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  1. Collective Action and Order Generating,ZhangHeng/East China Normal University,0/200
  2. Culture Creation of American Research Universities' General Education and Its Talent Cultivation,WangZheng/Zhejiang Normal University,0/141
  3. The Study of Critical Thinking and Cultivation of Innovative Talents,ZhouJuan/Jiangxi Normal University,0/231
  4. On Present Situation, Problems and Strtegies of Teacher Recruitment Examination in Primary and Secondary Schools,WangLiNa/Jiangxi Normal University,0/37
  5. Research on Culture Construction of Normal Universities and Colleges,WanJuan/Jiangxi Normal University,0/73
  6. Research on Career Identity in Process of Normal Students’ Identity Construction,RenWenWen/Jiangxi Normal University,0/205
  7. Institutional Research of America and the Inspiration to China,MaoLing/Jiangxi Normal University,0/74
  8. Study on Students’ Evaluation of Teaching in Universities from the Perspective of Participation-in-Management,WenWenJun/Jiangxi Normal University,0/185
  9. The Comparative Research of Academic Senate in American Universities and University Academic Committee in Our Country,YeJunWei/Jiangxi Normal University,0/23
  10. Research on Reflective Teaching of University Teacher,SunChongXue/Jiangxi Normal University,0/216
  11. Research on College Culture Construction in the Perspective of Personnel Training,LiBoChao/Jiangxi Normal University,0/138
  12. On Cultivation of Professional Qualitie of Police in Our Country,YuanGuangLin/East China Normal University,11/2033
  13. On Professors’ Academic Governance,ZhangYiZhong/East China Normal University,26/1598
  14. Research on Reforms of Management Mechanism in UK Higher Education,GaoYaoLi/East China Normal University,15/2471
  15. Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Learning Organization and Leadership in the University,ZuoLei/East China Normal University,2/822
  16. Research on Private Higher Education Development of India,SongHongYan/East China Normal University,2/766
  17. Care for Teacher-the Roll Booster of Life Education,ChenLiYing/Jiangxi Normal University,2/300
  18. Study on Constructing Harmonious Relationship between University Teachers and Students,LiYuanLi/Jiangxi Normal University,22/1467
  19. A Study on the Guarantee Mechanism for the Right to Higher Education,ZhangHeng/Jiangxi Normal University,0/235
  20. Training Objective and Curriculum System of Local Undergraduate Universities,ZhanXing/Jiangxi Normal University,11/567
  21. The Study of the Core Competence of Local Key Universities,ZhouQing/Jiangxi Normal University,10/496
  22. Academic Research and Talent-cultivating of National Southwest Associated University,XiongWanZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,7/673
  23. Research on the School Administration Under the Implementation of New Curriculum,GongYangChun/Jiangxi Normal University,4/387
  24. On the Enlarged Recruitment and the Research of the Quality of Talents in College and University,HuangYouQuan/Jiangxi Normal University,3/554
  25. A Rational Pondering on the Logistic Social Ization of Senior Middle Schools in Jianxi Province,ZengXianFeng/Jiangxi Normal University,0/52
  26. Research on Some Problems of Teacher Education in the Rural Areas,CiHang/Jiangxi Normal University,9/463
  27. On Bureaucratic Orientation and Humanistic Orientation in School Management,LinChongMing/Jiangxi Normal University,7/359
  28. The Theory and Practice Study of the System of Principal Responsibility in Primary and Middle School,SunJinMing/Jiangxi Normal University,10/401
  29. The Training Objective and Curriculum Reform of the Master’ Degree of Educational Management,ZhouQiGuo/Jiangxi Normal University,8/405
  30. The Implementation of Undergraduate Enterprise Education and the Reform of Management of Higher Institute,GaoYaoLi/Jiangxi Normal University,23/1063
  31. The Outlay Problems of Rural Compulsory Education from the View of the Management System,LiGuangLin/Jiangxi Normal University,2/165
  32. Research on College Students Management from the Perspective of Student-centeredness,DaiJuKun/Jiangxi Normal University,8/782
  33. Research on the Motivational Mechanism of Colleges’ and Universities’ Students,HuXingPing/Jiangxi Normal University,18/1129
  34. An Analysis and Research on the State of the Rural Middle Vocational and Technical Education,JuDongLian/Jiangxi Normal University,6/449
  35. Research on the Humane Quality Training of College Students in the Modern Distance Education,YuZuoFeng/Jiangxi Normal University,0/171
  36. The Psychological Health and Countermeasure Research of University Poor Student,XuXiaoJuan/Jiangxi Normal University,22/968
  37. Study on Structure Adjustment of Normal Institutes in China,WuFuKang/Jiangxi Normal University,4/315
  38. Management of Teachers and Students Based on the Thought of the Education of Love,ZhangWenShun/Jiangxi Normal University,3/352
  39. Study on Cultivating Function and Cultural Construction of Universities and Colleges’ Mottoes,XieXiaoGang/Jiangxi Normal University,4/576
  40. The Construction of University Vocational Guidance Courses in Lifelong Learning Epoch,WanWeiWei/Jiangxi Normal University,4/386
  41. High-school Pupil’s Classroom Question Behavior Management under the New Curriculum Background,TangFengLian/Jiangxi Normal University,8/585
  42. The Existing Prombles in the Educational Training of Medium and Small-Sized Enterprisers and the Counter-Measurements,LeiYuanFang/Jiangxi Normal University,2/495
  43. Exploration about the Cultivation of Middle School Student’s Initiative Spirit,HuangFuKang/Jiangxi Normal University,6/291
  44. The Influence on Reform and Development of Domestic Advanced Instruction by Educational Services Clauses in the GATS,DengYuHui/Jiangxi Normal University,2/144
  45. Analyze on the Role of English Native-speaker Teachers in English Teaching,TanQin/Jiangxi Normal University,0/409
  46. A Research on the Predicament, Cause and Countermeasures of the Recruiting in the Secondary Vocational Education,ChenShengXiang/Jiangxi Normal University,8/794
  47. University Institution Innovation: An Organization Culture Perspective,WuGuoJuan/Jiangxi Normal University,6/801
  48. Scientific Allocation Research on Inner Fund of the Institution of Higher Education,XuGuiFang/Jiangxi Normal University,4/191
  49. Research on the Constructivism Teaching Theory and Teachers’ Professional Quality Training under the Background of the High School’s New Curriculum Reformation,SunLiZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,4/434
  50. Research on Student’s Working Management Ruled by Law in Colleges and Universities,YangQiang/Jiangxi Normal University,2/242

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