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  1. A Comparative Study of the Language of Three Historical Sources Concerning History of Dorben Oyirad,WuYunBiLiGe/Inner Mongolia University,0/15
  2. Research on the Mongolian Khalkha Dialect Stress,AoDengQiMuGe/Inner Mongolia University,0/20
  3. Acoustic Analysis of Durbed Dialect Vowels in Mongolia,SaRiNa/Inner Mongolia University,0/1
  4. Experience Phonetic Study of Tunkinsky Buryat and Shinhen-Buryat’s Vernacular,ManSheYeWaMaLiNa/Inner Mongolia University,0/16
  5. Abagaand Sunite Vowel Acousic Analysis,ALiMa/Inner Mongolia University,0/0
  6. Acoustic Analiysis of Harchin Sub-Dialect Vowels,QiLiGeRi/Inner Mongolia University,0/0
  7. An Experimental Study of Xinjiang’s Chahar Dialect,HuaLa/Inner Mongolia University,0/13
  8. Wurade Dialects Vowel Acoustic Analysis,TaNa/Inner Mongolia University,0/16
  9. Mongouor Vowel Study Based on Phonetic Acoustic Parameters Database System,HanGuoJun/Inner Mongolia University,0/21
  10. An Experimental Research on Khamnigan Mongolian Speech,HongMei/Inner Mongolia University,0/51
  11. Research on Mongolian Speech Recognition,MuRenGaoWa/Inner Mongolia University,0/74
  12. Acoustic Analysis of the Gorlos and Durbed Sub-Dialect,NaRenGaoWa/Inner Mongolia University,1/73
  13. Research on the Mongolian Speech Synthesis Based on Prosody,AoMin/Inner Mongolia University,2/167
  14. An Experimental Study of Xinjiang’s Oriat Dialect,NanDiNa/Inner Mongolia University,0/28
  15. Cultural Linguistic Research on the Epithets of Mongolian Traditional Foods,TuLa/Inner Mongolia University,0/81
  16. The Acoustic Analysis of Standard Mongolian,ShanDan/Inner Mongolia University,5/269
  17. Research on Automatic Recognition for Base Verb Phrases in Mongolian Language,DaHuBaiYiLa/Inner Mongolia University,16/233
  18. A Study on Semantic Meaning of Mongolian Verbs Facing Information Processing,EErDunChaoLu/Inner Mongolia University,9/213
  19. A Research on Mongolian Standard Speech Testing System,MengHeJiYa/Inner Mongolia University,2/109
  20. History Memory and Ethnic Group’s Identity,HongYing/Inner Mongolia University,0/836
  21. An Experimental Study of Buriyad Speech Sounds,ALaTan/Inner Mongolia University,3/90
  22. EPG-Based Research on Co-Articulation in Standard Mongolian in China,BaoGuiLan/Inner Mongolia University,4/22
  23. Research on Undulating Scale of Intonation of Reading Speech in Standard Mongolian,WuJiSiGuLeng/Inner Mongolia University,0/38
  24. Mongolian Stops physiological and acoustic analysis,EErDunTuYa/Inner Mongolia University,5/77
  25. Study on Fricative in Mongolian by Experimental Phonetics,BaoGuiLan/Inner Mongolia University,5/184
  26. The Acoustic and Physiological Analysis of the Consonant Cluster in the Mongolian Chakhar Sub-Dialect,ChenXiuMei/Inner Mongolia University,12/58
  27. The Acoustic Analysis of the Vowel System of Mongolian Ujumchin Vernacular,QiBuRe/Inner Mongolia University,7/71
  28. The Acoustic Analysis of the Vowels of Mongolian Buriyad Vernacular,ALaTan/Inner Mongolia University,8/65
  29. Study on Semivowel in Mongolian by Experimental Phonetics,KaiHua/Inner Mongolia University,4/186
  30. The Acoustic Analysis of the Vowel System of Mongolian Alasha Vernacular,BaiMengZuo/Inner Mongolia University,13/129
  31. The Acoustic Analysis of the Vowel System of Mongolian Subei Vernacular,AoMin/Inner Mongolia University,4/97
  32. An Acoustic Comparative Study on the Vowel of Mongolian Qinghai Vernacular, Oirad Dailect and Alasha Vernacular,WangYuLan/Inner Mongolia University,2/88
  33. Acoustic Analysis of Vowel Harmony of Monggolian,AoDengGeRiLe/Inner Mongolia University,3/58
  34. The Acoustic Analysis of Hailar Dialect of Daur Language,MeiHua/Inner Mongolia University,0/56
  35. Vowel Acoustic Analysis of the Comparative Research of Khalkh and Chahar Vernacular Mongolian,YuMei/Inner Mongolia University,4/57
  36. Hamu Nikan Mongolian people are using acoustic analysis of vowels,HongMei/Inner Mongolia University,4/34
  37. An Experimental Research on Fricatives in Standard Mongolian,HuHongYan/Inner Mongolia University,0/24
  38. The Study of Acoustic Pattern of Stop and Affricate in Standard Mongolian,LiLingLing/Inner Mongolia University,2/73
  39. Acoustic Analysis of Aga Vernacular Vowels in Mongolia,AoDengQiMuGe/Inner Mongolia University,0/51

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