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  1. Study on Salt Acclimation Mechanism in Cichorium Intybus L.Regulated by Exogenous Nitric Oxide,GuWenYing/Yangzhou University,0/59
  2. The Expression and Significance of Shh and Ptch Protein of Hedgehog Signalling Pathway in Prostate Cancer,ZhangYaNan/Jilin University,0/65
  3. Isolation and Transformation of DFR and ANR Genes of Tannins Synthetic Way in Medkago Sativa L,DongJie/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/217
  4. Cloning and Analysis of the Aquaporins Gene from Galega Orientalis,WuXiaoJing/Yangzhou University,0/21
  5. Study on Ploidy Level and Genetic Diversity of Medicago Falcata L.,FuXinNian/Gansu Agricultural University,1/56
  6. Research of the Diagnostic Value of Transbronchoscopic Lung Biopsy for Respiratory Diseases,TuMenWuLiJi/Jilin University,0/182
  7. Cloning of Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyase from Caragana Korshinkii Kom, Construction of RNAi Vector and Anaylysis of Its Function,QiuFeng/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/437
  8. Study on Genetic Diversity of Caragana Korshinskii Kom.,WangZan/China Agricultural University,20/343
  9. Buffalo grass under low temperature stress physiology and biochemistry and proteomics research response,KangJunMei/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,14/949
  10. Studies on Physiological-Biochemical Characteristics and Mechanism of Storability of Three Forage Seeds During Ultra-dry Storage,ChenZhiHong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/56
  11. Study on Genetic Diversity of Galega L.,WangJunE/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/89
  12. Study on Salt Tolerance and Genetic Diversity of Wild Arrhenatherum Elatius L.,YangZuo/Sichuan Agricultural University,1/163
  13. Study on Comprehensive Evaluation and Mechanism of Drought Resistance for Dactylis Glomerata L.,LiYuan/Gansu Agricultural University,1/242
  14. Studies on Physiological and Biochemical Changes and Genomic DNA Damages by ISSR of Two Kinds of Caragana Seeds during Artificial Aging,NaZuo/Yangzhou University,4/129
  15. Primary Study on Diversity and Phylogeny of Rhizobia Isolated from Caragana Korshinskii Kom.,GuoDanDan/Yangzhou University,2/109
  16. Comprehensive Evaluation of Salt Tolerance of Elytrigia Desv at Seedling Stage and Cloning of a Vacuolar Na~+/H~+ Antiporter Gene in Elytrigia Intermedia,ZhangGeng/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/89
  17. The Clinicopathologic Characteristics and Expression of HGF/c-Met Proteins in Invasive Micropapillary Carcinoma of Breast,YaoMin/Jilin University,0/50
  18. The Expression of Cytokeratin and Its Significance in Intraductal Proliferative Lesions of Breast,WuYan/Jilin University,0/43
  19. Study on the Photosynthetic Characteristics and the Drought Resistant Identification of Elytrigia Desv,ZhangGuoFang/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,7/163
  20. Study on the Photosynthetic Characteristics and the Drought Resistant Identification of Elytrigia Desv,ZhangGuoFang/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,7/163
  21. Comparison of Pathological Features of Prostate Cancer in Cohort Through Mass Screening in Changchun, China and Natori, Japan,WangGongWei/Jilin University,0/15
  22. The Pathological Features of Mass Screening for Prostate Cancer in the Population with Serum Prostate Specific Antigen Level Less Than 4.0ng/ml,ChenShiFan/Jilin University,0/25
  23. Flowering and Fruit Habits and Seedling Salt-tolerance Evaluation of Caragana Intermedia Kuang,ChenHeLong/Gansu Agricultural University,1/156
  24. The Zonal Histological Features and the Expression of Secretory Proteins of the Normal Prostate in Young Men,ZhangJuan/Jilin University,0/64
  25. Studies on Genotypic Diversity of the Rhizobia Isolated from Caragana, and the Dynamics of Nitrogen Fixation Ability to Root Nodule of Caragana Microphylla Lam.,TaoLin/China Agricultural University,0/123
  26. Study on the Genetic Diversity of Three Caragana Fabr. Species,SongJunShuang/Capital Normal University,3/111
  27. Study on Molecular Markers and Location of Tolerant Gene to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus from Leymus Multicaulis,ZhaoBo/Gansu Agricultural University,1/47
  28. The Cell Biological Research of Galega L.,ZhangXinYu/Yangzhou University,0/46
  29. Study on Genetic Diversity of Caragana Microphylla Lam. in Inner Mongolia Central Region,LuJingWei/Sichuan Agricultural University,1/106
  30. Development of SSR Markers and Their Use to Assess Genetic Diversity in Caragana Microphylla Lam.,HanYongZeng/Lanzhou University,1/183
  31. A Clinicopathologic Study on the Stromal Tumors of Prostate (14 Cases Report),HeYangYang/Jilin University,0/45
  32. The Physiological and Biochemical Study of Psathrostachys Perinnis and Hedysarum Laeve Maxim Seeds during Ultra-dried Storage,LiuFang/Yangzhou University,1/56
  33. Study on Comprehensive Evaluation and Mechanism of Drought Resistance for Medicago Glutinosa,WangYanHui/Lanzhou University,2/133
  34. Cloning, Expression and Genetic Transformation of a Vacuolar Na~+/H~+ Antiporter Gene in Galega Orientalis,LiZuo/Lanzhou University,1/38
  35. Alfalfa Drought Resistance and Water Stress Adaptation Mechanism,DiChunMei/Jilin Agricultural University,7/272
  36. Study on Genetic Diversity of Caragana Microphylla Lam. in Inner Mongolia East Region,XuBo/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/127
  37. Cloning and Expression Analysis of GME and ACT Gene from Caragana Korshinskii and Construction of Plant Expression Vector,WangMeiZhen/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/87
  38. The Expession of P16, Ki-67 in Precancerous Lesion in Uterine Cervix and Their Practical Value,LiuYunHua/Jilin University,0/104
  39. Whether Can HER-2 Be Used as a Molecular Therapeutic Target for Prostate Cancer?,ZhangLian/Jilin University,0/29
  40. Cloning and Analysis of Cu/ZnSOD Gene from Galega Orientalis L.,LiYuKun/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/24
  41. Cloning of 4-coumarate: Coenzyme A Ligase (4CL) Gene and Expression Analysis in Galega Orientalis,YangDongMei/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/42
  42. Construction of Differentially Expressed Cdna Library of Galega Orientalis Under Salt Stress by Suppression Subtractive Hybridization and the Clone of Ca2+/H+ Antiporter Gene,SongQingXiao/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/47

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