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  1. Studies on Rotifera (Monogononta) in Congo Basin,LuoYongZuo/Shanghai Normal University,0/6
  2. Research on Succession of Wetland Plants Community and Application of Wetland Plants in Hefei,SunZuo/Anhui Agricultural University,0/42
  3. Effects of Seed-eating Rodents on Natural Regeneration of Mongolian Oak (Quercus Mongolica)in a Mixed Plantation,ZhangJingHong/Northeast Forestry University,0/21
  4. The Formation, Development, and Photosynthetic Capabilities of Two Types of Algal Propagative Cells,JieXiuJun/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/7
  5. The Photosynthetic Mechanisms of Membranous Algae during Asexual Propagation and Stressful Conditions,GaoShan/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/6
  6. DFT Studies on Chlorophyll,ZhuZunWei/Liaoning Normal University,0/1
  7. Studies on the Photosynthetic Activity of Floating Algae in Shallow Water,HanLiLi/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/16
  8. Systemic Signaling in the Photosynthetic Induction Phase of Rumex K-1Leaves,HouFei/Shandong Agricultural University,0/3
  9. The Mechanism of Plasma Membrane H~+-ATPase Involved in the Uptake of Nitrogen/Phosphorus by Rice Roots,LiuGan/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/2
  10. Study on Measuring of Plant Transpiration Amount,ZhangFuJie/Zhejiang University,0/80
  11. Replicon-Dependent Differentiation of Symbiosis-Related Genes in Sinorhizobium Strains and the Effect on Soil Microbial Community of Sinorhizobium and Bradyrhizobium,GuoHuiJuan/China Agricultural University,0/13
  12. Molecular Evolution of Soybean Nodulating Bradyrhizobium and Biogeography of Indigenous Soybean Rhizobia Revealed by Amplicon Pyrosequencing,ZhangXingXing/China Agricultural University,0/8
  13. Fabrication of Macroscopic Tissue Constructs with Different Shapes via a Modular Approach,WangXiu/East China University of Science and Technology,0/13
  14. The Simulation of the Traspiration of the Plant Leaf,YuanZhi/University of Science and Technology of China,0/65
  15. Study on Growth and Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Alginate Beads as Well as Coculture with Articular Chondrocytes,WangZuo/East China University of Science and Technology,0/43
  16. Characteristics of Liquid Mixing and Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer for Animal Cell Culture Processes in Large-Scale Bioreactors,ZhengBingBing/East China University of Science and Technology,0/32
  17. Establishment of a Culture System for Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS Cells) on Microfluidic Chip,TanDeng/Xiamen University,0/3
  18. Study the Effects of Light Use Efficiency and Photo-chemical Reflectance Index,ZhengTengFei/Nanjing University of Information Engineering,0/1
  19. Reproductive Output and Effects of Incubation Thermal Environments on Hatchling Phenotypes of Three Species of Oviparous Snakes,MaoFei/Hangzhou Normal University,0/48
  20. Avian Community of Reed Wetland in a Riparian Area in Taihu Lake,DengZuoShen/Nanjing Forestry University,0/135
  21. Study on Community Characteristics of Pine and Oak Mixed Forest in the Middle Part of Qinling Mountains,WuZuo/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/25
  22. Seasonal Variation of Reed Photosynthetie Pigments of Different Leaf Age Class from Heterogeneous Habitats in Songnen Plain,YanDeFu/Northeast Normal University,0/23
  23. Community Succession and Heavy Metal Variation in Robinia Pseudoacacia Tree Rings on Abandoned Escarpment,ChenKun/Nanjing Forestry University,0/40
  24. Plant Community Character and the Corresponding Relation with Habitats on the Habitat of Giant Panda in the Qingling Mountains’ China,WangYuChao/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/189
  25. Ethnic-Culture-Based Nature Conservation in Northwestern Yunnan of China,YangWenZhong/Yunnan University,0/210
  26. Patterns of Plant Community and Biodiversity on South Slope in the Middle of Qinling Mountains,ZhangQiaoMing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/463
  27. Study on Photosynthetic Physiological Characteristics of Dominant Plants in Wiener River Nature Reserve,ZhuLin/Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University,0/26
  28. The Significant Role of Cyclic Electron Flow in Plants’ Adaptation to Environmental Stresses,HuangWei/University of Science and Technology of China,0/161
  29. Development of Serum-free Medium for DHFR-CHO Cells and Investigation on the Roles of Some Key Medium Components,ChenFei/East China University of Science and Technology,0/364
  30. Regulation and Mechanism of Culture Temperature and Cell Density on CHO Cell Growth and TNFR-Fc Expression,KouTianCi/East China University of Science and Technology,0/113
  31. Three-dimensional Expansion of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells on Biomaterials,ShangChunHua/South China University of Technology,0/76
  32. Studying on Effective Isolation and Propagation of Spermatogonial Stem Cells in Vitro,RanJingChao/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/124
  33. Biocompatibility of Fully Bioabsorbable Poly-L-lactic Acid and Experimental Study for Coronary Stent,WuZuo/Fudan University,0/257
  34. Supramolecular Structure, Function and Physiological Acclimation of Light-harvesting Complex and Photosynthetic Membrane in Red Algae,LiuLuNing/Shandong University,0/381
  35. Landscape Dynamics and Suitability Assessment of Endangered Plant Tetraena Mongolica’s Habitats,ZhenJiangHong/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,6/326
  36. Genome-wide Analysis of the Phosphorus Starvation Response Mechanism in Rice and the Role of Regulator OsPHR2 on Phosphorus Deficient Adaptation,WangZuoMing/Zhejiang University,1/334
  37. Adaptative Variation Mechanism of Plants Photosynthetic Carbon Assimilation under Water Gradients in Arid Areas of Northwest China,GongChunMei/Lanzhou University,3/604
  38. Molecular Mechanisms of DEGP Protease Protect PSⅡ from Heat Stress in Arabidopsis Thaliana,SunXuWu/Lanzhou University,0/226
  39. Mammalian cell culture process optimization,GongXiangHui/Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,2/839
  40. The Regulation of Light Harvesting in the Photosynthetic Apparatus of Plants,ChenYue/Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,0/549
  41. The Compare Study of the Effects Induced by Hydrogen Peroxide, Amyloid β(1-42) and Tau Protein on Two Primary Astrocyte Cultures,LvLanHai/Zhejiang University,0/282
  42. Isolation, Culture and Multipotential of Porcine Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Vitro,QuChangQing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/426
  43. The Interaction of PSII Core Complexes with Its Light Harvesting Complexes in Different Membrane Environments,ZhouFeng/Institute of Botany,0/167
  44. Stability of the Major Light-harvesting Complex of Photosystem II of Higher Plant,ZhangYaJie/Institute of Botany,1/318
  45. Site-directed Mutagenesis of Residue Arg~(18) and Ser~(24) in Cyt b-559 α Subunit and Its Effects on PSII Activity,MaJingJing/Institute of Botany,0/188
  46. Functional Analysis of psb27 Photosynthetic Mutant in Arabidopsis Thaliana,ChenHua/Lanzhou University,0/205
  47. Polyphasic Taxonomy of Rhizobia Isolated from Phaseolus vulgaris, Campylotropis spp. and Cassia spp.,HanSuZhen/China Agricultural University,1/160
  48. Arabidopsis thaliana CRYPTOCHROME 1 structure and function of the relationship between the biochemical mechanisms of,SangYi/Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,3/247
  49. Studies on the Structure and Function of Extrinsic Proteins of Higher Plant Photosystem II,GaoJinPeng/Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,0/195
  50. Taxonomy and Molecular Identification of Some Bursaphelenchus and Ektaphelenchoides Species,JiangLiQin/Zhejiang University,1/192

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