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  1. Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of the Sustainable Development of the Non-governmental Colleges and Universities in China,GuoShan/Hebei Normal,0/77
  2. On the Administration of Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of "Constitution Governance",ZhenXinHeng/Hebei Normal,0/29
  3. Three-dimensional Goal of Ideological and Political Course to Realize Integration of Research,WuYongBo/Hebei Normal,0/42
  4. The Research of University Graduates’ Psychological Problems in Employment and Their Countermeasures,WangJing/Hebei Normal,1/550
  5. Political Education Research into Daily Life,FengXue/Hebei Normal,0/89
  6. The Research on College Counselors’ Non-power Influence,ChangLiSheng/Hebei Normal,0/97
  7. Research on Reception of University Students’ Ideological and Political Education on the Backgrounds of Value Diversifying,ZhuGuoYing/Hebei Normal,0/115
  8. Study on the Reason of College Students’ Practice Divorced from Their Moral Values and the Countermeasures,SunHuiMin/Hebei Normal,0/118
  9. Compares on Political Education between US and German and Enlighten Chinese Political Education,LiuNa/Hebei Normal,0/189
  10. A Study on Ideological and Political Education in Job Hunting Instruction for Graduates,LiShouXiang/Hebei Normal,1/136
  11. Ideological and Political Education of College Students under the Influence of Contemporary Western Political Thought,YangMin/Hebei Normal,0/284
  12. Research on Moral Externalization and Moral Education Externalizing in Universities,MaJianGuo/Hebei Normal,1/486
  13. The Problems in Ethical Behavior of Middle School Students and the Countermeasures,ZhangFeng/Hebei Normal,0/141
  14. A Study of Idividual Plitics Role Identity in Contemporary Era,ZhaoLiLi/Hebei Normal,0/58
  15. On the Way to Political Education Molded by Political People with Subjectivity,DuLingFei/Hebei Normal,0/61
  16. Research on the Causes and Strategies to Political Indifference of Chinese Citizen in Contemporary Era,DiHongQiang/Hebei Normal,0/175
  17. The Reflection and Construction of Contemporary Chinese Youth Etiquette Education,WangHeLan/Hebei Normal,6/1929
  18. Research on the Example Education of Contemporary China,YuanWenBin/Hebei Normal,6/1880
  19. A Research on Ideological and Political Education from the Viewpoint of Diversification of Economic Interests,JiaHaiLi/Hebei Normal,3/1803
  20. Study on Opportunity in Moral Education,HeShan/Hebei Normal,1/266
  21. The Construction of School Value Education Model under Value Diversification,WangWei/Hebei Normal,5/483
  22. The Reflection and Transcendence on School’s Moral Education in the Background of Moral Pluralism,XuJia/Hebei Normal,2/226
  23. People of Moral Education Research,DuChunMei/Hebei Normal,5/352
  24. The development and utilization of the resources of the Ideological and Political Education,GuoLiPing/Hebei Normal,8/534
  25. Lost and Strategies of high school moral function of ideological and political course,QuZuJiang/Hebei Normal,2/470
  26. Junior high ideological and moral teaching strategies under conditions of open-book examination,LvMin/Hebei Normal,3/166
  27. Students ' moral self-discipline educational research,XuJingHui/Hebei Normal,2/265
  28. The Moral Curriculum regression exploration of life,LiGai/Hebei Normal,1/265
  29. The Study of Construction of College Counselor’s Contingent,WangDongMei/Hebei Normal,8/1188
  30. Study on the Faith Status and Educational Strategies of Technical College Students,WangJian/Hebei Normal,6/370
  31. Fraternity Education Research in the Construction of a Harmonious Socialist Society,HanQingXian/Hebei Normal,0/122
  32. On the Causes and Countermeasures to the Handicap of the Middle School Students’ Identification with the Teaching of Politics,LuLing/Hebei Normal,0/218
  33. Ideological and Moral Teaching Students Psychological Repercussions of the Causes of and Countermeasures,SongXiang/Hebei Normal,2/350
  34. The Innovation of Moral Education in the Context of Globalization in China,LiLin/Hebei Normal,1/306
  35. Globalization and Localization of Interaction in the Chinese Moral Way Forward,ZhaoYaoGuang/Hebei Normal,0/204
  36. New Thinking of the Moral Education in China’s Schools Based on the Universal Ethics View,LiuChunLan/Hebei Normal,1/129
  37. The Purpose of the Process of Globalization Moral Value Orientation,FengLiGang/Hebei Normal,1/229
  38. Art School Moral Education of Students in Apartment Management,HaoDuanYong/Hebei Normal,0/48
  39. Research on Political Ability-building of Contemporary College Students,XuXiaoNing/Hebei Normal,0/128
  40. Ideological and Moral Self-construction of College Students,JiangHao/Hebei Normal,1/192
  41. The Study of Countermeasure about Chinese National Spirit Education in the Background of Globalization,GuoJiangTao/Hebei Normal,0/180
  42. Construction of College Students subculture,ChenJing/Hebei Normal,0/232
  43. The Research on Morality Education of Obtaining Employment for Contemporary College Students,LiuJinMing/Hebei Normal,2/218
  44. Coping Strategies of China’s School Moral Education Under the Background of Cultural Globalization,ZuoRu/Hebei Normal,0/265
  45. Studying on School’s Moral Education in the Background of Culture Pluralism,ZhangXiaoLi/Hebei Normal,3/421
  46. Contemporary University Student Love and Marriage View Erroneous Zone and Education Countermeasure,ZuoJunXiu/Hebei Normal,2/917
  47. The Research on China’s Political Education in the Context of the Political Globalization,DingLiJuan/Hebei Normal,0/143
  48. The Reflection and Reconstruction on the System of Letters and Visits in China,ZhouPingLi/Hebei Normal,1/649
  49. The Research of the Influence & Counter-plan of the Mass Communication on Moral Education,LiLinLin/Hebei Normal,1/272
  50. Study of Humanistic Moral Education in Universities,HuangHengXue/Hebei Normal,0/105

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