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  1. Study of Internet Customer Relationship Management,YuNing/Huazhong Agricultural University,9/2650
  2. Development Strategic Research of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises under the New-type Industrialization Process,ZhaoYongGang/Huazhong Agricultural University,4/2147
  3. Study on Cluster Supply Chain and Its Management,LiJiZi/Huazhong Agricultural University,30/1748
  4. Study on the System of the Board of Directors in Companies in China,WangAiE/Huazhong Agricultural University,10/1355
  5. Study on Regional Difference of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development,LvYongBin/Huazhong Agricultural University,10/1641
  6. Study on Sme Cluster’s Development of Traditional Industries,ZhuYongHua/Huazhong Agricultural University,11/1748
  7. Study on Capital Structure of Family Enterprises in China,ZhengJiaXi/Huazhong Agricultural University,7/1896
  8. Research of Enterprise Merger Risk Management,ZuoChaoYang/Huazhong Agricultural University,20/4211
  9. Research on Transformation of Institutions in Urbanization in China,LiuYongHong/Huazhong Agricultural University,7/1167
  10. Studies on Enterprise Organizational Change,QiZhenHong/Huazhong Agricultural University,22/2326
  11. Research on Operation Mechanism of Enterprise Human Capital,NingLing/Huazhong Agricultural University,7/1002
  12. Research into the Role of Government in the Process of the Agricultural Marketization in China,DaiXiaoChun/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/653
  13. A Study of the Supporting System of Venture Capital Investment the Development of China’s Medium and Small Enterprise,YangShuWang/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/1318
  14. Empirical Study on the Growth and Efficiency of China’s Township-village Enterprises,FanLiXia/Huazhong Agricultural University,8/803
  15. Positive Study on Cooperative Behavior of Farmer Households in Marketing of Agricultural Products,GuoJinZuo/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/1245
  16. Study on Equity Financing and Seasoned Equity Offering of Small-medium Enterprise,ZhouYunLan/Huazhong Agricultural University,9/3474
  17. Investigation on Capitalization of Entrepreneur Human Resources,CaiYongCan/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/1229
  18. Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Organizational Learning Capability and the Performance in Smes,ZhangLin/Huazhong Agricultural University,7/1912
  19. Study on Tunneling of Controlling Shareholder Base on Corporate Government,WangZuoQin/Huazhong Agricultural University,8/944
  20. Study on the Development of Agricultural Products Processing Industrial Clusters,ZhangXia/Huazhong Agricultural University,6/2329
  21. A Study on New Venture Creation of SMEs,LiRenSu/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/649
  22. Cooperative Relationships between Agribusiness Firms and Household Farmers: Governance, Performance and Factors,ZuoShanShan/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/1550
  23. Study on Competitive Advantages of Township and Village Enterprises Based on Industry Cluster,ChenZuo/Huazhong Agricultural University,4/679
  24. Study on the Capitalization of Relationship Inside Enterprise,HuangJiangQuan/Huazhong Agricultural University,3/755
  25. Study on Information Requirement and Information Support of Rural Mini-Enterprises Enterpreneurship,DengWeiHua/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/74
  26. A Study on Regional Investment Environment Appraisal in China Based on CAM,ZhangXiaoQing/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/181
  27. A Study on Rural Mini-Enterprises Entrepreneurship Based on Farmer Entrepreneurs’ Social Capital,HuangJie/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/218
  28. Empirical Analysis on Influencing Factors of Capital Structure of the Technological Small-middle Enterprises,ChenJunFeng/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/777
  29. The Study on the Symbiosis Relationship between Enterprises in Eco-Industrialparks,FengZhiNeng/Huazhong Agricultural University,5/450
  30. Positive Study on Evaluation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Core Competence,LiQiang/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/921
  31. Research on College Financial Budget and Performance Management,DaiXiaoYan/Huazhong Agricultural University,12/1207
  32. Study on the Payment Motivational Mechanism upon the Corporation Manager,YinRong/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/110
  33. Research on Growth of Small-and-medium-sized Enterprises in Hubei Province,LuDeYin/Huazhong Agricultural University,9/520
  34. Formation Mechanism and Empirical Research on Competitive Advantages of Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprises,HuiYanYan/Huazhong Agricultural University,4/573
  35. The Problems and Countermeasures of Development of Wuhan Urban Agriculture Are Studied,XiongZuo/Huazhong Agricultural University,6/459
  36. The Power Transition of Small and Medium-sized Family Business,TangFang/Huazhong Agricultural University,3/767
  37. Study on Credit Lake of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Countercheck System,ZhuLiJuan/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/484
  38. Dynamic Equity Incentive Model and Its Practice Mode,ZhengYuGang/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/354
  39. Study on the Small and Middling Enterprises’ Supply Chain Partnership,LiaoYanHua/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/819
  40. The Studies of Financial Risk Appraisal and Controll in Small and Medium--sized Enterprises,YeHua/Huazhong Agricultural University,21/6125
  41. Study on the Privatization of State-owned Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China,YaoZuJun/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/234
  42. Studies on Government Support Behavior for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Hubei Province,DingHouChun/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/384
  43. Investigation on Reform of Property Rights Institution in Chinese University-owed Technical Companies,LinHongWei/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/112
  44. An Empirical Study of the Execution Affecting Factors in Corporate,LiuLiMin/Huazhong Agricultural University,8/981
  45. Research on Performance Appraisal System of Internal Production Processes in Enterprise Group,SongFuQiang/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/388
  46. Study on the Strategic Cost Management in Universities,LiYi/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/285
  47. An Research of Venture Financing about Small and Medium-Sized Biotechnology Enterprises,WangZuoHua/Huazhong Agricultural University,2/428
  48. Based on Corporate Governance Game Analysis of Accounting Information Quality,WuWeiRong/Huazhong Agricultural University,1/804
  49. An Empirical Research on Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Team Performance,ZuoMin/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/331
  50. Board characteristics and results of operations Empirical Study,HuXiYuan/Huazhong Agricultural University,4/229

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