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  1. Study on the influence of COPD rat mesenteric microcirculation and VIP of electroacupuncture combined with acupoint, lower he point,YangWeiNing/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/185
  2. Study on the mechanism of electroacupuncture regulation of hypothalamic CRH threshold of chronic fatigue rats,PeiZuo/Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/41
  3. Effect of Acupuncture Therapy of Shuangguyitong on Lymphoeyte Apoptosis and Its Related Gene Expression in Aging-Rats,MaoHuiFang/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/36
  4. Study on the expression of CNP and MBP protein. MAG, NgR, LPS brain injury with acupuncture method to promote,LiZuo/Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/45
  5. Study on the influence of CUMS depression model rats serum NO, hippocampal iNOSmRNA and hippocampal formation combustion AI,XuZuoYin/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/48
  6. Influence of Branch-Foundation Point Combination Electroacupunture on Insulin Resistance and Expression of GLUT4in Skeletal Muscle of the High-lipid Feeding Model IR Rats,YiWenJing/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/36
  7. A Study of the Protective Effect of Electro-Acupuncture on Gut Microflora in Rats with Ulcerative Colitis,HanXiaoXia/Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/47
  8. Catgut Implantation at Acupoint on the Effects of Infertility of PCOS Rats,TianYaLi/Xinjiang Medical University,0/47
  9. Effect of Electroacupuncture Pretreatment at Baihui Acupoint of Rats Induced with Central Fatigue,GuoKai/Fourth Military Medical University,0/42
  10. Study on the Effect of Acupuncture at Shen-mai(St66)on Brain Electrical Activity Mapping of Young Healthy People,YuanXingXing/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/41
  11. Effects of Electroacupuncture on Morphological Structure of Important Internal Organs and the Expression of Related Protein Bcl-2,Bax in Rats with Morphine Dependence,MaJun/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/42
  12. Channel / timing and the effect of acupuncture related research - based on the class of dysmenorrhea Rat Uterus Microcirculation and uterine smooth muscle contractile material experiment

    ,LiChunHua/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/312
  13. The Clinical Research of the Influence of Mild Moxibustion on the Blood Perfusion in Patients with Primary Hyperlipidemia,YeGuoChuang/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/43
  14. Influence of Electroacupuncture on Glu、GABA’mRNA Expression in Rats with the Spasticity of Paralysed Limbs After Stroke,ZhuXiaoZuo/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/42
  15. The Effects of Pretreatment Acupoint Injection of Xiangdan Parenteral Solution at Neiguan(PC6) on ICAM-1and NF-κB in Acute Myocardial Ischemia Rats,HanXinLi/Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/44
  16. Influence of Different Electroacupuncture Strength between Inflammatory Cells Factor and Cerebral Edema in Acute Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Rats,DuanLiJun/Xinjiang Medical University,0/52
  17. Studying of Mild Moxibustion Repair Effects on Dermal Wound Tissue Rats,LiangYuLei/Hebei Medical University,0/46
  18. Clinical Efficacy Observation of Posteiror Circulation System Transient Ischemic Attack in the Treatment of Acupoint Injection at Cervical Jiaji Points,ZhangZuo/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/47
  19. Research of the Effect about "Double-reinforcing and One-unblocking" Electro-acupuncture Therapy on Aging Rats and the Mechanism of the T Cell in Immunization,HaoQing/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/40
  20. Experimental Study on Acupoint Catgut Embedding Therapy on Serum NO and VIP、SP Contents in Rats with Irritable Bowel Syndrome,HuXue/Xinjiang Medical University,0/49
  21. The Effect of Preventive Moxibustion on Expression of14-3-3Protein and Apoptosis of Hippocampal Neurons in Rats of Alzheimer’s Disease,LiuRuoLan/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/51
  22. Molecular Mechanisms of Electroacupuncture on Neuropathic Pain in Diabetic Rats,PangDongYue/Suzhou University,0/51
  23. Experimental study on the effect of Electroacupuncture of rat gastrocnemius muscle damage tensile mechanical properties,CuiQiang/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/47
  24. Study on F-Wave Changes of Electroacupuncture on Patient with Lumbar Disc Henriation of the Lower Limb Numbness,LuTiaoXiang/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/42
  25. Based on the p38MAPK signal transduction pathway to investigate the effect of herbal cake separated moxibustion ICAM-1 model rats with chronic bronchitis,YanFang/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/50
  26. Study of Janus Kinases in Electroacupuncture Effects on Ameliorating Cerebral Ischemia,LiuRong/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/234
  27. The Research of the Effects of Different Acupuncture on the Expression of PKA in Ischemic Rats with Hemiplegia Spasticity,AMuLa/Medicine Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province,0/46
  28. The Study of "Warming Yang and Nourishing Qi" Acupuncture on EAMG Rats Serum Expression Level of IgG and IgM,ZhuJinLi/Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/50
  29. "Jin and Yuan four" pricking blood therapy of diarrhea,HuMingDe/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/55
  30. Experimental study on inverse of Acupuncture Sanyinjiao on ovariectomized rats HPO axis of,ZhouJing/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/57
  31. Expression in Different Meridians of Acupuncture on Hemiplegic Stroke Spasticity Rat PKC,HuYuHai/Medicine Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province,0/51
  32. Study on the Effects of Scalp Cluster-Needling on Learning and Memory Ability and the Expression of Th in Chronic Cerebral Ischemic Rats,XuNa/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/46
  33. Study of Cellular Response to Acupuncture Effects by Optical Techniques,HuangYiMei/Fujian Normal University,0/41
  34. The Correlation of the Na-Zhi Method of Midnight-noon Ebb-flow Acupuncture Method Used in the Yangming Meridian with Motor Function-related Brain Regions Based on fMRI Study,ChenRi/Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/48
  35. Experimental Research on the Effect Difference of Compound Medicine and Pure Moxibustion in Yin Deficiency Mouse,XieZhongLian/Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/52
  36. Research on the Aca Hemodynamic Safety in Healthy Young People with Being Acupunctured on Gongsun,ZhengYi/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/58
  37. Study on the Effects of Electroacupuncture on Learning and Memory Ability and Cerebral Camkii Activity of Morphine Withdrawal Rats,WangMingMing/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/52
  38. Experiment Study on Effects of Moxibustion on the Change of the Nervors,Endocrine,Immune System of the Rat Model under the CFS.,ZhaoLi/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,1/238
  39. Study on IL-4 of acupotomy intervention KOA rabbit model of mechanical signal transduction mechanism based on,FeiFei/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/55
  40. Comparative Observation on Protective Effects of the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Preconditioning on MIRI in Rabbits at Different Time,XieWenJuan/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/47
  41. Experimental study of mild moxibustion on primary dysmenorrhea effect of immune mechanism in rats,LiDong/Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/61
  42. By Stimulating Luo-connecting Point FMRI Study on the Exterior-interior Relationship,WangHong/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/57
  43. Influence of Acupuneture Preconditioning on Cellular Immune Function in Aged Rats,HuaLiang/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/50
  44. Acupuncture Preconditioning on Effects of Ischemia-Reperfusion and Hyperlipidemia Rats’ Myocardial Bcl-2and Baxgene Expression,ChenChen/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/50
  45. The physical and chemical characteristics and biological activity research of Moxibustion in consulting room of the inhalable particles,HuangChaXi/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2/166
  46. Study on the Mechanism of Acupuncture Preconditioning Treating Big Rats with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation,ZhuPengYu/Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/42
  47. Experimental Study of Electro-acupuncture Combined with Astragalus Polysaccharide on db/db Mouse’ Blood Glucose and Pancreatic Islet Beta Cell Function,GongCuiHong/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/61
  48. Effect of acupuncture lifting thrusting Zusanli on total iron binding capacity of blood deficiency model in rabbit serum ferritin,ZengYongXin/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/46
  49. Effect of Electroacupuncture Therapy on the Expression of BDNFmRAN, GDNFmRNA of Substantia Nigra Cells in the Rotenone-induced Parkinson’s Disease Model Rats,LiangShaoRong/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/54
  50. Study of Effect of Electroacupuncture at Neiguan on Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Rats with Acute Myocardial Ischemia,TangYuanYuan/Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,0/54

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