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  1. Application of Iron-based Amorphous Alloys in Phenol Wastewater Treatment,WangPan/Shandong University,0/84
  2. Study on Iron-Aluminum Bimetal Casting Technology and Their Interface,LiWenZuo/Shandong University,0/166
  3. The Fe-B Phase and Heredity Phenomenon in Fe-based Amorphous Alloy,YeShuLong/Shandong University,0/19
  4. The Viscosity Research of Al-Fe Alloys,SunYunShuai/Shandong University,0/72
  5. Clusters Type in Metal Melts and Their Roles during Solidification Process,YangLei/Shandong University,0/137
  6. The Melt Fragility and Anticorrosion Composite Materials of Novolac-phenolic Resin,GuoKai/Shandong University,0/48
  7. Study on Glass-Forming Ability and Liquid Fragility of Bulk Metallic Glasses,GuoJing/Shandong University,2/312
  8. Investigation of Transition State Phenomenon of Metals during Solidification,WuYuQin/Shandong University,2/420
  9. Investigation of Viscous Characteristics for Alloy Melts,WangYuQing/Shandong University,6/335
  10. Structural Evolution and Cluster Behavior in the Solidification Process of Binary Alloy’s Melts,ZhaoYan/Shandong University,5/411
  11. Glass Forming Ability and Crystallization of Al-X-Ce Amorphous Alloys,WangShengHai/Shandong University,0/280
  12. Study on Structural Evolution and Flow Behavior of Amorphous Fe-Si-B Alloys,NiuYuChao/Shandong University,1/342
  13. On the Fragility of Metallic Glass-forming Liquids,HuLiNa/Shandong University,1/285
  14. Micro-Inhomogeneous Structure of Liquid Al-Fe System Alloys,QinJingYu/Shandong University of Technology,15/293
  15. Micro-Structure of Liquid Al-Si Alloys and Evolution of Si Clusters,WangWeiMin/Shandong University of Technology,13/555
  16. Investigations on Local Structure of Molten Alloys by Experimental and Ab Initio Methods,GuTingKun/Shandong University,1/263
  17. Theoretical Study on the Binary Cluster and Hydrogen Bonded Radical Complexes,QuYuHui/Shandong University,1/180
  18. Melting and Casting Process Investigations on Large Size Ingot of AA5182 Al-Mg Alloy,LiTaiBao/Shandong University,2/364
  19. Study on Glass Forming Ability, Crystallization and Properties of Al-TM-RE Based Amorphous Alloys,LiGuiHua/Shandong University,0/285
  20. On the Thermodynamic Representation of Fragility of Metallic Glass-forming Liquids,LiXueLian/Shandong University,0/178
  21. On the Fragile-To-Strong Transition of Metallic Liquids,ZhangChunZhi/Shandong University,0/141
  22. Generalization for Fragility of Alloy Melts,SongXiGui/Shandong University,0/115
  23. Computer Simulations on Atomic Packing Pattern and Its Evolution during Condensation,ZhangJingXiang/Shandong University,0/116
  24. Hot melt aluminum alloy and glass-forming ability of fragility,SunBaoAn/Shandong University,1/338
  25. Study on the Bi-Added Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloys,HanNa/Shandong University,3/106
  26. The Experiment and Theoretics Study of Viscosity of Cu-Sn Alloys,MaoTan/Shandong University,2/307
  27. High strength and high toughness malleable cast Al-Si-Cu-Mg alloy,LiZhenKuan/Shandong University,2/286
  28. Study on Ni-based Alloy Powders for the Laser Cladding and the Rapid Forming,YaoXiuJun/Shandong University,1/217
  29. The thermal stability of Al-based amorphous amorphous forming ability,ZhangBo/Shandong University,1/249
  30. Quality aluminum roll strip production process,WangXianFeng/Shandong University,1/260
  31. Medium-Range Order and Fragility of Superheated Melts in Al-Based Alloys,ZhouJianKun/Shandong University,0/192
  32. Al-Mg alloy grain refining research,YinKuiBo/Shandong University,3/332
  33. Study on High-silicon Die Casting Aluminum Alloys with High Strength,ZhangShiZuo/Shandong University,0/224
  34. Study on Correlation between Viscous-flow Activation Energy and Phase Diagram,NingShuang/Shandong University,0/92
  35. Study on High Qualities Fe-based Alloy for Laser Prototyping Process,GaoLiLi/Shandong University,1/98
  36. The Fragility of Sugar Melts,RenZhenFeng/Shandong University,1/9
  37. Correlation among Thermodynamics, Fragility, and Glass Forming Ability of Metallic Glass Forming Liquid,JiaRan/Shandong University,0/45
  38. Study on Thermal Expansion of Cu49Hf42Al9 Metallic Glass,WangYingYing/Shandong University,0/31
  39. Study of Equilibrium Phases in CaO-MgO-SiO2-Cr2O3 Slags,YangYang/Shandong University,0/80
  40. Application of Fe-based Metallic Glasses in Wastewater Treatment,LinZuo/Shandong University,0/52

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