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  1. Chinese M&A Research and Realization,WuZuo/Dalian Maritime University,0/17
  2. Design and Implementation of Recruitment Management System for Rural Credit Cooperatives in Urumqi,FanFan/Dalian University of Technology,0/11
  3. Research of the Image Fusion Technology for Carborne Photoelectric System,HuZhengLiang/Xi'an University of Technology,0/93
  4. Low-light-level Active Gated Imaging Technology,ZhouXinNi/Xi'an University of Technology,0/63
  5. The Comparing of Different Anxiety Type College Graduates’Career Indecision and the Relationship between Self-efficacy and Career Decision-making,LiuJingZuo/Southwestern University,0/31
  6. Zhongyong Reflection of College Students and Its Relationship with Cultural Identity,GaoTianTian/Southwestern University,0/17
  7. Experimental Research of Group Counseling’s Influence on the Gratitude of Vocational School Students,GuMeng/Southwestern University,0/24
  8. The Investigation of the Relationship between the Academic Resilience and the Academic Self-concept of the Secondary Vocational School Students,LiuYang/Southwestern University,0/49
  9. A Study on Scale Development and Characteristics of Application Specific Computer Self-efficacy of College Students,ZhangZhongKe/Southwestern University,0/111
  10. The Illusion of Transparency of High and Low Social Anxiety of College Students and Its Impact on Social Anxiety,MaoWenJuan/Southwestern University,2/111
  11. An Individual Intervention Research on Autistic Children’s Family Therapy,ZhaoRunPing/Southwestern University,0/180
  12. Study on the relationship between college students and their emotional resilience and social support, self-efficacy, coping style,ZhangLinLin/Southwestern University,0/395
  13. Pharmacognostical Studies on Hypericum Sampsonii and Other Species of Hypericum,ZhengQingMing/Second Military Medical University,1/328
  14. Preparation Technology and Biomedical Characteristics of Implantable Absorbable Sustained Releasing Carboxymethyl Chitosan Microspheres,YinChengHui/Second Military Medical University,1/462
  15. Experimental and Clinical Studies on Luteolin and MTT Assay for the Therapy of Gastric Cancer,WuBin/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/243
  16. A Study on the Evaluation System of the Mental Health School Social Work in High Schools and Universities,YiJuan/Southwestern University,3/538
  17. The Study on the Emotional Work of Elementary and Middle School Teacher and It’s Relation with Personality Traits and Mental Health,YangManYun/Southwestern University,5/630
  18. Construction and Initial Verification of Training System of Mental Health School Social Workers Serving for University and Secondary School Students,ZhouRenHui/Southwestern University,2/294
  19. Large Mental Health school social worker competency exploratory study,ZhangHaiXia/Southwestern University,4/302
  20. An Experimental Study of the Literature Aesthetic Appreciation’s Effect on the Middle School Students’ Mental Heath,HeLi/Southwestern University,1/224
  21. Servicemen emotion regulation and personality characteristics related research,WangLiFei/Southwestern University,6/525
  22. An Experimental Study to the Intervening Effect of Group Psychotherapy on the Undergraduate with Lovelorn Crisis,JiangYan/Southwestern University,5/1060
  23. The Revision of Disciplinary Academic Self for Adolescents and Its Norm in Southwest China,ZhangZuo/Southwestern University,3/263
  24. Research on Developmental Characteristics and Its Influencing Factors to Social Adaptation of "Floating Children",HuZuo/Southwestern University,22/864
  25. The Research on the Learning Adapatability of Middle School Students and the Effect of Its Link-up Education,ZhangLi/Southwestern University,3/665
  26. The Investigation of the Development of the Middle School Students’ Academic Self and the Relationships on the Academic Self and the Personality, Academic Achievement,ZhaoXiaoYun/Southwestern University,14/709
  27. An Experinental Study to the Influence of Drawing Aesthetic Psychothrapy on the Undergraduate with Depressive Symptoms,TangWanJie/Southwestern University,8/450
  28. A Study on Middle School Students’ Opposite Sex Interaction Self-concept and Its Relationship with Mental Problems of Opposite Sex Interaction,WeiLing/Southwestern University,4/621
  29. Study of the Characteristics of Middle School Students’ English Academic Self-concept and Correlation,QingLing/Southwestern University,6/143
  30. The Characteristics and Correlation Study of Academic Comparison of Middle School Students,JinChunHan/Southwestern University,3/143
  31. An Experimental Study to the Intervening Effect of Literature Aesthetic Appreciation on the Undergraduate with Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms,LiGuJing/Southwestern University,2/207
  32. Study on Ammonium Chloride-catalyzed Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-ones by Microwave Irradiation,DaiChongZhi/Nanjing University of Technology,0/184
  33. Study on the Synthesis of 1,3-diaryl-2-pyrazoline and Cationic Fluorescent Whitening Agent,WangJianQiang/Nanjing University of Technology,4/210
  34. Study on the Synthesis of Aspartame by Lactone,ZhangPingQuan/Nanjing University of Technology,0/257
  35. Study on Preparation of Fmoc Series Protected Amino Acids,DuXiuMin/Nanjing University of Technology,8/770
  36. The Preparation of Indole from Industrial-Byproduct O-nitroethylbenzene,HuangJiaRui/Nanjing University of Technology,0/88
  37. Study on the Synthesis of Some Spiro-pyrimidinetetrones under Microwave Irradiation,MengZhiXia/Nanjing University of Technology,0/89
  38. Study on the Piperidine Catalyzed Synthesis of Substituted 2-amino-2-chromenes by Microwave Irradiation,GuXiFeng/Nanjing University of Technology,0/120
  39. Studies on Identification and Resources Utilization of Medicinal Plants of Valeriana L. in China,ChenLei/Second Military Medical University,4/312
  40. Pharmacognosical Studies on Hypericum Spp.,ZhengQingMing/Second Military Medical University,3/399
  41. Chemical Constituents of Antinociceptive and Anticancer Activities of Caragana Microphylla Lam. Seeds,HuoYan/Second Military Medical University,1/102
  42. Study on the Synthesis of New Hypoglycemic Agent Mitiglinide for Non-insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus,ZhangLianDi/Nanjing University of Technology,0/361
  43. Study on Synthesis of Di(3,4-Dimethyl) Dibenzaldehyde Sorbitol (DMDBS) as Polypropylene Nucleating Agent,LiuJianWu/Nanjing University of Technology,0/192
  44. Study on the Pollution-Free Treatment of Carbon Tetrachloride (CT),SuAiYing/Nanjing University of Technology,0/207
  45. The Developmental Characteristics of Teacher’s Teaching Aesthetic Ability in Primary and Middle School and Correlation Study,GuoFang/Southwest China Normal,0/155
  46. An Experimental Study to the Influence of Music Aesthetic Appreciation on the Undergraduate with Depressive Symptoms,ZhouQiao/Southwest China Normal,11/608
  47. Developmental Characteristics of High School Students’ Academic Self-efficacy and Related Study of Its Relationship with Academic Achievements and the Style of Parental Upbringing,ZuoZuo/Southwest China Normal,22/1624
  48. A Study on the Investigation and Solution of 3-12 Aged Children Family Sex Education,WuJianZhong/Southwest China Normal,6/960
  49. Developmental Characteristics of Higher Technical Undergraduates’ Self-concept and Related Study of Its Relationship with Mental Health,YinJiaLin/Southwest China Normal,11/512
  50. Product quality evaluation dodder,WangYaJun/Second Military Medical University,1/159

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