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  1. Effects of Warming and Nitrogen Deposition on Soil Nutrient Status in Songnen Meadow Steppe,ZhangNanYi/Northeast Normal University,0/74
  2. The Soil Microbial Biomass to Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Deposition in Songnen Grassland: a Comparative Study,LiangBaiYan/Northeast Normal University,0/0
  3. Responds of Songnen Grassland Photosynthetic Characteristics to Warming and Nitrogen Addition,JiangLi/Northeast Normal University,1/89
  4. Impacts of Human Disturbance on Leaf Litter Decomposition in a Mid-subtropical Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest,SongPiao/Northeast Normal University,0/0
  5. Effects of Short-term Saline-alkaline and Drought Stress on Growth of Leymus Chinensis Seedling,MeZuoZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/45
  6. Effects of Warming and Nitrogen Deposition on the Underground Biomass of Leymus Chinensis Community,WangChao/Northeast Normal University,0/51
  7. Effect of Global Climate Change on Morphological and Anatomical Structure of Leymus Chinensis and Phragmites Communis,YuWenRuo/Northeast Normal University,0/45
  8. Effects of Warming and Nitrogen Addition on Structure and Function of Leymus Chinensis Community in Songnen Grassland,GaoZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/147
  9. Mechanisms of Leymus Chinensis to Adaptive Habitats and Cloning of Gene Related to Betaine Synthesis on the Songnen Grassland,CuiXiYan/Northeast Normal University,0/181
  10. Status, Conservation and Some Ecological Aspects of Sympatric Tibetan Brown Bear and Snow Leopard on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China,XuAiChun/Northeast Normal University,0/299
  11. Study in Photosynthetic and Stress Ecophysiology of Leymus Chinensis Along the Salinity-alkalinity Gradients on the Songnen Grassland in Northeastern China,ShiLianXuan/Northeast Normal University,11/691
  12. Study on Allelopathy of Artemisia Scoparia,ZhouTian/Northeast Normal University,6/663
  13. L. chinensis grassland decomposers sub - system of nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon dynamics of,QuGuoHui/Northeast Normal University,1/302
  14. Leymus chinensis grassland soil - grass - animal studies of major trace elements,ZhouXiaoMei/Northeast Normal University,11/263
  15. Leymus chinensis grassland decomposers sub- system energy flow study,WangZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/188
  16. Studies on the Life-History Strategies of Stellera Chamaejasme Population in the Degraded Steppe of Northeast China,XingFu/Northeast Normal University,6/498
  17. Songnen grassland degradation indicator plants,WangYong/Northeast Normal University,0/204
  18. Carbon and Water Fluxes and Water Use Efficiency of the Songnen Meadow Steppe in Northeast China,DongGang/Northeast Normal University,1/109
  19. Effects of Warming and Nitrogen Deposition on Leymus Chinensis and Phragmites Communis Litter Decomposition,MengQingLi/Northeast Normal University,0/192
  20. Effects of Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Deposition on the Characteristics of Leymus Chinensis Community and Reproductive Phenophase,GaoZuo/Northeast Normal University,1/129
  21. RAPD Study on Wild Soybean (G. Soja) and Cultivated Soybean from Different Latitude in China,YangSongTao/Northeast Normal University,0/122
  22. Comparision Research on Anti-salinized Physiological Index of Iris Lactea Pall. Var Chinensis (Fisch.) Koidz. and Leymus Chinensis in Salinized Grassland in Songnen Plain,ZhangNa/Northeast Normal University,2/225
  23. Study on Allelopathy of Receptor Plants of Artemisia Scoparia Aqueous,LiuBiZuo/Northeast Normal University,2/175
  24. Plant growth regulator on the L. chinensis artificial grass yield and its quality affect research,HuYongJun/Northeast Normal University,1/105
  25. The Songnen Plain Ecotone agricultural , animal husbandry subsystem energy value analysis,ZhuLi/Northeast Normal University,2/245
  26. Alfalfa water-saving irrigation system of the North China Plain,ZhuXiangNing/Northeast Normal University,3/209
  27. Ecohydrological Functions of Litter in Main Plant Communities in the Songnen Grassland,ShiShuang/Northeast Normal University,0/146
  28. Protein Accumulated Characteristics of Leymus Chinensis Leaves Along the Saline-alkaline on the Songnen Grassland,KangLe/Northeast Normal University,1/119
  29. Study on the Seasonal Dynamics of Calorific Value and Energy in Artemisia Scoparia Population in Songnen Grassland,SunJiLi/Northeast Normal University,1/85
  30. Study of Characteristics of Physiological Ecology about Seed and Seedling of Sorbus Pohuashanensis from Different Provenances,RenJun/Northeast Normal University,2/124
  31. Effects of Litter on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Leymus Chinensis Grassland in Songnen Plain,WangBo/Northeast Normal University,2/179
  32. Study on the Allelopathy of the Iris Lactea-Pall.var.chinensis Koidz,SunGuangRui/Northeast Normal University,2/177
  33. The Ecological Effects of Trifolium Repens L. in Gingko Biloba L. Man-planted Forest,ZhangMei/Northeast Normal University,0/79
  34. The Plant Ecological Arrangement Changchun Residential Quarters,XiaoHongChen/Northeast Normal University,3/423
  35. Ecological Characteristic of Soil Animal in Zhalong National Nature Reserve,PanLin/Northeast Normal University,3/137
  36. The Study on Soil Phosphorus in the Major Communities of Songnen Meadow,ZhangNaiLi/Northeast Normal University,0/143
  37. Northeast Leymus chinensis steppe activity of main plant communities,LuPing/Northeast Normal University,7/246
  38. West Jilin situation analysis and scientific management of grassland utilization patterns,LiMeng/Northeast Normal University,2/124
  39. Decomposition of Leymus Chinensis and Phragmites Communis Litter Responses to Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Application in Songnen Grassland,LiuYang/Northeast Normal University,0/226
  40. Responses of Soil Organic Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus to Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Application in Songnen Grassland,MaLinNa/Northeast Normal University,2/202
  41. Effects of Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Application on the Structures and Biomass of Plant Community in Leymus Chinensis Grassland,LiuSiYa/Northeast Normal University,1/145
  42. Effects of Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Application on the Quantity Characteristic of Leymus Chinensis Population,LuoWei/Northeast Normal University,0/56
  43. Impacts of Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Deposition to Coupling Effect between Soil Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Songnen Grassland,ZhangNanYi/Northeast Normal University,0/208
  44. Microbial Activities Responses to Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Application,TanChengYu/Northeast Normal University,1/87
  45. Influence of Warming and Nitrogen Application on Mineral Nutrition Elements of Leymus Chinensis Leaves on the Songnen Grassland,HouWenJuan/Northeast Normal University,0/49
  46. Studies on Photosynthetic Response of Phragmites Communis to Global Climate Change on the Songnen Grassland in Northeastern China,MaLueGeng/Northeast Normal University,0/38
  47. Response of Soil Microbial Biomass and Nutrient to Simulated Warming and Nitrogen Application in Songnen Grassland,YangJianQin/Northeast Normal University,0/114
  48. Energy Distribution and the Degree of Energy Closure of Songnen Meadow Steppes by Eddy Covariance Measurement,BiHongMei/Northeast Normal University,0/66
  49. Studies on the Restoration Technology of Severe Alkali-Saline Grassland in Dorbod Heilongjiang Province,QuLuPing/Northeast Normal University,0/6

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