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  1. Microbial Community Succession Laws of Pb, Zn, Sn Complex Copper Concentrate Tank Leaching,ZhuangTian/Central South University,0/46
  2. New Processes and Comparative Study of Utilization of Vanadium-titanium Magnetite,HuangDan/Central South University,0/810
  3. The Research and Development of an Academic Information Service System for Resource Processing and Biological Engineering,FuYu/Central South University,0/181
  4. Controlled-Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Spinel Ferrite Nanocrystallines,YanAiGuo/Central South University,8/953
  5. Isolation, Identification of Thermophilic Leaching Microorganisms and Basic Studies on Their Application and Bioleaching Potential,DingJianNan/Central South University,4/346
  6. Study on Strenthening of Solid-state Reduction and Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadiferous Titanomagnetite,GuoYuFeng/Central South University,10/813
  7. Fundamental Research on Biooxidation of Gold Ores Containing Arsenic,LiZuo/Central South University,5/503
  8. Research on Flotation Separation of Complex Lead-Zinc-Sliver Sulfide Ore and Its Practice,LiWeiZhong/Central South University,2/496
  9. Research and Practice of Key Benefication on No.100 and No.105 Ore Body of Dachang Tin-polymetallic Deposit,LiQuan/Central South University,2/282
  10. Study on Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Semiconductor Silicon Wafer with Nano-SiO2 Slurries and Its Application,SongXiaoZuo/Central South University,2/590
  11. A Study on Mechanism and Process of Direct Reduction of Pellets Made from Concentrate and Composite Binder,LiJian/Central South University,2/799
  12. Comparative Study on Leaching of Cu/Zn Sulphide by Mixed Microorganisms before and after Mutation and Their Isolation in Pure Culture,KangJian/Central South University,1/284
  13. Physico-Chemical Separation of Recyclable Resources Interface Interactions in Plastics Flotation System,WangZuo/Central South University,2/444
  14. Breeding and Resistant Mechanisms of Resistant Bioleaching Bacteria,WuXueLing/Central South University,3/461
  15. Studies on Selective Isolation, Identification and Characteristics of Leptospirillum Ferriphilum from the Extreme Environments,GaoJian/Central South University,4/392
  16. Study on the Basic Theory of Flotation Electrochemistry of Pb-Sb-Fe-Zn Sulfide Minerals,YuRunLan/Central South University,10/534
  17. Investigations of Preparating Lead-sulfate and Mangano-manganic-oxide from Galena Concentrate and Pyrolusit,XuBenJun/Central South University,3/431
  18. Research and Practice of Key Benefication on Dachang Complex Sulfide Minerrals of Low-Tin, Lead, Zinc and Iron,WuBoZeng/Central South University,3/624
  19. Mathematical Model of Assessment Technology for Utilization of Iron Ore,ShiYunLiang/Central South University,4/898
  20. Human gene C4orf13, CDK5RAP1_v3, CDK5RAP1_v4 and PXK cloning and functional studies,ZouXianQiong/Central South University,0/65
  21. Studies on Screening and Breeding of Three Biometallurgical Microorganisms and Their Effect on Minerals,ZhouJiKui/Central South University,25/1065
  22. Bioleaching of Copper Sulfide Minerals, the Bacterial Ultrastructure and the Mechanisms of Attachment, Purifing SFORase of Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans,FuJianHua/Central South University,16/542
  23. Fundamental and Industrialization Investigation on Biooxidation of Arsenic-bearing Refractory Gold Ore,YangSongRong/Central South University,3/609
  24. Theoretical Simulation of Electronic Structure and Optical-electronic Property of FeS2, and Its Surface Passivation,XiaoQi/Central South University,0/376
  25. Mechanism and Applications of Potential-controlled Flotation in Lime Adjust High Alkali Pulp,SunWei/Central South University,14/452
  26. Study on Technology and Mechanism of Mechanical Activation Enhancing Leaching of Gold Concentrate Containing Arsenic,LiZuoHai/Central South University,8/593
  27. Research on the Multi Agent System for Controlling Cement Production Process,WangHaiDong/Central South University,2/366
  28. Thermal Behaviors of Silicon Aluminum Minerals and Desilication from Bauxite Ores by Thermochemical Activation(TCA Process),LiGuangHui/Central South University,15/703
  29. Bioextraction and Corrosion Electrochemistry of Sulfide Minerals,LiuJianShe/Central South University,31/923
  30. The cold consolidation pellets direct reduction technology and its application,HuangZhuCheng/Central South University,4/902
  31. The Screening and Breeding of High Effective Bacteria and Mechanism of Bioleaching of Copper Sulfide Minerals,ZhangZaiHai/Central South University,29/802
  32. Studies on the Electrochemical Performance and Technology of Sulfide Bio-leaching,LiHongZuo/Central South University,25/670
  33. Research on Mechanism and Prevention of Interfacial Emulsion Formation in Copper Solvent Extraction Process,LiuXiaoRong/Central South University,3/411
  34. Studies on Morphological and Molecular Identifications, Nutrient Components Analysis and Biological Properties of Commercial Russula Sp. Produce in Guangdong,ChenXinHua/Central South University,1/263
  35. Study on Flotation of Tin-Lead-Zinc Complex Sulfide Ore of Dachang Mine of China and Bioleaching of Marmatite,ChenJianMing/Central South University,0/213
  36. Study on Leaching of Chalcopyrite by Moderate Thermophiles,ZuoChangBin/Central South University,0/266
  37. Studies on the Foundamental and Novel Technology of Al-Fe Separation of High-aluminium Content Iron Ores Based on the Reduction Method,LiuMuDan/Central South University,8/498
  38. Basic Researches on Flotation of Copper Minerals of Tonglushan Mine and Application,ZhangZuo/Central South University,2/503
  39. Study on the System of Iron and Sulfur Metabolizm of the Process of Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans Leaching Minerals,LiuYuanDong/Central South University,0/421
  40. Quantitative Research of Genes Function and Community Structure of Bioleaching Systerm Based on Microarray Technology,ShenLi/Central South University,0/263
  41. The Formation Mechanism of Passivation Layer and Its Elimination Way during Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite,ZengWeiMin/Central South University,2/160
  42. Low-grade copper sulfide complex research and application of bioleaching,WangJun/Central South University,0/382
  43. Affects of Several Organic Matters on Growth of Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans ATCC 23270 and Study of Its cbb Gene Expression Difference,WangZuo/Central South University,1/55
  44. Differentially Expressed Gene Analysis of the Heat Shock Response of Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans ATCC 23270,XiaoShuiMing/Central South University,0/69
  45. Identification and Analysis of Copper Resistance Related Genes in Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans,LuoZuoJie/Central South University,0/102
  46. Research of Non-Cyanogen Flotation of Sulfide Minerrals of Lead, Antimony, Zinc and Iron in Chehe Dressing Plant,ChenJianMing/Central South University,1/188
  47. Research of New Technology and Newflotation Reagents of Sulfide Minerrals of Lead and Antimony in Chehe Dressing Plant,WangXi/Central South University,1/197
  48. Fankou Lead flotation of sulfide minerals electrochemical potential control flotation research,DaiJingPing/Central South University,6/303
  49. Fankou Lead slime flotation new technology,WuJingFeng/Central South University,1/291
  50. Rcovery Zinc from Low-Grade Zinc Oxide Ore with Solvent Extraction,LiWeiZhong/Central South University,1/378

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