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  1. Effect of RCT of Electroacupuncture at "Fenglong"on Rats with Hyperlipidemia,LeZuo/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/41
  2. The Clinical Research for tTnnitus of Deficiency Qi and Biood by Moxibustion with Warming Needle Therapy,ChenZuoLu/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/67
  3. Clinical Research on Acupuncture Treatment of Tension-type Headache,ZhuXiaoLei/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/61
  4. Clinical Study of the Contralateral Meridian Needling Method in the Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation,PengJuan/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/126
  5. Comparative Study on Acupunture Therapy in Relation to Nerve Root Type Cervical Spondylosis,ChenWeiWei/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/155
  6. Effects of Electroacupuncture on Expression of BFGFand ES in the Brain Tissue of the Rat after Focal Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion,DingLing/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/43
  7. Clinical Efficacy Observation of Posteiror Circulation System Transient Ischemic Attack in the Treatment of Acupoint Injection at Cervical Jiaji Points,ZhangZuo/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/47
  8. Observe the Effects of Electro-acupuncture on Focal Cerebral Ischemia and Reperfusion in Rats Brain Tissue Angiogenesis and HGF and HIF-1α Expression,ZuoChao/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/98
  9. Effect of Electroacupuncture on Ang-1、COX-2in Rat with Focal Cerebral Ischemia and Reperfusion,ZhangSuQin/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/148
  10. The Lab Study about Angiogenesis of Brain Vessel and Change of Blood-Brain Barrier by Electro-acupuncture in MCAO Rats,FanYun/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/344
  11. Electroacupuncture Promotes Angiogenesis and Attenuates Neuron Injury in Rat with Focal Cerebral Ischemia,ZhangXiaoMing/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,1/220
  12. EA Quchi Xue 2K1C hypertensive rats blood pressure and common carotid artery vascular remodeling in,QianChunYan/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/247
  13. Power for the mechanism of cerebral ischemia in rat brain cortex, vascular endothelial growth factor -mediated angiogenesis,MaoQingJu/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/275
  14. Effect and Mechanism Research of Electroacupuncture at Guanyuan Acupoint on Detrusor Urinae of Rats of Urinary Retention with Spinal Cord Injury,WangJunHua/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/242
  15. Electro cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in rat brain angiogenesis effect of,ZuoTao/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/252
  16. The Study on PDGF-B and TGF-β1 of Rats Brain with Cerebral Ischemia-reperfusion Treated by Electro-acupuncture,LuYiBin/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,4/224
  17. The Study on the Effects of HIF-1αmRNA and VEGFmRNA in Rats Brain with Cerebral Ischemia-reperfusion by Electro-acupuncture,ChenGuoGuang/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/95
  18. HeGu Electroacupuncture in Rat Model of Hypotension and the Study of the Mechanism of Blood Pressure,LiangZhenDong/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/66
  19. Observe the Effects of Electro-acupuncture on the Expressions of Survivin、 VEGF、 COX-2 and Its Related Effects in the Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Rat Brain,HuangZuoZuo/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/51
  20. EA Quchi Xue on the blood pressure of hypertensive rat model and tumor necrosis factor , nitric oxide in,WeiDan/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/175
  21. Electro-acupuncture the Hoku on the hypotension rat model of blood pressure and endothelin , calcitonin gene-related peptide,XieXia/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/72
  22. Clinical study of lumbar disc herniation warm acupuncture treatment,YinJing/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/467
  23. Electricity for cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in the rat brain vascular endothelial growth factor and endostatin,ZhouCiLi/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/117
  24. Electroacupuncture on cerebral ischemia in rat serum vascular endothelial growth factor and tumor necrosis factor,QiGuiMing/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/85
  25. Antihypertensive efficacy of acupuncture Fengchi of hypertension and clinical studies of the effects of NO, ADMA,FengJinJuan/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2/217
  26. Electroacupuncture on focal cerebral ischemia reperfusion cell adhesion molecule,MaoQingJu/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/46
  27. Acupuncture Treatment of Vascular Dementia,LiFengGuang/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/207
  28. The acupuncture treatment of cerebral infarction due to mental retardation,LiuYuFeng/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/104
  29. Clinical efficacy of acupuncture Fengchi hypertension and regulatory role of ET and TNF-α,WangLingYun/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/209
  30. Experimental study of electroacupuncture on focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion the rat fibrinolytic activity and related factors affect the,SongAiQun/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/32
  31. Antihypertensive efficacy of acupuncture Fengchi hypertension and IL-6, ET clinical research,QianChunYan/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/185
  32. Electroacupuncture on focal cerebral ischemia reperfusion in rat brain astrocytes activated,LiJingAi/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/81
  33. Electroacupuncture on focal cerebral ischemia reperfusion rat vascular endothelial function,SunZuoXian/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/78
  34. Effects of Electroacupuncture on Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) and Angiopoietin-1 (Ang-1) after Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Rats,ShenGuoYou/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/102
  35. Electroacupuncture GuanYuan Point on Urinary Retention with Spinal Cord Injury in Rat Model of Experimental Study of Urodynamic,ZhangXiaoMing/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/169
  36. Clinical Study on Treatment of Nerve Root Cervical Spondylosis by Electro-acupuncture at Cerviacal Jiaji Point with Acupoint-injection,ZhaoQiang/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,5/323
  37. Observe the Effects of Electro-acupuncture on the Expressions of VEGF and HIF-1α in the Hippocampus of MCAO Rats,YuLingLing/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/142
  38. Oberve the Effects of Electro-acupuncture on the Expression of VEGF and PEDF the Hippocampus of MCAO Rats Concerning Acupoints,ZhangTao/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/67
  39. Observe the Effects of Electro-acupuncture on the Expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax in the Hippocampus of MACO Rats Concerning Acupoints,ZhengHuiHui/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/91
  40. Effects of Electroacupuncture on Expression of Angiopoietin-1 (Ang-1) and Endostation (ES) after Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Rats,LiJunLin/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/22
  41. The Study of Electroacupuncture Effect on PDGF and Its Receptor in Rats with Focal Cerebral Ischemia,QiaShuMian/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/2
  42. Electro-acupuncture at Guanyuan Points on the Retention Rat Bladder Detrusor Function and the Effects of Morphological,QiaQi/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/37
  43. Curative Effect Observation on the Postherpetic Neuralgia with Round Acupuncture and DU. Moxibustion,YuZuo/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,1/90
  44. The Clinical Research on Treatment of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation by Electro-acupuncture with Heat-sensitive Moxibustion,LuoFangFang/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/46
  45. The Clinical Therapeutic Effection of Moxibustion on the Nacel with Female Climacteric Syndrome,ZhangLin/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/29
  46. The Clinical Research of Treating the Saccadic Paralysis of Stroke with Primarily Throughly Punctures,WangMing/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/93
  47. Study Comparatively the Curing Effect of Electroacupuncture Treatment and Low Frequency Treatment in Shoulder-hand Syndrome after Stroke,SongZuZuo/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/33
  48. Clinical Research on the Treatment of CSA with Warm Acupuncture,LiuLi/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,1/120
  49. Clinical Resach about Therapy of Urinary Incontinence after Stroke by Electro-acupuncture Baliao-point Combined with Moxibustion,ChenXiaoYun/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/57

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