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  1. The Research on Integrated Marketing Strategy of Laundry Chain Services Company,ZhangRuiQin/Southwestern University,0/174
  2. The Empirical Research of Wal-Mart’s Marketing Model,PanYan/Southwestern University,0/243
  3. Study of the Interconnection between Trust,Control and Risk in R & D Alliance,WangLe/Southwestern University,0/69
  4. Study on the problems and Countermeasures of modern agriculture development of Sichuan Daxian,ZhouChengYou/Southwestern University,0/1
  5. The Empirical Research of Influence Factor of Guangxi Residents’ Daily Food Consumption,ChenZuo/Southwestern University,0/34
  6. The Research on the Distribution Mode of Auto Industry in Chongqing ShuangFu Industrial Park,ZhouMin/Southwestern University,0/112
  7. Research on the Localizati on Marketing Strategy of Volvo in China,FuZhiKe/Southwestern University,0/218
  8. Research on the Business Process Reengineering of the Automobile Logistics Enterprises as the Third Party,ZhangLianBo/Southwestern University,3/524
  9. Research on Short Text Language Computing,GongCaiChun/Institute of Computing Technology,12/1047
  10. A Stable Information Retrieval Algorithm and Its Application in Peer to Peer Network,YangZhiFeng/Institute of Computing Technology,3/339
  11. Research on Techniques of Large-scale Information Filtering and Its Application in Web Question Answering System,XuHongBo/Institute of Computing Technology,8/583
  12. String Matching Algorithm and Application of Network Content Analysis,TanJianLong/Institute of Computing Technology,20/889
  13. A New Certificate and Public Key Infrastructure,ShaZuo/Institute of Computing Technology,0/334
  14. A Study on the Computation of Chinese Chunks,LiSuJian/Institute of Computing Technology,22/390
  15. \"PHS\" interactive search engine,HuangXiong/Institute of Computing Technology,0/579
  16. Research on Customized Web Crawling,WuLiHui/Institute of Computing Technology,7/1169
  17. The Representation, Acquisition and Inference of Personalized Requirements: A Case Study,ZhangBingQi/Institute of Computing Technology,2/1184
  18. Research on Shallow Linguistic Parsing and Sentence Oriented Novelty Detection,ZhangHuaPing/Institute of Computing Technology,9/586
  19. Using Statistical Language Modeling for Ad Hoc Information Retrieval,DingGuoDong/Institute of Computing Technology,9/826
  20. Research on Question Answering System Based on Text Pattern Reasoning,WangShuXi/Institute of Computing Technology,4/555
  21. A Research about the Pattern Acquisition for Free Text IE,JiangJiFa/Institute of Computing Technology,33/1049
  22. Minining and Utilizing Users’ Interests in Web Logs,GuoYan/Institute of Computing Technology,18/1634
  23. Privilege Management with Parametres and Partial-order Sturcture,LiDongDong/Institute of Computing Technology,4/279
  24. Path Expressions’ Optimization and Its Evaluation Techniques for XML Query and Filtering,ZhuMaoSheng/Institute of Computing Technology,2/530
  25. Distributed memory parallel numerical computation system of the communication library,XiongYuQing/Institute of Computing Technology,0/186
  26. Clustering / classification theories and their application in text mining,BoDongBo/Institute of Computing Technology,61/1595
  27. Natural language processing in word knowledge to guide access and balanced classifier constructed,LuSong/Institute of Computing Technology,17/416
  28. Computation of Categorial Expressions Directed by Phrasal Structures,ZhaoZhangJie/Institute of Computing Technology,0/153
  29. Research on Knowledge Mining in Person Tracking,YuManQuan/Institute of Computing Technology,10/626
  30. Research on the Development of Rural Broker in China,RenZhi/Southwestern University,6/254
  31. A Positive Study on the Farmer’s Income Growth in Yunnan,LiuGuangYing/Southwestern University,4/519
  32. The Chongqing Tourism Marketing Strategies,BaiShiXiong/Southwestern University,7/786
  33. Research on Existing Problems and Countermeasures in the Development of Tangshan Ceramic Export,QiMin/Southwestern University,1/723
  34. Development Problem and Countermeasure Research of Chongqing Municipality Sports Lottery Industry,LiuBin/Southwestern University,1/265
  35. The existing problems in the development of higher vocational education in Chongqing and Countermeasures,LuoLinGang/Southwestern University,7/432
  36. Research on the Problem of Marketing Strategy in Chinese Commercial Banking,GuoXiaoXing/Southwestern University,3/978
  37. Present Situation and Countermeasure Research for the Sci-tech Commissioner System of Chongqing,WangBangXiang/Southwestern University,7/216
  38. Research on the International Competitiveness of Citrus in China,YuXueJun/Southwest Agricultural University,6/741
  39. Study on the Problems in Agricultural Development in China and Countermeasures after the WTO Entry,LuoYanFen/Southwest Agricultural University,1/383
  40. Studies on the problems of silk foreign trade of China,JiangLing/Southwest Agricultural University,3/270
  41. Worm simulation study,MaMing/Institute of Computing Technology,3/277
  42. Research of String Matching for Internet Content Filtering,LiuPing/Institute of Computing Technology,4/157
  43. Research on Techniques for DDoS Attack Detection and Response,HanYong/Institute of Computing Technology,1/303
  44. Generalization based machine translation instance,ZhangJian/Institute of Computing Technology,6/229
  45. Secure Web Server,XieHuaGang/Institute of Computing Technology,0/211
  46. Research on Open-Domain Question Answering System,ChangYi/Institute of Computing Technology,2/177
  47. Focused Web Crawling Technology,LiShengZuo/Institute of Computing Technology,48/659
  48. Research on Virtual Private Network and Implement of the System,WangWei/Institute of Computing Technology,1/126
  49. Satisfiability problem for propositional logic : complexity and algorithms,BoDongBo/Institute of Computing Technology,0/297
  50. Whole / HF priority principle,DengJing/Institute of Computing Technology,0/33

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