the Borrowing of Anciont Chinese Philosophy Essence in Bassic Philosophy Class,YuGuoHua/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/113
  33. Under the Open-book Examination Background the Junior Middle School Thought Personal Character Class Teaching Strategy Studies,YuJiFeng/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/219
  34. The Starting Point of Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi’s Relation Rupture,CuiYunNa/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/319
  35. Philosophy of Common Sense Application of Class in the Structure Diagrams,DingRuiJun/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/20
  36. Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous Counties Monggol Nationality Education Development Status and Countermeasures,HaiChaoHui/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/76
  37. Taking the Example of Usage and Development of Inner Mongolia Kubuqi Desert,DuRiSiHaLa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/139
  38. The Research of Maozedong’ Several Statements’ Change after the Party’s Seventeenth National Congress,BaiDaiZi/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/23
  39. The Soviet Union two comparative study History books,YangMuDan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/44
  40. The Research on Construction of the Harmonious Logistics in the Universities,TeGeXi/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/125
  41. Correctly Explain the Meaning and Value of Positive Ideological Line of Mao Tse-tung,WuEnQi/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/40
  42. The Guideline between Communist International and CPC Central Committee during Late Period of Great Revolution,WangQiang/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/30
  43. On Gateways to Long-Term Organism of University League Membership Awareness Education,JiaShiZuo/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/102
  44. The Basic Experiences of the USSR during the Transition Period and Liu Shaoqi to Explore the Building of Democratic Society,DaErHan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/37
  45. On Young Pioneers of System Development and Reform,ShiXinYing/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/143
  46. The Research on the Exploitation and Use of the Class Resources for Senior Econorny Life,ZhaoYunXia/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/167
  47. On the secondary school teachers' dedication,ShiXinSong/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/23
  48. Study of Villige Governance in Keyouqian County,RuiYing/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/30
  49. The Research on the Article "Nine Commentaries on the CPSU Central Committee’s Open Letter",BaoJinFeng/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/73
  50. The Research on Zhang Dongsun’s Socialist Ideology,WuYunSaNa/Inner Mongolia Normal,1/58

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