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  1. Research on innovation of Dezhou Food Tourism,FengYanHong/Qingdao University,0/90
  2. "Study on the talent training mode of Higher Vocational Colleges hotel management specialty combination",ZuoYanBing/Qingdao University,0/171
  3. On the reform of appointment system for university teachers SWOT analysis,WangWeiYan/Qingdao University,0/50
  4. On the judicial mediation and conciliation,LiJingJing/Qingdao University,0/64
  5. Study on the system of criminal compulsory witnesses,LiXiaoHong/Qingdao University,0/65
  6. On the shareholder representative litigation system of parties,LinLiQun/Qingdao University,0/18
  7. Study on identification of materials discovery in civil litigation,ZhangXianLi/Qingdao University,0/16
  8. Research on the development of the judicial identification of the Song Dynasty,YaoZuoYi/Qingdao University,0/19
  9. The study on Xunzi's legal thoughts,HuangWenChao/Qingdao University,0/32
  10. A preliminary study on the construction of the view of the Western Political Marketing,ZhangHuaiXun/Qingdao University,0/11
  11. Study on the strategic position of cultural construction,ZhangXiaoHui/Qingdao University,0/25
  12. An Empirical Study of Primary School English Vocabulary Teaching:Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences,LiuZhuFeng/Qingdao University,0/136
  13. Non English Major Students' Chinese English study,ZhaoHuiMin/Qingdao University,0/71
  14. "Qingmei" Kara "Silence" in school - writer Seto inner silence and hearing of waves of life,LuShanShan/Qingdao University,0/5
  15. Association of Non-Syndromic Cleftlip and Palate with Family History with TGF-α Gene Polymorphisms in Qingdao,LiDeXiao/Qingdao University,0/7
  16. Clinical Study in386Cases of Root Canal Therapy of Dental Pulp Disease,DanHui/Qingdao University,0/11
  17. Study of Toll-like Receptors Expression in Breast Cancer and Toll-like Receptors Gene Polymorphisms in Breast Cancer of Qingdao,WangXiaoFeng/Qingdao University,0/40
  18. The Research on the Expressions of ER、PR and the Effect of131I Therapy in Postoperative Patients with PTC,ZhaoLi/Qingdao University,0/3
  19. Effect of RNA Interference Targeting Survivin Gene on Radiosensitivity of Hepatocarcinoma Cells,XiaoChao/Qingdao University,0/7
  20. To Study the Value of AFP-L3, MMP-9, TNF-α, ICAM-1and IL-18in the Application of Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma,ZhangYanQiang/Qingdao University,0/39
  21. Eucheuma Natural Seaweed Pigment Glycoprotein Preparation and Inhibition Studies on H22 Hepatoma,QuanXiangHua/Qingdao University,0/37
  22. Prognostic Analysis of Tumor Infiltration in Mesorectum of Spiral CT Scan for Patients with Rectal Cancer,JiangHongYuan/Qingdao University,0/12
  23. Effects of Preoperative Oral Carbohydrate on Pancreatic Beta Cell Function in Patients Undergoing Radical Gastrectomy:a Randomized Clinical Study,WangZhiHao/Qingdao University,0/6
  24. Effect of Low-dose X-ray Radiation on Adaptive Response in Gastric Cancer Cell,WangShuKai/Qingdao University,0/12
  25. Clinical Significance of Vimentin Expression in Patients with Gastric Carcinoma,ZhaoWenWen/Qingdao University,0/32
  26. Effect of Trastuzumab on Radiosensitivity of HER2Overexpressed Gastric Cancer Line,HanZhenZhen/Qingdao University,0/14
  27. The Expression of MCP-1in Gastric Cancer、Normal Gastric Tissue、Omentum and Gastric Lymph Node and Significance,MouTing/Qingdao University,0/17
  28. The Study of the Phenotypes of Macrophages in Human Gastric Carcinomas and Research It's Clinical Significance,CaoMingZheng/Qingdao University,0/21
  29. Experimental Study on the Effects of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Used Alone and Combined with Oxaliplatin and TNF-α Upon Gastric Cancer SGC-7901,QiHong/Qingdao University,0/20
  30. Effect of Tea Polyphenols and Paclitaxel on Proliferation and Apoptosis of Esophageal Carcinoma Cell Line Eca-109,LiuYuanYuan/Qingdao University,0/7
  31. A Study on the Relationship Between Expression of MAGE-A3and Metastasis and Prognosis in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer,DongYan/Qingdao University,0/17
  32. Extrahepatic Bile Duct MR3d Reconstruction and Its Diagnostic Value in Related Tumor Lesions,YuBenXia/Qingdao University,0/2
  33. Association between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)and Polymorphisms of-238G/A and-308G/A in Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha(TNF-α)Gene in Chinese Han Population,JiangWeiHua/Qingdao University,0/0
  34. Effect of carotid artery combined with systemic hypothermia on the expression of ICAM-1 and neural function in rats after transient global cerebral ischemia.,LiuHong/Qingdao University,0/8
  35. Study on relationship between China northern Han population of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism and Parkinson's disease,Han/Qingdao University,0/11
  36. Astrocytes Contribution to Neuronal Iron Accumulation in Parkinson's Disease,ZhangZuoYun/Qingdao University,0/59
  37. The Feasibility and Prognosis of Repairing Soft Tissue Defects in Children's Foot and Ankle Using Sural Neurovascular Skin Flaps,YanJunYao/Qingdao University,0/6
  38. Endometrial expression of mesenchymal sarcoma P57KIP2 and its clinical significance,WeiZuo/Qingdao University,0/4
  39. Influence of Minimally Invasive TLIF Procedures on Lumbar Sagittal Balance,DuXianFa/Qingdao University,0/30
  40. Comparison of Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Fluoroscopy Based Navigation in Percutaneous Sacroiliac Screw Internal Fixation,SunZuoJie/Qingdao University,0/6
  41. The Risk Factors of Non-contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries,DuLiang/Qingdao University,0/24
  42. Comparison of the Killing Effect of BT474Breast Cancer Cells after Irradiation with Radionuclide131I and High-energy X-rays,DingMingCui/Qingdao University,0/4
  43. Study of dexrazoxane epirubicin induced apoptosis of breast cancer,GaoLi/Qingdao University,0/9
  44. Diagnostic Value of Combination Detection of Ca15-3, CEA COX-2on Breast Carcinoma,LiBenChuan/Qingdao University,0/22
  45. The Effect of Different Fraction Inspired Oxygen on Pulmonary Compliancy in the Prone Position during Posterior Spine Surgery,DanZiBao/Qingdao University,0/6
  46. Study on relationship between TH17 related cytokine IL-17 and IL-23 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus,BaiXue/Qingdao University,0/25
  47. Application of anti CCP antibody, rheumatoid factor, immune globulin combined detection in early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.,GaoFeng/Qingdao University,0/96
  48. The changes and affecting factors of cognitive function in male patients with gout,WangBaoPing/Qingdao University,0/22
  49. Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of Ghrelin on feeding and drinking water in rats,LiYing/Qingdao University,0/12
  50. Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells combined with gamma aminobutyric acid in type 1 diabetic patients with peripheral blood mononuclear cell regulation,NieJing/Qingdao University,0/12

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