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  1. Discussion on innovation and leadership innovation spirit of public sector in China,LiuJing/Northwestern University,0/84
  2. Construction of civil servant training system based on Competency Model,ZhangLiXin/Northwestern University,1/342
  3. Study on the existing civil service of China's grassroots quality problems and the ways to improve it,ShiQi/Northwestern University,1/357
  4. Span of attention, working memory, the refresh of empirical research and relationship between fluid intelligence,HanXi/Northwestern University,0/172
  5. Personality, social support, emotional intelligence and job burnout research,ChenChao/Northwestern University,2/251
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of national essential drug system in Shaanxi Province,ChenZuo/Northwestern University,0/153
  7. Exon Detection of the FMR1Gene in Mentally Retarded Population in Qinba Region,HeHongJuan/Northwestern University,1/39
  8. The Association Study of BRWD3Polymorphism with Mental Retardation of Population in Qinba Mountain Region,LiLuoRan/Northwestern University,0/19
  9. Association study between TUSC3gene and mental retardation in Qinba mountain area---based on Nuclear families,ZhangMeiJie/Northwestern University,0/19
  10. An Association Study of CC2D1A Gene, CC2D2A Gene and CRBN Gene with Mental Retardation from Qin-Ba Mountain Area,ShiZhangYan/Northwestern University,0/48
  11. The Ergonomics Research of Classroom Desks and Chairs Design in Wuxi Primary and Middle Schools,LuJianXiong/Nanjing Forestry University,2/909
  12. The Association Study between the Genes Related with Dopaminergic Transmitters and the Mental Retardation of Children in QinBa Area,ZhangKeJin/Northwestern University,1/169
  13. A Systematic Study of the Cultural Features of Doors in China,ShenZhuoZuo/Jiangnan University,4/673
  14. A Study on Harmony Design System of Modern Chinese Furniture,XuJiFeng/Jiangnan University,4/1129
  15. A Study on the Relationship of the Genes in Dopamine, 5-serotonin, Glutamate Neurotransmitter Systems and Human Cognitive Ability,GongPingYuan/Northwestern University,1/427
  16. A Study on the Design Regularity of Bamboo Product’s System under the Multiple Design Paradigm,ZhangXiaoKai/Jiangnan University,3/603
  17. A Study of SYNGAP1 Gene and UPF3B Gene with Mental Retardation in Qinba Mountain Area,HanNing/Northwestern University,0/41
  18. Research on the Characteristics and System of Jun Porcelain Color,WangQingBin/Jiangnan University,1/439
  19. An Experimental Study on the Relationships between Visuospatial Ability and Working Memory Span of College Students,LvChangChao/Northwestern University,4/467
  20. Specific Relationship between Working Memory Capacity, Central Executive Function, Reasoning and the Score of the College Entrance Examination,GeWanHua/Northwestern University,4/319
  21. An Empirical Study on Relationships between Long-term Memory, Working Memory and General Fluid Intelligence,WuXiaoDong/Northwestern University,1/411
  22. A Comparative Analysis of the Power between Governments and Enterprises,LengFuJia/Northwestern University,1/121
  23. On the Operating Mechanism of Public Power,LiQingYong/Northwestern University,0/388
  24. On the Origin, Alienation and Regression of Public Power,GuoXingWei/Northwestern University,3/617
  25. An Experimental Study on Relationships of College Students’ Ability of Speech Perception and Working Memory Span,ZhangWenJiang/Northwestern University,5/365
  26. Association Analysis between the SNP Polymorphism of DLG3 Gene with Children’s Mental Retardation in QinBa Mountain Area,HanNing/Northwestern University,2/29
  27. The Association Study of FTSJ1 Polymorphism with the Mental Retardation of Children in QinBa Area,DaiLing/Northwestern University,1/24
  28. IL1RAPL2 gene single nucleotide polymorphisms and Qinling Mountains mental retardation in children with non -specific correlation analysis,HeBo/Northwestern University,0/15
  29. A Correlation Study between Neuroligin-4 Gene and Nonspecific Mental Retardation in the Chinese Children in the Qinba Mountains Region,QiHongBin/Northwestern University,0/85
  30. FACL4 gene polymorphism and mental retardation in children Qinling Mountains Correlation,AnCaiYan/Northwestern University,1/41
  31. The Study of the Professional Ethics in China’s Policy Implementation,LiangHua/Northwestern University,0/279
  32. The Study of the Function and the Position of the Universities and Colleges in Shaanxi in Chinas National Innovation Systems,ZuYanFei/Northwestern University,0/162
  33. Analysis on the Problem and Reason about Specialty and Curriculum Setup of Two Kinds of Higher Vocational Education in Shaanxi Province,MaYan/Northwestern University,5/430
  34. ISO9000 quality management concepts in Quality Management in Higher Education,LiuXiao/Northwestern University,4/605
  35. Discussion on the mode of evolution of bureaucratic administration,ChenXiaoYan/Northwestern University,3/636
  36. Selective implementation of public policy reasons for and control measures in,LiangLiDan/Northwestern University,10/684
  37. Theory of public decision-making mistakes,RenDeSheng/Northwestern University,2/472
  38. Public policy to develop the distribution of power in Patterns of,WeiHongZheng/Northwestern University,2/717
  39. Association Analysis between the Polymorphism of COMT & DAT with Children’s General Ability (g) in QinBa Mountain,ZhangKeJin/Northwestern University,2/85
  40. Study on Polymorphism of microsatellite markers and the Qinba mountain area children intelligence verbal IQ gene FOXP2,GongPingYuan/Northwestern University,0/74
  41. The Qinba mountain children's intelligence gene preliminary screening - ARX gene associated with children's intelligence analysis,HeGang/Northwestern University,0/46
  42. On leadership qualities in public decision-making role,HouShaSha/Northwestern University,1/577
  43. Qinling Mountains etiology of children with mental retardation and fragile X mental retardation (FMR1) gene methylation and CGG polymorphism studies,ZhangRui/Northwestern University,1/64
  44. A Study on Pathogeny of Mental Retardation in Qinba Mountain Area,NanYaPing/Northwestern University,0/57
  45. Dewey’s Curriculum Thought and Its Realistic Connotation,WangZuo/Northwestern University,1/441
  46. On Construction of Full-time Teachers’ Ranks in Private Higher Education of Shaanxi Province,WangQiang/Northwestern University,6/395
  47. The Deviation and Governance of Public Policy Implementation,LiYaRong/Northwestern University,7/954
  48. English , Chinese Reading breadth of factors: working memory span theory latent variable analysis,YangQiWei/Northwestern University,3/356
  49. Association Study of PAK3 & RAC1 Genes Polymorphisms with Mental Retardation in the Qinba Mountain Area Population,WangTingZuo/Northwestern University,1/63
  50. Associative Analysis between the SNP Polymorphism of IL1RAPL1 Gene with Children’s Mental Retardation and Intelligence in QinBa Mountain Area,ZhangShuMiao/Northwestern University,0/40

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