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  1. The Course of Veridical Perception,MiaoLei/East China Normal University,0/43
  2. Modern Conversion of Traditional Chinese Concept of Filial Piety,XiaoJunChu/East China Normal University,0/214
  3. On the Concept of Volition of Liang Shu-ming,LiJingJing/East China Normal University,0/15
  4. Imagine Another Universalism,ZhuYing/East China Normal University,0/15
  5. The Raise of Methodology Consciousness in the Middle of Qing Dynasty,ChenYiYuan/East China Normal University,0/40
  6. An Exploratory Study on Shi of the Schools in Pre-Qin Dynasty,XiuTao/East China Normal University,0/30
  7. Experiencing the Principle of Heaven Everywhere,TongZhongPing/East China Normal University,1/244
  8. The Ideal World of Zhuangzi,WanYongHua/East China Normal University,4/1664
  9. A Study in Wang Yangming’s Body-Mind Philosophy,LiHongWei/East China Normal University,0/752
  10. A Study on Kang Youwei’s Humanism Thought,LiQiangHua/East China Normal University,3/477
  11. View on the Religion about the Modern Neo-Confucianists in the Early Ages,ZhuZuo/East China Normal University,3/535
  12. Criticism and Debate on Buddhism Original Enlightenment in Mordernity,TangZhongMao/East China Normal University,1/418
  13. The Growth in Life and the Ideal Personality--Comparative Study on Fengqi’s Three Discourses on Wisdom and Fok Tou Hui’s 如实观 (Ru Shi Guan),LiJinZhao/East China Normal University,0/584
  14. The Research of Modern Confucian Ultimate Concern,MaoWenFeng/East China Normal University,0/1026
  15. Knowledge and Life: The Two-pronged Development of Modern Neo-Confucianism and Its Homecoming,YanGuoWei/East China Normal University,0/435
  16. Confucian tradition and modernity,FangShiZhong/East China Normal University,6/2094
  17. Pursuit of modernity and Criticism,WuXianWu/East China Normal University,2/1086
  18. Argue the Sui and Tang Buddhist theory of three core,XiaJinHua/East China Normal University,0/460
  19. \,MaDeLin/East China Normal University,1/1118
  20. Song Dynasty realm of,FuChangZhen/East China Normal University,3/795
  21. A New Study on Gong Zizhen’s Philosophy,WuXiaoFan/East China Normal University,1/219
  22. Study on Political Philosophy Thoughts of Han Fei,SunYing/East China Normal University,1/497
  23. A New Study on Zhang Taiyan’s Philosophy,CaiZhiDong/East China Normal University,0/289
  24. View on the Intuition about the Early Modern Neo-Confucians,ChenYongJie/East China Normal University,2/508
  25. On the Theory of Pleasure and Interest (Leli) in the Wuxu Period,FengJie/East China Normal University,3/92
  26. Rebuilding the Ideal Self,HuYan/East China Normal University,0/197
  27. The Research of Mencius Internal-sage with External-sage,ShenJinFa/East China Normal University,0/147
  28. On Zhuangzi reveal the limitations of language and solutions,ChenLanFei/East China Normal University,0/216
  29. Pursue Perfect Society and Perfect Personality,HuYan/East China Normal University,0/78
  30. Diamond What is angry ?,CaiZhiDong/East China Normal University,1/68
  31. \,ChenYaQin/East China Normal University,0/370
  32. Feelings Lease management life - of Fang Dongmei life philosophy Commentary,DuRan/East China Normal University,1/101
  33. The Feminism Thoughts of Zhouzuoren,XieLingLing/East China Normal University,1/191
  34. The Ecology-Wisdem to LAO ZI,XiongXiaoQing/East China Normal University,0/452
  35. On Lishicen’s Life Philosophy Humanism Color,SunFen/East China Normal University,0/135
  36. On Zhang Dongsun’s Theory of Truth,WuXiaoFan/East China Normal University,0/82
  37. A Study on the Thought of Lian-chi,YangJinFu/East China Normal University,1/135
  38. Search for the Way of Evolution,WangJia/East China Normal University,0/106
  39. Paean and Dirge,WuDong/East China Normal University,0/146
  40. A Primary Study on Zhang-Taiyan’s View of Equality,YuWenHan/East China Normal University,1/185
  41. A Study on No Emotion in Music Written by Ji Kang,WangXiaoMeng/East China Normal University,2/381
  42. Yan Fu’s Liberty and Lao Zhuang’s Thought,ZhouLuLu/East China Normal University,0/106
  43. The Self of No-self,LiuDan/East China Normal University,0/100
  44. Cultural Insight on Substance and Function of Neo-Idealism,HanWei/East China Normal University,0/61
  45. A Textual Research on Ma Yi-Fu’s "Theory of Liu-yi" from the Perspective of Universalism Problem,QiuMingTao/East China Normal University,0/34
  46. Research on Li Zehou’s Feeling Noumenon,ChenXia/East China Normal University,0/131
  47. On Lu Xun’s Idea of Creation,ZhengDongHua/East China Normal University,0/50
  48. The Gist of DaTong’s Sources and Flows,HuangFangFang/East China Normal University,0/107
  49. The Theory of Pleasure and Interest(Leli) of LiangQichao during the Reformation of Values,WangTao/East China Normal University,0/55
  50. Zhang Junmai’s Talking on Ethics and Knowledge,XiaoZhiZuo/East China Normal University,0/54

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