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  1. Empirical Study on Relationship between International Strategy,Board Functions and Firm Performance,ZhouPeng/Nankai University,0/83
  2. Research on Drive and Shift Control Technology for Electric Vehicle with Two Speed Dual Clutch Transmission,SongYongDao/Jilin University,0/307
  3. The Application of DFMEA Technique on the Development of Heavy-duty Vehicle Transmission,YuanZuo/Jilin University,0/53
  4. Study on Frontal Crash Passive Safety for Sedan Car,LiuWeiHai/Jilin University,0/593
  5. Research on the Structural Parameter Optimization of Hydraulic Retarder Based on Internal Flow Field Number Calculation,YinLiYun/Jilin University,0/158
  6. Research on the Performance Simulation and Tests of Vehicle Based on Limited-slip Differential,HanWei/Jilin University,0/45
  7. The Simulation and Research of AMT with Torque Assist Mechanism’s Shift for Heavy-duty Vehicle,LiDongYing/Jilin University,0/60
  8. Simulation Research on the Electronically Hydraulic Shifting Actuator Performance of Heavy-Duty AMT,ZhangYunTeng/Jilin University,0/104
  9. Research on the Performance and Tests of Vehicle Multi-plate Limited Slip Differential for the Firction-type,WangRuiJian/Jilin University,0/122
  10. Simulation Research on the AMT Starting Performance of Dry Clutch and Wet Clutch,CuiJin/Jilin University,1/132
  11. Research on Integrated Powertrain Control Technology of Pure Electric Vehicle with Two Gears Dual Clutch Transmission,GuQiang/Jilin University,1/704
  12. Study on the Dual Clutch Transmission Based on Integrated Powertrain Control,WangYinShu/Jilin University,2/674
  13. Research on Electrically Controlled System and Control Strategy of CVT,BiQianKun/Jilin University,8/768
  14. Research on Clutch Temperature Model and Gray Predication Control of Dry DCT,NiuMingKui/Jilin University,12/652
  15. The Research of Electrically Controlled System and Control Methods on the Hydraulic Retarder,ZhangYuZuo/Jilin University,3/346
  16. The Research on Non-linear Model and Performance of the Wet Clutch Engagement Process of CVT,FengWanQiang/Jilin University,5/463
  17. Research on the Parameter Optimization Method of Automotive Hydraulic Retarder Based on Unsteady Flow Field Analysis,LiXueSong/Jilin University,6/291
  18. On the governance of listed companies in China 's illegal,CaoZheng/Nankai University,3/893
  19. Research on the Control Technology of Double Clutch Transmission with Two Gears Base on Pure Electric Car,LuZhongHua/Jilin University,3/937
  20. Study on Starting and Shifting Control of Wet Double Clutch Transmission,FengWei/Jilin University,3/680
  21. Study on Key Technologies During the Shifting Process of Wet Dual Cluth Transmission,LiuZuo/Jilin University,0/183
  22. Based on the bumper and structural crashworthiness optimization methods,LiJiChuan/Jilin University,2/445
  23. Research on Effect of the Wet Clutch Engagement Characteristics for CVT Starting Process,YuanYe/Jilin University,5/271
  24. The Research of Heat Exchanging System Diathermanous Performance between the Engine and Hydraulic Retarder,LongYiBing/Jilin University,0/145
  25. Research on the Deceleration Characteristic of Engine-reducer for Automated Mechanical Transmission of the Heavy Vehicle,LiYuanWu/Jilin University,1/137
  26. Analysis on Advanced High Strength Steels Performance of Car on Impact,ZhangJian/Jilin University,0/209
  27. The CVT Powertrain Research on SUV Car,SongChangHong/Jilin University,1/236
  28. The Simulation and Analysis of the Characteristic of Deformation and Energy Absorbing of the Thin-walled Beam’s Dynamic Crash,LiuZhongHua/Jilin University,10/482
  29. Study on the AMT Shift Characteristic Simulation System,BiQianKun/Jilin University,7/589
  30. Characteristic Modeling of the Electro-Hydraulic Control Valve for DCT and the Simulation and Analysis,ZhaoGaoYang/Jilin University,4/502
  31. Research on Simulation Method for Analysis on Three-Dimension Flow Field of Automotive Hydraulic Retarder,WangTie/Jilin University,7/196
  32. Experimental Study and Simulation on Surface Performance of the Heat Exchanger of Hydraulic Retarder,WangKaiFeng/Jilin University,5/264
  33. Study on the Injury of Small-sized Passenger in Frontal Impact,GaoJingDang/Jilin University,1/170
  34. The Development of Smart Airbag System,LiShanHong/Jilin University,1/477
  35. The Research of Modern Design Method of Electronically Controlled Hydraulic Retarder of Vehicle,LiTao/Jilin University,3/284
  36. Research on Test Methods for the Performance of Electric Control Hydraulic Retarder,ChenBo/Jilin University,5/230
  37. Simulation Research on Dynamic Characteristic of Clutch Actuator of Hybrid Electrical Vehicle,ChenTao/Jilin University,2/164
  38. The Kinetic Analysis and Simulation Research on Shift Process of Dual-Clutch Transmission,GeWei/Jilin University,13/505
  39. Study on Simulation Methods of Pedestrian Leg Impact Safety and Bumper Parameter Optimization,WangJingSheng/Jilin University,5/296
  40. Research Simulation Method on Start and Shift Character of DCT,FengWei/Jilin University,8/376
  41. Research on Characteristic of Pressure Valve in Peneumatic System of Electronic Control Hydraulic Retarder,LiuYan/Jilin University,7/247
  42. Simulation Analysis on the Brake Performance of Heavy Vehicle Hydraulic Retarder,LuZhongHua/Jilin University,8/420
  43. Dynamics Parameter Analysis and Experimental Research on Dummy’s Chest and Knee in Crash Test,ZhangLi/Jilin University,1/216
  44. Body Electronicl Control System with CAN/LIN Buses,CaiRu/Jilin University,2/674
  45. The Study about the Automobile Instrument Based on Bus,ShaoBaiZuo/Jilin University,6/394
  46. Study on Electronic-controlled and Electronic-powered AMT Non-select Shifting System,MengQingYong/Jilin University,10/434
  47. The Dynamics of Simulation Research on VDT-CVT,MaZhiLiang/Jilin University,3/372
  48. Car hit by pressure deformation properties of BIW occupant injury indicators of the impact on simulation analysis,ChaiXiaoLei/Jilin University,8/327
  49. A Study of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motor and AMT Coupling Power Transmission Characteristics,WeiChangCheng/Jilin University,1/367
  50. Biological Dynamics Parameter Analysis and Experimental Research on Dummy’s Head and Neck in Crash Test,WangZhenFeng/Jilin University,0/86

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