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  1. A Study on People’s Wellbeing Construction Thought of the Communists in Contemporary China,SunShangBin/Hebei University,0/70
  2. Study on Ethic Construction of the Contemporary Chinese Communists,XueJianMing/Hebei University,0/84
  3. The Style of Integrating Theory with Practice for the Communist Party of China and Its Time Value,LiuLiBing/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/130
  4. The Era Value of Chinese Communist Party’s Attitude of Close Ties with the Masses,AnZuo/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/532
  5. The Ecological Civilization Thought of the Contemporary Chinese Communist,WangLianFang/Hebei University,1/741
  6. Thought of Mao Zedong’s National Situation and Its Contemporary Value,ZhangChunRong/Hebei University,5/594
  7. The Study on the General Structure of the Theoretical System of Chinese Characteristic Socialism,TianRuiLan/Hebei University,3/2902
  8. Research on the Advanced Culture Thought of Chinese Communist Party Leading Nucleus,YangZuo/Hebei University,0/276
  9. The Construction of Socialism with Chinese Characteristic Core Values,LiangYueMin/Hebei University,0/542
  10. Improving National People’s Quality and Developing Middle-class Family Society,ZhangYaYong/Hebei University,1/82
  11. The Enrichment and Development of the Important Thought of Three Represents to Historical Materialism,ShiJiaLiang/Hebei University,1/120
  12. The Study to the Thinking about Rural, Agricultural and Peasant’s Problems Settled by The Leading Nucleuses of Three Generations of the Party,ZhangYanE/Hebei University,4/442
  13. The Study on Socialist Value and Its Basic Realizing Way in Our Country,WangNing/Hebei University,0/144
  14. Study on the Spiritual Motive Force Thoughts of CPC’s Three Generations’ Leading Nucleus,LiuShaoHua/Hebei University,2/188
  15. Research on the Thought of Exercising the State Power in the Interest of People Among Communist Party’s Three Generation Leaders,WangXiaoQing/Hebei University,1/194
  16. The Thought of the Socialism Ecosystem Diapason,LiuChong/Hebei University,1/238
  17. Chinese Special Features Socialism Fair View Research,WuBing/Hebei University,2/591
  18. Research on Deng Xiaoping’s Anti-dogmatism Thought in the New Era,LiFeng/Hebei University,0/126
  19. Researches on the Problem of Gap between Rich and Poor and Countermeasures of Our Country,LiQing/Hebei University,2/952
  20. Research on the Contradictions Among the People under the View of the Socialism Harmonious Society,MiaoJuFang/Hebei University,2/291
  21. Research on Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin’s Views of CPC’s Work Style Construction,JiaChenYing/Hebei University,0/231
  22. A Study on the Thought of Communist Party of China’s Three Generation of Leaders’ Relying on Science and Education to Rejuvenate the Nation,KongGeng/Hebei University,1/245
  23. Research on Deng Xiao-Ping Talent’s Team Construction Theory,HanShuJie/Hebei University,2/174
  24. Mao Zedong Deng Xiaoping’s Productivity Thought and Its Contemporary Value,YuYunRong/Hebei University,2/200
  25. Establishing Socialist Constitutionalism with Chinese Characteristics to Advance the Development of Political Civilization,HeXiang/Hebei University,0/199
  26. The Modernization of the Party’s Style of Government,WangLi/Hebei University,3/311
  27. The Sources and Countermeasures of Our Country’s Corruption at Present Stage,LvXinFa/Hebei University,1/611
  28. The Study of Rural Area’s Culture Construction in New Period,LiuFengBo/Hebei University,6/739
  29. Research on the Theory of the People’s All-round Development of Deng Xiaoping,WuXianBo/Hebei University,0/246
  30. Mao Zedong’s Thought of National Situation and Its Contemporary Value,LiuZuo/Hebei University,1/141
  31. The Social Construction Thoughts of Contemporary Chinese Communist Party,ZhenPingPing/Hebei University,1/243
  32. The Thoughts of the Regional Economic Development Strategy of Chinese Communists in Contemporary,ChenZheng/Hebei University,1/92
  33. The Outlook on Honor and Shame of Communist Party Member in Contemporary China,XueJianMing/Hebei University,1/76
  34. Study of the Basic Problems on the System of Theories of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics,SuRui/Hebei University,1/506
  35. Socialism Outlook for Honor and Dishonor Education Research,ZhangDan/Hebei University,1/145
  36. Contemporary Chinese Communists, Common Prosperity Thoughs,LiJiaJia/Hebei University,0/117
  37. Hu Jintao on the Party’s Ability to Reign Thought,DaiZuo/Hebei University,1/123
  38. Scientific Development Ideology Research of the Modern Communist Party of China Memebrs,ZhaoJianWei/Hebei University,1/24
  39. The Research of the Point of View of the People’s Livelihood of Contemporary Chinese Communists,LiRuiBing/Hebei University,2/222
  40. The Study on the Chinesization of Marxism Thouhts of Hu Jintao,LiDong/Hebei University,0/172
  41. The Study of Methods of Marxism in China,BaiJie/Beijing Jiaotong University,3/275
  42. Research for Deng Xiaoping’s Ideology of the Adverseness of Equalitarianism,ChuYingHui/Hebei University,0/12
  43. Research on Combating Bureaucratism of Deng Xiaoping,WangQiuXiang/Hebei University,0/26
  44. Mao Zedong’s Thought Investigation,ZhangXiZhong/Hebei University,0/36
  45. A Study on the New China’s Unification,Liu/Hebei University,0/90
  46. Research on the Relationship between the Liberating Productivity and the Developing Productivity,LiFeng/Hebei University,1/30
  47. On the Construction of Our Country’s Socialism Ideology in the New Period,RenFuYi/Hebei University,0/67
  48. On the View of the Era of Ommunist Party Member in Contemporary China,SunJing/Hebei University,2/42
  49. Ecological Civilization Views of Contemporary Chinese Communists,ZhaoChangHong/Hebei University,2/205
  50. Research on the Relationship among the Social Harmony and the Social Contradictions,WangZuo/Hebei University,1/398

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