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  1. Research on Mechanical Behavior and Design Method of CHS-to-SHS N-joints,YuanZhiShen/Hunan University,0/39
  2. Research of Torque Effect on the Overall Stability of Simply Supported I-section Steel Beam,LiuBin/Hunan University,0/31
  3. The Research on Deflection Calculation of Hexagon-hole Castellated Beams Considering Diameter-depth Ratio and Space-depth Ratio,ZengHuanYan/Hunan University,0/20
  4. Local Stability of Web of Castellated Beams under Pure Shear,LiangJia/Hunan University,0/18
  5. Overall Stability Research of Braced Steel Frame Beams,ZhangYuanZhe/Hunan University,0/30
  6. Research on the Design Method and Mechanical Behavior of Embedded Column Base,LiuZuo/Hunan University,0/27
  7. Research on Ultimate Flexural Capacity of CHS-H Rigid Connections,LiuChunYan/Hunan University,0/19
  8. Study on Ultimate Bending Strength of Rigid Connections between H-shaped Beam and RHS Column,ZhangChi/Hunan University,0/8
  9. Analysis of Web Height-thickness Ratio on Eccentrically Braced Frames Link,LiShaoFeng/Hunan University,0/4
  10. Overall Stability Research of Hexagon-hole Castellated Beams Considering Diameter-depth Ratio and Space-depth Ratio,LiYong/Hunan University,0/18
  11. A Study on Flexural Behavior of Bolt Connection in Rigid Steel Frame Beam,WangHao/Hunan University,0/12
  12. Research on Overall Stability of I-Beams with the Simultaneous Action of End Moments and Transverse Load,GuZuoMeng/Hunan University,0/44
  13. Research on Relationship about the Capacity of Steel Box Girder under Combined Bending and Torsion,LiZheng/Hunan University,1/37
  14. Research on the Influence of Lateral Supporting Conditions on the Overall Stability Carrying Capacity of Steel Beams,ZouHuaZu/Hunan University,2/52
  15. Research of the Calculation of the Deflection of Octagonal Hole Castellated Beam,JiangShang/Hunan University,3/47
  16. Overall Stability Research of Steel I-Beams under Combined Bending and Torsion,HuJiang/Hunan University,4/58
  17. Research of the Overall Stability of Castellated Beams with Different Hole Condition,LuoWenJun/Hunan University,3/73
  18. Analysis of the Overall Stability of Tapered Cantilevered Castellated Steel Beams,ZengZhiWen/Hunan University,0/36
  19. Study on Overall Stability of Simply Supported I-section Steel Beam with Two Lateral Bracing for its Compression Flange,LiuXiaoPei/Hunan University,0/44
  20. Overall Stability Research of Mono-symmetric Steel I-beams under Combined Bending and Torsion,ChenCaiHong/Hunan University,0/47
  21. Overall Stability Research of Steel I-Beams with Two Simple Supported Ends under Combined Bending and Torsion,FanJianWei/Hunan University,0/59
  22. Overall Stability Research of Biaxial Symmetric I-shaped Cantilever Beam under Combined Bending and Torsion,LiuBoJing/Hunan University,0/62
  23. The Research and Reliability Analysis on the Serviceability of Steel Frame under Wind Load,ZouHao/Hunan University,0/100
  24. Overall Stability Research of Steel Frame Beams,ChenLiDan/Hunan University,0/96
  25. Research of the Overall Stability of the Octagonal Hole Castellated Beam,LiuChengCheng/Hunan University,1/78
  26. Strength Analysis of Girgder with Large Scale Rectangular Openings on the Web,ChenYan/Hunan University,0/53
  27. Overall Stability Analysis of Triple Tapered Double Symmetry Clamped Ⅰ-Beams,ZhouFangJie/Hunan University,0/9
  28. Analysis of the Wind Resistant Characteristics of Tall Communication Tower,TangZhenXing/Hunan University,2/114
  29. Research on the Elastic-Plastic Behaviors and Seismic Behaviors of Plane Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Connections,HuXiBing/Hunan University,6/713
  30. Analysis of Global Ductility of Staggered Truss Steel Frame in Severe Earthquake,XuHongSheng/Hunan University,20/606
  31. The Research on Seismic Performance of Steel Frame-concrete Core Tube Structures with Eccentrically Braces,LiuXiaoShan/Hunan University,4/121
  32. The Seismic Response Analysis of the Steel Frame-Concrete Core Structure with Outriggers,LiuBin/Hunan University,4/87
  33. Research on the Ultimate Strength of the Tube-gusset K-joints,XiaoYouZuo/Hunan University,3/154
  34. Research of Ultimate Compressive Bearing Capacity of Circular Tubular Y-Joints Reinforced with Doubler Plate,ZhangXu/Hunan University,0/87
  35. CHS node ultimate load analysis , with full scale test,ZhuShaoNing/Hunan University,17/289
  36. Microwave tower level seismic performance analysis,WuJianGuang/Hunan University,1/103
  37. Analysis and Design of Ultimate Load-Carrying Capacity for Top-and Seat-Angle Semi-rigid Spatial Steel Frames,TangJianPing/Hunan University,1/83
  38. The Elastic-Plastic Analysis and the Second-Order Simplified Calculation of Semi-Rigid Space Steel Frames Using T-stub Connections,HeQiongFang/Hunan University,5/136
  39. The Theoretical Analysis and Research of Design Method on Ultimate Tensile Strength of Gusset Plate Connections to Slotted Tubes,ChenFangHong/Hunan University,1/101
  40. Space KT type CHS Joints ultimate capacity of,ZhengBoXing/Hunan University,4/177
  41. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis on the Mechanical Performance of Steel Frame-RC Corewall Hybrid Structure,ZhangXiaoQing/Hunan University,12/495
  42. The Research on the Behavior of End-plate Connect Semi-rigid Composite Joints of Steel Frame,ZhangZaiHua/Hunan University,0/205
  43. Ultimate Compressive Strength Study on Gusset Plate Connections to Slotted Tubes and Full-scale Experiment Research,WengLanXi/Hunan University,3/92
  44. The Research on Stability Coefficient of Steel Frame Structures Considering P-△ Effects,ZhouJingJing/Hunan University,3/174
  45. Ultimate Tensile Strength Study on Gusset Plate Connections to Slotted Tubes and Full-scale Experiment Research,DingZhaoLong/Hunan University,0/74
  46. The Elementary Research on a Practical Drift Analysis Approach and the Drift Limits Establishing of Steel Frame Considering 2-orer Effect,LinPeng/Hunan University,0/51
  47. The Research on the Anti-seismic Performance of a Rectangle Section Buckling Restrained Brace,ChenZuo/Hunan University,27/327
  48. The Second-Order Elastic-Plastic Analysis Research of Semi-Rigid Space Steel Frames,DingGuoQiang/Hunan University,2/170
  49. The Research on Static Behavior of Top and Seat Angle Semi-rigid Connections,XiangFang/Hunan University,8/154
  50. Research of Welded Defects on Directed Welded Tubular Jionts and of the Influence on the Ultimate Strength of Directed Welded Tubular Jionts,RenSenZhi/Hunan University,4/332

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